Pelicans Notes: Davis, GM Search, Gentry, Holiday

Shortly after the Pelicans dismissed general manager Dell Demps on Friday, Sam Amick of The Athletic cited sources who said there was no plan in place for how to handle the Anthony Davis situation after the All-Star break. On Sunday night, a tweet from Scott Kushner of The Advocate suggested that there’s still no resolution.

According to Kushner, there are people within the Pelicans’ organization who believe that Davis has played his last game for the team. However, the big man played in the All-Star Game on Sunday and his shoulder injury isn’t expected to sideline him going forward. He has also made it clear he wants to play down the stretch.

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With the NBA not stepping in to clarify its position on the issue, it’s not clear what the tipping point will be, according to Kushner, who predicts that the situation will continue to be a “weird” one going forward.

Here’s more on the Pelicans:

  • The Pelicans, who reportedly plan to target high-level executives for their GM opening, are expected to hire a search firm to vet outside candidates, per Amick.
  • In a column for The Advocate, Kushner argues that the Pelicans’ next general manager should learn from Demps’ mistakes — namely, Demps’ strategy of trading first-round picks for “young veterans” backfired, since New Orleans’ rosters during the last several years typically lacked depth and were short on affordable rookie contracts.
  • While the Davis saga has been a mess for the franchise, head coach Alvin Gentry and star guard Jrue Holiday have emerged as “sympathetic, admirable figures,” Kushner writes in a separate piece for The Advocate. According to Kushner, “Gentry and Holiday are the stewards who should be remembered for carrying a wounded franchise across a period of dread with dignity and pride.”
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9 thoughts on “Pelicans Notes: Davis, GM Search, Gentry, Holiday

  1. AD must play, otherwise the fans are getting cheated, also puts on the spot the credibility of the league if he doesn’t play.

    • rgreen

      If he’s already made it clear he’s leaving,New Orleans shouldn’t have to play him and risk an injury.If he has 1 foot out the door,his value to the team,and the teams fans,is in what they can get in return.

        • whodatcoon

          How distorted can you be? They offered him a contract, that money is as good as his period. Pelican’s were horrible in spite of AD being awesome for seven years, how dare you expect him to waste his entire career on a junk team!

    • lmj23

      Your full of crap!

      None of the Pels fan want AD there. He isnt giving full effort anyways and is just going through the motions defensively. Its in our best intrest to protect our trade asset and spare me this bull over the intergerty of the league because that didnt stop the league from stoping the Clippers from trading thier best players in a clear tank effort when they were in control of a playoff spot.

      The Pels need to do what’s best for them because thats exactly what everyone else is going in the NBA.

      Send Davis home!
      We will let you know when and where youve been traded.

      • x%sure

        That’s what I was talking about. Pels fans can understand what is best for their team. The NBA should inform the Pels that AD should play on the road but not at home. It’s a compromise that covers all bases.

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