Raptors Notes: Roster, Gasol, Leonard, Lowry

The Raptors have agreements to add a pair of players on 10-day contracts, but they might not join the team right away. A franchise has to have 12 players with standard contracts before it can issue 10-day deals, tweets Keith Smith of Real GM, and Toronto is down to 10 after after the trade deadline.

Malcolm Miller and Ben McLemore have both committed to joining the Raptors on 10-day contracts as soon as the situation is resolved. A 25-year-old forward, Miller was a two-way player in Toronto last season and appeared in 15 games. He suffered a dislocated shoulder during Summer League and has been doing rehab work with the Raptors’ G League affiliate. McLemore, the seventh pick in the 2014 draft, was waived by the Kings this week.

GM Bobby Webster tells Josh Lewenberg of TSN Sports that the team plans to be aggressive on the buyout market. It will comply with league rules about roster size, but several moves may not come until after the All-Star break. (Twitter link). The Raptors have compiled a ranking of buyout prospects and have talked with several of their agents to express interest (Twitter link).

There’s more from Toronto:

  • Newly acquired center Marc Gasol doesn’t mind that the Raptors plan to experiment with him to determine his best role, writes Doug Smith of The Toronto Star. The former Grizzlies star came off the bench Saturday in his Raptors debut, posting seven points and six rebounds in a win over the Knicks. Coach Nick Nurse plans to use Gasol’s passing skills to expand the offense and will make him “captain” of the defense. “I’m not going to rush anything,” Gasol said. “As a player you just want to help a team accomplish their goals. That’s what this is about.”
  • Knicks fans have interest in Kawhi Leonard‘s future now that their team has room to offer two max contracts, but the Raptors forward didn’t want to discuss the topic after Saturday’s game in New York, relays Steve Popper of Newsday. “I’m not talking about that right now,” he told reporters. “We’re going to get there. I’m focused on this season. We can talk about the game.”
  • Team president Masai Ujiri doesn’t expect Kyle Lowry to be rattled about hearing his name in trade rumors, according to Ryan Wolstat of The Toronto Sun. There were whispers that Lowry might be headed out of Toronto if the team could acquire Mike Conley from the Grizzlies. “I had a very good conversation with Kyle, and rumors are rumors, to be honest,” Ujiri said. “I see no issues, honestly, with him. Zero. We’re good, and I think his mind is focused on this run.”
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10 thoughts on “Raptors Notes: Roster, Gasol, Leonard, Lowry

  1. jeremy

    No hate but knicks have alot of wishful thinking and they probably end up with nothing. Only player I see that might go to them is Irving. Maybe KD if he wants a change. Other than that why the hell would kawhi leave a good team for the Knicks

  2. Guest617

    all of this will back fire on Ujir. he could be empty handed next season after firing coy, trade the leading scorer, and trading valuable assets. crippled

    • Lanceuppercut1

      No the Raps actually need to go for it or be crippled and start a rebuild.
      To there 3 ways this plays out for next season
      1. Kawhi signs long term and they just keep rolling and building.
      2. Kawhi leaves and Lowry, Ibaka and possibly Gasol are all traded either in the offseason, the deadline. Full tank mode
      3. This one is slim but Kawhi accepts the option so does Gasol and the whole squad is back for one more run.

    • JT19

      Even if Kawhi leaves the Raptors aren’t in that bad of a spot. The DeRozan trade only really saw the loss of Poetl who likely isn’t going to be anything more than a rotational big. The least-talked about part of that deal was that they got out from DeRozan’s contract which would be huge if the team does in fact need to start rebuilding this offseason. Plus, Kawhi is light years better than DeRozan and it was pretty clear that the Raptors got as far as they could with DeRozan as their “star”.

      They still have two decent young players in Siakim and OG that they can either choose to try and build around, or flip for valuable assets (young, 3-and-D players have a ton of value). And both Lowry and Ibaka have only 1 more year left on their deals meaning both are movable by the deadline or walk in free agency anyway (same could be said about Gasol since he has a player option). Would the team be crippled if Kawhi left? Of course, but most teams would be crippled if their star player left in free agency. Free agents aren’t rushing to play in Toronto and they have to try and compete this season to have any shot at keeping Kawhi around.

  3. x%sure

    So much change on the Raps. I’m having doubts here. One assumes Gasol was holding back in Memphis, disspirited, and that he will bust out now; and that Kawhi is just being Kawhi but will be good for the playoffs. But can everthing be adjusted & integrated in time?

    If Gasol’s history holds, next year will be an offyear, he will be Ibaca’s backup– and Valens will be putting up big fulltime numbers in Memphis.

    There could be a rebuild starting in 2020, with Lowry old, Kawhi a Clipper, & Siakam struggling as the primary player. Most salaries will clear by then though.

    • JT19

      Lowry will also be a free agent after the 2019-20 season. In the 2020-21 season, the only contract on the books is Powell (as well as OG and Siakim on option years). If they do need to rebuild after this season, bad long term contracts shouldn’t be an issue unless they trade for one.

  4. Grant

    I think the Raptors will sign either Zach Randolph or Ron baker. Randolph was good with Gasol and Baker and VanVleet were a great defensive backcourt in college

    • JT19

      The Raptors don’t need Randolph. He’s old and too slow to keep up with the pace of the league. There’s a reason why Randolph hasn’t played this year.

    • sovietcanuckistanian

      while I dont know how realistic it might be, if they need a viable big man with some pop, I hope they go after Kanter.

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