Anthony Davis Plans To Play Rest Of Season, Confirms Trade List

Anthony Davis confirmed today that he intends to play in Sunday’s All-Star game and the remainder of the season, and also confirmed the list of his preferred trade destinations during media availability with reporters Saturday in Charlotte.

The Pelicans’ All-Star suffered a left shoulder muscle contusion on Thursday in a collision with Thunder center Nerlens Noel. After he requested a trade from New Orleans but was not dealt ahead of the February 7 deadline, Davis’ future for the rest of the season became unclear.

Not only does Davis intend to play in the All-Star game, but the six-time All-Star confirmed he plans to suit up the remainder of the season. The Pelicans face potential fines from the league if they elect to sit a healthy Davis for the rest of the season.

In 45 games this season, Davis has averaged 28.1 PPG, 12.9 RPG and 4.2 APG for the Pelicans. Before Thursday’s injury, New Orleans reportedly planned to play Davis but reduce his workload and sit him in the back end of back-to-back games.

The 25-year-old also spoke candidly on his trade request and his possible destination. Davis confirmed his reported list of four preferred teams in a trade ahead of the deadline, which includes the Lakers, Clippers, Bucks and Knicks.

“Whatever list that came out that’s between the Pelicans and my agent,” Davis said, per Sean Deveney of Sporting News. “But it’s true.”

The Lakers were the most aggressive team pursuing the big man but failed to agree on a trade. Davis also called the Knicks a “great franchise” during his media session, before mentioning a possible fifth destination: the Celtics.

“They are on my list,” Davis said of the Celtics (via Sporting News’ Sean Deveney). “….I never said they weren’t on my list.”

Boston was unable to acquire Davis this season without including Kyrie Irving in a proposed deal due to Rose Rule restrictions. However, with Irving hitting unrestricted free agency this summer, Boston would no longer be hindered by that rule and could potentially pair him along with Davis.

As we relayed, the Celtics are reportedly prepared to offer an “explosive” package for Davis. A potential Boston trade could include any combination of Jayson TatumJaylen BrownMarcus Smart, and a slew of future first-round picks, including selections from the Kings, Clippers, and Grizzlies.

In a later interview with NBA TV, Davis claimed he never gave a preferred destination and is merely seeking an opportunity to win.

“All 29 other teams are on my list,” Davis said. “I don’t have a preferred destination, I just want to win. Big market, small market [teams] — I don’t care, I want to win. Obviously, whatever team I get traded to, play for it that year or whatever…Then, when free agency comes, we’ll see what happens.”

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32 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Plans To Play Rest Of Season, Confirms Trade List

  1. Steven St Croix

    He should be fined for tampering for talking about other teams he would want to play for.

  2. Richard Hangslow

    Davis has turned himself into the most hated player in the league.

    • Z-A

      No not really, hes leaving a dumpster fire of a franchise. Lottery bound year in year out. Gave them enough time to mess it up. Kawhi and Kyrie wanted out of Championship level teams, that’s more troublesome than a player wanting out of a losing franchise. CP3 didnt want to play there either.

      • Richard Hangslow

        Please, Who outside of Oklahoma hates Durant? He didn’t bail on his team mid season.

      • Dodgethis

        Durant haters just show they don’t understand reality or basketball. It’s a good indicator of whose a moron, so I day let them keep spouting ignorance.

  3. jmac173

    Please Danny. Move on from AD and come up with a alternative game plan. Kyrie should get us a big. Celtics have promising youth on the team that is very entertaining. They are the face of the Celtics rather than 2 super stars that are injury prone.

  4. greg1

    Z-A, part of the reason the Pels are a “dumpster fire” is Anthony Davis.

    He’s a heck of a talent, but he’s also soft and not a winner. Look at other Superstars around the league who find ways to lead their teams to the playoffs and win a round or two. When has AD done that, minus last year in a shocker? How is this year’s AD led team (until his trade request) 11 games below .500 with players around him like Jrue, Randle and Miro (before being dealt)?

    Tired of hearing that teams are willing to mortgage their whole future to get this guy.

    • hiflew

      Not a winner? Did you happen to check out what happened in his year at Kentucky? The clear lead dog on the ONLY National title among Calipari’s monster freshmen teams.

      You can question a lot about the guy, but he is definitely capable of winning.

      • Z-A

        Since 2008 you need multiple HOFers on your squad to win a title. AD has .5 a regular season with a probable HOF bound Boogie Cousins.

  5. Dave4585

    Him and Durant will bring relevance back to the Knicks next year can’t wait

  6. I’m a Celtics fan but at this point I am just sick of all this drama and if AD, KD, and Kyrie end up with the Knicks, then god bless. It will probably be good for the NBA to have a star team in NY again just as long as they don’t end up in LA.

  7. Ptn18

    Anthony Davis is saying he never said the Celtics were not on his list. Where has the Los Angeles Times reporter Brad Turner been getting his information? First Ad will only sign an extension with the Lakers. Then it’s 4 teams, but not the Celtics. He’s reporting the Lakers trade offers. Kyrie to Los Angeles and New York comes out. AD’s dad says he doesn’t want him on the Celts. All lies. These are the outside forces that New Orleans owner Gayle Benson says she wants to get control of. New Orleans never made an offer to the Lakers because she never intended to. AD has said more than once he will not sign an extension. Just like George, Kawhi, Butler, and Kyrie. You’d better have cap space in 2020-2021, or you’d better have him on your team with Bird rights!

    • Ptn18

      It appears like Jayson Tatum and what ever it takes to match salaries with AD and Solomon Hill (Al Horford and his $30mm likely?) is the offer everyone will have to beat.

      • Ptn18

        Remember you have to think how Gayle Benson and the GM (better hope it’s not the Celtics assistant GM lol) would think. It’s not how good we think it is, they may be looking for something completely different than we are thinking.

  8. imindless

    Also said he would play out year and test free agency. So wont be resigning with anyone.

  9. Meadowlark

    Davis quit on his team, but says he’ll play the rest of the year. What a soap opera.

  10. Black Ace57

    What prevents the Pelicans from starting him for 5 min and then benching him the rest of the game having “played” him.

    • Fans pay to see him play, no one pays to see Moore, Hill & whatever else the team has…

    • bennyg

      Silver has stated he must play a minimum if 24 mins a game other NO gets fined

  11. Danthemilwfan

    Only way he becomes a buck unfortunately is free agency. Maybe bucks sign and trade Brogdon, Middleton and or Bledsoe in the off-season and do a sign and trade but all of them are free agents in the offseason. Not sure I want Davis due to injuries and what we’d have to give up but wouldn’t complain

  12. x%sure

    The only list that matters is the list of teams he would re-sign with… not some “preferred” list… which he does not seem to be able to define for sure.

    What we learned, besides the haziness of his ‘preferred’ list, is that by “legacy” he means winning.

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