Marcus Smart Fined $50K For Shoving Joel Embiid

Celtics guard Marcus Smart has been fined $50K for forcefully shoving Joel Embiid in the team’s game against the Sixers on Wednesday, the NBA announced today.

The incident occurred at the 7:06 mark in the third quarter, with Smart colliding into a hard screen from Embiid and crashing to the floor. Smart retaliated by pushing Embiid onto the hardwood, receiving a Flagrant 2 foul which resulted in an ejection from the contest.

Smart’s fine was also based on his repeated acts of unsportsmanlike conduct during past games, the NBA said in its release. He was fined $25K for an altercation with Cavs guard J.R. Smith in October and $35K for charging at Hawks guard DeAndre’ Bembry in January.

Smart finished with three points and four assists in 19 minutes of action on Wednesday, with his early exit hurting Boston’s chances of pulling out the victory and clinching a playoff berth. Philadelphia ultimately came away with the victory, led by Embiid’s 37 points and career-high 22 rebounds.

The Celtics have games lined up against the Hornets (31-39), Spurs (42-30), Cavaliers (19-53), Pacers (44-28) and Nets (37-36) to close out the month of March.

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16 thoughts on “Marcus Smart Fined $50K For Shoving Joel Embiid

  1. 4thinfsgt

    I guess embiid is really unstoppable, even the league doesn’t fine him for that intentional elbow or the flopping.

    • I mean Smart had a pretty nice flop on that elbow too. It was an intentional elbow but its not like Embiid swung it out at him. The way Smart flopped to the ground after the elbow you would’ve thought that Embiid bodied him.

      • x%sure

        Embiid does not have to swing his arm to get that reaction from Smart, if his elbow could not be pushed back. And Embiid aimed his elbow to a place on Smart’s body so that he could not.

        Smart’s fall was legit, Embbid’s dive was not. It is easy to remain standing from a shove basically to the hip. Indeed it forces your upper body back, not forward!

        • Lol Smart’s fall was not legit. Smart is a known flopper and that fall was the definition of a flop. As soon as he flopped he looked immediately to the refs for a call and when he didn’t get one he shoved Embiid. Was Embiid trying to elbow Smart? Of course. Was it that serious of an elbow that Smart collapsed to the floor? No.

  2. Guest617

    embiid’s gotten good at cheap shots. hopefully his back is okay after getting bulldozed by marcus

  3. sportsfan101

    Embiid is talented but is a cheap player who gets away with a lot then flops to get penalties his way, I’m not a fan of the team the sixers are building lot of bad apples and clearly stand no chance to beat Boston in a beast of 7 let alone the warriors. But they can dream like we all do right?

  4. Z-A

    The boy who cried wolf. Sorry Marcus, if you flop enough times they stop calling it if you hit the deck. Should have gotten at least a 1 game suspension. His actions could have started a brawl. Embiid putting his elbow out during a pick play is no different than the thousand other pick plays when someone stick their leg out a little more or hip out. Sometimes they get called sometimes they dont. But if he wants to Draymond himself and cause his team to lose, I’m all for it.

  5. x%sure

    I have never liked pickers sticking their elbows out or moving opposite from the rim into the defender. Hmm… Karmic blowback from Kevin Garnett?

    It’s too bad Indiana slipped from the 3 spot, where PHL & BOS would have had a possible second round matchup. Now a PHL/BOS would have to be in the EC finals and the odds are against that.

  6. That was the dirtiest play I ever have seen in the NBA, Marcus Smart is an animal, shoving someone in the back like that!!! SMH!!! He should have been suspended for a few games really! Embiid didn’t do no wrong in his block, & he doesn’t flop at all, just because he is big & strong doesn’t mean he has to take all the crapola teams throw at him trying to stop what basically is unstoppable!!! Never really liked Smart, but that just puts him on my most hated list. Reminds me of Rick Mahorn hunting down Jordan in the 80’s. What a dirty play/player this Smart is. Anyway if Boston can, big if, can beat Indiana in the first round they will be out when they meet the Bucks, while Philly will advance to the ECF against the Bucks & that will be the best ECF in many many years!

    • x%sure

      THAT was the dirtiest?– it was incapable of causing injury, or even a likely fall, and was out in the open. Embiid disguised his elbow as a legit play.

  7. oneiblnd

    Wasn’t that Smart that injured Kevin Love a couple years ago and forced him out of the playoffs?

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