Pelicans Notes: Davis, Holiday, Tatum

Chatter surrounding the Pelicans sitting Anthony Davis for the rest of the season resulted in the league informing the franchise that there would be consequences if the All-Star doesn’t play, sources tell Brian Windhorst of The NBA referenced the rules put in place two seasons ago restricting teams from resting healthy players. The Pelicans were told the fine would be $100K for every game that Davis sat.

New Orleans’ front office met with Davis after the trade deadline passed to discuss the plan for the rest of the season. Davis expressed his desire to play as many games as possible as the season winds down. The team decided it would act “ethically” and give Davis the role he had prior to his latest injury with a few caveats.

Davis will not play in back-to-backs and it’s possible that his minutes could be reduced. Davis will get to choose which end of the back-to-back he will play for the remainder of the season, sources tell Windhorst. After tonight’s tilt with Minnesota, the team has 26 games remaining.

Here’s more from New Orleans:

  • Will the Celtics offer Jayson Tatum to the Pelicans in exchange for Davis over the summer? Sean Deveney of Sporting News confirms previous reports indicating while Boston has made no promises, the Pelicans were left with the impression that Tatum will be on the table in future trade talks.
  • The Celtics were upset about the news of Kyrie Irving‘s level of interest in New York as they feel the story was planted by Davis’ agent in an attempt to deter the team from being comfortable with promising a haul to the Pelicans for Davis. “It was cheap and underhanded,” a source tells Deveney.
  • The Pelicans are expected to watch Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina and Dennis Smith Jr. closely over the remainder of the season, Zach Lowe of writes. Lowe contends that the Knicks will need the Pelicans to increase their interest in at least one of their prospects if they don’t land the No. 1 pick and are going to have a chance at trading for Davis this summer.
  • Jrue Holiday has no interest in being on a lottery-bound team and if the Pelicans eventually trade Davis, his level of content will depend on what comes back in the trade, Lowe adds in the same piece.
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45 thoughts on “Pelicans Notes: Davis, Holiday, Tatum

  1. Z-A

    If Tatum isn’t on the table no reason to send him to Boston. Send him to an East rival for a good package + to spite Danny know it all. Raptors for Siakam, Sixers sign n trade for Butler, sign n trade for Brogdon, etc… East, just not Boston. Let him tear thru Boston in the playoffs.

    • Danny and Dell demps will be communicating with themselves and their staffs. No one else will know what is going on. Read a guess is the offer might be Horford, Tatum, Brown and/or Smart and the 4 picks for Davis and Hill.

      • bravesfan88

        You’re saying you read that Boston is willing to send Tatum, Brown, Smart, Horford, and “the 4 picks?”

        Is that 4 all first round picks??

        In my opinion, there would be no way Boston would offer all that, and especially not also take on Hill’s contract as well..Even if it is for such an all-world talent like Anthony Davis, that’s still a HUGE overpay!!

        It was reported that the Pelicans wanted 4 first rounders from the Lakers, but that’s also because the Lakers 1st round picks are expected to be anywhere from 18th or worse, and towards the mid 20”s after this season…So, basically, the Lakers own 1st rounders aren’t valued very high..Not to mention, simply put, no one is really high on the Lakers younger players. Ball, Ingram, and Hart are viewed as solid role players, with talent and possibly room to grow, but that’s about it. Kuzma is viewed as the most talented, and most likely to succeed at a high level, but even Kuzma has flaws to his game, and he’s just not a very exciting talent. Meaning, the Lakers core of younger players significantly lacks “star” power, and none of them will likely help sell tickets or get the fan base excited..That’s important for the Pelicans..

        Anyways, back to the picks, Boston’s own first round picks are valued even less than the Lakers; however, Boston also has seemingly countless other team’s 1st rounders that might project anywhere from the lottery to the mid to late teens…

        Also, there’s no reason Boston should have to include an abundance of picks, especially when they’re the team that’s able to put together the most talented package, in terms of players. Between, Tatum, Brown, Rozier, Horford, Theis, and Smart, Boston has the absolute best package of available players the Pelicans can hope for..Not to mention, Boston’s players are also viewed as having some untapped potential as well. With the Celtics system, and with their ridiculous amount of depth, a lot of people think guys like Tatum, Brown, Rozier, and Smart would really take off and greatly improve their numbers if they were given more opportunities, and if they were the focus of a team’s offense. The same cannot be said for the Lakers younger players.

