Sixers Without Joel Embiid In Game 3

Sixers center Joel Embiid has been ruled out for the team’s Game 3 matchup with the Nets, Dave McMenamin of relays (Twitter feed). Greg Monroe will get the start at the five.

Embiid warmed up pregame but ultimately, his knee soreness was too severe to suit up. This is the first playoff game Embiid was forced to miss because of his knee. The big man sat out 18 games during the regular season.

Monroe was waived by the Nets earlier this season after Brooklyn acquired him a deal with the Raptors. Philadelphia signed him to add depth in the frontcourt toward the end of the season. He has 18 games of playoff experience, though Game 3 in Brooklyn will be his first start in the postseason.

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16 thoughts on “Sixers Without Joel Embiid In Game 3

    • cjelepis

      Don’t cry just because you can’t handle a little entertainment. Classless? That’s pretty lame. Just because he threw an elbow and didn’t throw himself on the altar? Please….

      • LASTSON86

        He threw a HARD elbow then laughed about it during a half assed That’s the epitome of a classless jerk

        • Z-A

          So if he threw an elbow but didn’t laugh? What if he didn’t throw an elbow but laughed? What if he didn’t throw an elbow and didn’t laugh? Man this epitome stuff is intense.

        • Man how bitter, salty & wrong you are. Embiid is not only one of the top 3-4 players in the league right now, but he is a really nice guy, why don’t you go with your bile somewhere else, please!!!

  1. For all the crap he talks, he doesn’t seem to be there when the team needs him.

    • LASTSON86

      THANK YOU! That’s what I’ve been saying about him for awhile now. An injury prone player who loves to run his mouth like an idiot

  2. Meadowlark

    Embiid may be a decent guy off the court. I have heard as much from unbiased folks in the Phila. media, but on court he is classless. This is not to say he isn’t a terrific talent. He is for certain. There was a day not so long ago when he’d have had his bell rung for the antics he regularly displays on court. Imagine if Karl Malone, Bill Laimbeer et al, Maurice Lucas, etc., etc., etc., were playing for the Nets today. The NBA managers aren’t going to allow multi-million dollar assets who behave badly to be significantly roughed up these days. Still, to see Embiid, shall we say, ahem, chastened by getting a bit of what he dishes out would be interesting.

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