Poll: Will Kemba Walker Re-Sign With Hornets?

When longtime Hornets beat reporter Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer addressed Kemba Walker‘s contract situation in a column this past Sunday, his piece opened with a compelling lede.

“I no longer think it’s likely Kemba Walker re-signs with the Charlotte Hornets,” Bonnell wrote. “More importantly, I no longer can give you a strong argument why he should.”

Walker has had another terrific season in Charlotte, averaging a career-high 25.0 PPG to go along with 5.7 APG, 4.3 RPG, and 1.3 SPG. On a team that features no clear second-best player, Kemba earned All-Star honors for a third straight year and has single-handedly kept Charlotte in the playoff race.

Walker has also repeatedly expressed a desire to remain in Charlotte, despite the fact that the team hasn’t won a playoff series since he arrived in 2011. The Hornets have reciprocated that interest — after briefly gauging the trade market for the star point guard prior to the 2018 trade deadline, the team replaced GM Rich Cho with Mitch Kupchak, who has maintained since his hiring that he wants to retain Walker going forward.

Still, with the Hornets’ playoff hopes fading fast and unrestricted free agency right around the corner, Walker definitely can’t be considered a lock to stay, Bonnell writes. While Charlotte could offer him more years and dollars than any rival suitor, doing so would make it that much harder to build a contender around him in the coming years, as Bonnell observes. And Kemba, who turns 29 in May, figures to be seeking an opportunity to contend as he decides where he wants to spend his next few years.

A looming All-NBA decision could have an impact on the summer negotiations between Walker and the Hornets. If he earns an All-NBA spot, the former UConn standout would be eligible for a five-year deal that starts at up to 35% of the cap, rather than 30%. The difference would work out to a projected $31MM+ over those five years. Would the Hornets put that offer on the table if they’re able to? Would it sway Walker’s decision? It’s hard to say at this point, but it’s a factor worth considering.

If Walker seriously considers other teams, there should be no shortage of outside options for him. The Knicks and Mavericks are among the clubs that have been most frequently cited as possible suitors, but there will be many more teams with the ability to open maximum-salary cap room. And there are just as many teams that could use a guard with Walker’s scoring, shooting, and play-making abilities.

What do you think? Will Walker ultimately decide to stick with the Hornets after another disappointing season in Charlotte? Or do you expect the three-time All-Star to move on and sign with a new team this summer?

Vote in our poll, then head to the comment section to share your two cents on Walker’s future.

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23 thoughts on “Poll: Will Kemba Walker Re-Sign With Hornets?

  1. Steven St Croix

    Nobody wants to live in Dallas, so I think its between NY and Charlotte. I think NY will max him out and he will take it.

    • justinkm19

      Ha ha. You think he would rather live in Charlotte than Dallas? Which one is more like NY, Dallas or Charlotte?

    • justinkm19

      I don’t even want him on my Mavs but the comment is dumb. You’ve probably never even been to TX.

    • whodatcoon

      Did you seriously just say it would be better to live in Charlotte than Dallas? That is absolutely crazy buddy. Also Dallas would be a young tlaneted up and coming team with possibilities, unlike broken little Charlotte. I’m not a Dallas fan, but come on.

    • B-Minus21

      Lol Dallas is an awesome place to live. There’s something like 300 new people moving here a day right now. Major corporations building hq’s here. Talk basketball if you want, no need to trash talk Dallas.

  2. Think he ends up in NY, with either the Nets or the Knicks.

    Knicks miss out on Kyrie, Walker is one heck of a consolation prize.

    Nets determine that as good as DLo has played this year they still need an upgrade, Kemba’s their guy.

    I think he leaves Charlotte as their is no clear path to improve the team for 1-2 years, meaning he hits 30 before there’s even a chance that he competes in Buzz City.

    • whodatcoon

      Nets are better off with D-Lo, as he is five years younger and getting better every year.

      • jkoms57

        Haha DLo is looking like Nets franchise player.
        No way they’d be an option for Kemba.

        Only options are $ in Charlotte, or lime light in one of the LA’s

        I think he stays in Charlotte.. money talks .. if he leaves it won’t be for eastern team.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      I think he goes to the Clippers with Kawhi or to the Lakers to join GOAT James. Nets don’t need another playmaker with Dlo, Din and CLV.

    • bennyg

      Should have helped surround him with a better outfit then before waiting until FA

    • politicsNbaseball

      Same Kemba and Kawhi would be an excellent free agency for the clippers

  3. x%sure

    After another year Charlotte’s roster cost clears up & there is more flexibility. So if MJ bites the bullet for a year he can sign both Walker and Lamb.

    But I have to question why Walker has not gotten anywhere in the EC with that group. The regular max is already too much.

    • That is why he hasn’t gotten anywhere, because of that group, Batum, MKG, Williams, Zeller… they do suck big time, absolutely no use in the NBA. Borrego has been in my opinion a big disappointment as a HC in Charlotte, the team has done worst than last year with Clifford, the only positives in the team are the young players like Willy, Monk & Bridges… but the first 2 he doesn’t even play & the latter only at streaks, so first step is getting rid of Borrego & then overhauling all the team, so realistically best option for Kemba if he wants to win is go, but I think he is a loyal guy & will stay, but he can’t be blamed for any of the woes of the franchise.

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