        However, honestly, if I’m Boston, I’d try my dangest to keep Tatum, even if that does mean adding a couple more first round picks. Simply because, none of those draft picks are likely to be as good as Tatum. Tatum has the ability to truly be a top-tier all-star in this league, and his best days are ahead for him, and they’re definitely coming soon!! Tatum’s talent has another gear we have yet to see, and when he continues to grow, evolve his game, improve and takes that next step forward, Boston will be regretting they didn’t do everything to keep him in a Celtics uniform.

        I think Boston can still get a deal done without Tatum, but that is when they’re going to have to get creative and take on Hill’s contract, then offer up Brown, Smart, and Horford, and also pull out possibly their best three picks..

        That’s a ridiculous amount of assets for just one player, but for me, Boston’s chemistry problem stemmed from the fact they have too many good players, and there’s only one ball..It is stunting the growth of some of their best talents, especially Rozier and Brown. If Brown ends up on the Pelicans, I think it could do wonders for his personal career. I think you would see Brown not only become more consistent, but I easily think Brown would be able to put up 20+ppg, 6-8reb., and 4-5 ast., all while Brown continues to play excellent man and perimeter defense..

        • imindless

          You clearly dont watch basketball brown is nearly 2 years older than ingram and lonzo. Rozier is a trash volume scorer and his number reflect this. Everything you stated equates to picks that are also close to what lakers can offer clippers are a playoff team right now….kings are also right there. The only if is tatum whos numbers are less than both ingram and kuzma. Ingrams number with and without lebron are outstanding compared to mediocre, he is very similar to kawhi (needs ball in his hands to be effective) again most celtics homers like you use “coaching up” but look at most of the players that leave celtics never amount to much. Much of that credit goes to there staff. I dont see celtics trading tatum, and taking on hills contract. Keep in mind davis has no intention of resigning, say what you want about it no one in there right mind will trade the farm for a 1 year rental. To be honest the real players are the knicks with there picks and young players. If they get word that kyrie will sign there i see them making a move for davis. Hoping celtics trade it all for 1 year though just so rich paul can pull the rug out and leave them with nothing!

          • You are right about the picks. Memphis may go to next year. AD keeps changing things. He said a couple days ago that he will test the market in 2020-21. There is a good chance neither the Lakers nor Celtics will have cap space, so they need to acquire him. You guys seem to forget if Dell Demps decides he wants Tatum, and the Celtics want AD, that’s what will happen. Ainge has said he thinks with Kyrie and AD being good friends, after playing together 1 year he’ll stay. And you forget if Demps blames the Lakers for tampering with AD and doesn’t want to trade AD to them, he doesn’t have to. Demps also knows the Lakers will have to sign free agents to 1 year contracts again this summer, hoping to have cap space when he becomes a free agent in 2020-21. For IT, players getting cut when they get hurt is a fact of life in pro sports.

      • illinirog70

        Ainge is not giving that kind of package when no other team can give half that.

    • Why would Butler want to go to NOLA in a sign and trade when he’s a free agent? He’s going to get his money either way, and I doubt he’d be willing to play for the Pelicans for an extra year of salary.

    • slapnuts

      AD for Siakam or Brogdon?!)!)! You sound very bitter which is obviously affecting your ability to think rationally. Sixers fan?

  2. Cheap and underhanded is a good way to put Rich Paul/LeBron’s agency. The Lakers must think they can’t get anyone without cheating.

    • x%sure

      The Lakers did not want ‘anyone’, they wanted AD, #1 in PER. They are less interested in other big names that have been floated for them.

      Rich Paul, a periphreal figure, was arrogant, but so was Demps in goading Earvin on in making bigger offers which Demps never intended to consider.

      • The only thing Demps did was not return Magics calls. Pops is a close friend and told Demps not to deal with them, so he didn’t. Paul’s idea for AD to say he wanted traded cost AD $50,000. The Lakers tampering with Paul George cost them $500,000. The Pacers and Spurs, and now Pelicans deciding not to deal with the Lakers is well know. Friday mornings news said “Pelicans win one for the small markets.”

        • If you know you are dealing with a club that is tampering with your player and the league won’t deal with it, there’s an easy answer. The Pacers told Magic no Ingram or 2nd pick, no deal. Pops said he wanted a star player, another player, 2 1st round picks, and the right to swap 2 1st round picks. The Pelicans said besides the players, we want 4 1st round picks like the Celtics. They told the Lakers if we’re going to help you compete for a title while we lose, we want every good asset you’ve got.

        • bowserhound

          How is not attaining a whole team of young above average players for one guy a ‘win for small markets’? That’s the definition of why they are small (minded) and will never be anything else with moves like that.

          • He’s talking about how the Lakers tried a big market power play to keep the small markets from bidding on Davis. The small market guys joined together to tell the Lakers they weren’t going to let them be pushed around. Just the fact that Davis isn’t on the Lakers now or in the future is a win for the small markets. Davis helps the Pelicans win. The Lakers bunch wasn’t even winning in Los Angeles. Demps wanted Tatum, not the Lakers bunch, it’s likely that’s what he gets. The small markets don’t get the tv exposure or revenue the Lakers get. The Pelicans deserved to keep the Lakers from getting AD.

            • bowserhound

              Market size has absolutely nothing to do with what trade package a team can assemble to try and get AD. Zero.

              • Wrong. Smaller markets make less profit than big markets for signing players because of tv revenue. For the Lakers package, it will be proven that Dell Demps preferred the Celtics package. Magic and Rich Paul were making stuff up to try and get Demps to trade with them. You don’t seem to understand that NBA GM’s don’t care to trade with teams that mess you over. Demps wanted the Celts picks and he’ll get it. Just like Paul George and Kawhi, they didn’t want to deal with the Lakers either. Lakers lose again. Paul George is another small market package. You think your package is so great, we’ll see how you do with them now. They’re all yours. LOL

        • x%sure

          @Ptn’s sentence 1: Since Demps & the Lakers talked, your claim is critcally wrong. See the hoopsrumors article, “Pelicans, Lakers discuss Anthony Davis” last updated Jan.31, a week before the deadline.

          Sentence 2: I really doubt Demps does whatever Popovich tells him to, or that Demps could not get mad & put his foot down on his own. I guess I cannot prove either, but, do I want to read further?– UGH. No standards present.

          Demps found a target for his frustrations, he still has the power of the contract with AD, and he chose to act out the grudge. That’s about it.

          • Magic and Demps talked Monday and Magic gave Demps the 5 contract offers. Demps never responded after that. Magic had to send the final offer to Demps over the internet. lol. Again, everything you say is your opinion. I let it go in one ear and out the other. I know what I read. I believe them. I don’t believe you. You hate everybody I like. There is no sense in reading your garbage. The Knicks don’t have the assets to get AD. The guy you hate will stay in Boston and AD will play for the team you hate, Boston. LOL

            • I thought about you when the deadline passed. I laughed for 1/2 an hour. All your bragging about LeBron this and that is the reason we hate each other so much. I laughed hard when I read the article about Pops telling Demps not to deal with the Lakers. Demps knows Pops is retiring and interested in AD. He knows Pops isn’t trying to pull a fast one like the Lakers. You are trying to make me look bad. Don’t care, I know at least I’m telling the truth. I’m done here, you can keep writing all the hatred you want. Demps wanted Tatum and that’s what he’ll get no matter what you say about him. He’s doing what is right.

          • x%sure

            Okay, Pops probably did offer emotional support to Demps and they toasted to the story of the struggle. Vive la re’sistance!

            But Demps would have waited to summer anyway.

  3. hiflew

    Someone should inform Jrue Holiday that if he does not want to be on a lottery-bound team, then maybe he should play better.

    • Play better? As in, average more than the 21,5,8 and1.5 steals a game he’s putting up? Pretty most guys in the L would love those to be their “play better” stats.

      • Z-A

        Their bench is pretty much trash. They don’t have a legitimate ball handler beyond Jrue. ET can handle a bit but he’s not a true PG.

      • hiflew

        He is a starting shooting guard with 36 minutes a game. 21.5 points a game is not really that good for that much time on the court. I mean it’s not bad, but it isn’t nearly good enough that you can say he has no room for improvement. And it is definitely not good enough for him to be complaining about the rest of the team around him.

        • knickscavsfan

          Dude he’s shooting 47% overall and is distributing the ball at 8 assists per game. He’s having a great year aside from being a bettor average 3pt shooter.

        • x%sure

          “Everyone has room to improve” is not a comparative argument.
          And Jrue wants to know if it will be a diaper dandy team post-AD, where people talk about timing the roster’s peak, gathering players the same age, which would not be Jrue’s– or, a veteran team that goes for it. Any vet is concerned about this.
          At 28 he needs to know if he will be the old guy babysitting, to be dumped when the team gets good again.

  4. acarneglia

    A big part of any Davis to Boston trade is the contingency on Horford picking up his player option. If he declines Boston would likely have to use Hayward to match contract. I don’t know if adding salaries with Smart would be able to match AD’s contract without being an overpay for Boston

    • Z-A

      IF they were able to convince NO to take him, Hayward for Davis & Solomon works. No other player needs to be added. So Hayward, Tatum + 3 2019s + Memphis pick. I’d also request Robert Williams. Developmental big. Pels would only have Jah and have to draft someone.

      • southbeachbully

        That’s the saddest part of these player-demanded-trades. The team dealing the biggest asset has to take back salary in a trade they really don’t want to make. Paying Davis $30 mil is one thing. Having to pay Hayward as his “replacement” is a crime. They would be saddled with a player they don’t want or need.

        I think the NBA should change the rules in a situation where a player trade demand has taken place. Allow the team trading the star player to be exempt from taking back matching salary and make the receiving team pay whatever lux taxes caused by the incoming salary. Let’s see if that slows down these types of hostile situations.

  5. x%sure

    Irving’s statement, which he did make, was “planted”? What does that even mean? His statements are relevant and reportable. They are facts. It is not speculated that Irving said “Ask me July 1”; he said it.

    What is “cheap and underhanded” about that? Nothing. Celtics are whiners.

    I think it will be found eventually however, that the Knicks acted quickly & confidently on the Porzingis trade for a reason. . . then Boston will have cause to curse. Irving.

  6. Richard Hangslow

    Who determines who a “star” player is? Does the $100k fine apply Drew Holiday? How ridiculous of a rule.

  7. x%sure

    Zach Lowe: “If the KNICKS don’t get the No. 1 pick and have dreams of Davis, they need the Pelicans to love one of these guys.”

    That’s a slightly different meaning than the interpretation above. Lowe implies the Zion pick is enough for star power in a package for AD.

    Lowe sounds okay with ORLANDO’s Fultz trade. I think a middling team that has not seen the playoffs in a while, sacrificing future assets for a player, should choose a ready player, and push.

  8. david722

    Boston can offer a better package period; however, if Davis cannot be swayed to sign an extension then Pelicans will have to look elsewhere. Now that Pelican’s have had their fun and looked petty in the process let’s see what happens after the season.

  9. Spike4christ

    Ainge will only give up Tatum if Savis signs period. Ainge always has an out with Davis because of this. Horford will opt out if he is not traded to a better team by the Pelicans. If Boston makes the Finals. They do not need Davis. Much to play out. Should be some soap opera for sure.

  10. Senioreditor

    It’s all speculation UNTIL Kawhi decides what he’s going to do. If he actually bolts Toronto for LA, then the conversation changes quickly and Boston reduces any offer. Paul George did a disservice to his fellow stars by not following through on his threat. If Kawhi does the same, the owners will ignore AD’s threat.

  11. Guest617

    kyrie + AD’s + spare parts = electric. don’t be surprised if pels include a bad contract to sweeten their deal

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