Virginia’s Ty Jerome Enters 2019 NBA Draft

After winning the NCAA championship with Virginia a week ago, junior guard Ty Jerome has announced via Instagram that he’s entering the 2019 NBA draft and hiring an agent.

The NCAA’s new eligibility rules would allow Jerome to change his mind and withdraw from the draft by May 29 even after he signs with an agent. However, the wording of his announcement suggests he’s leaning strongly toward going pro, as he indicated that he’ll “forgo” his senior year of college.

Jerome is coming off a junior year in which he averaged 13.6 PPG, 5.5 APG, 4.2 RPG, and 1.5 SPG with a .435/.399/.736 shooting line for the national champs. He also played a key role in the squad’s March Madness run, averaging 20.3 PPG, 7.0 APG, and 6.7 RPG in the Elite Eight, Final Four, and national title games.

Jerome ranks 29th on ESPN’s big board, which would make him a borderline first-round pick in this year’s draft.

De’Andre Hunter, Jerome’s teammate at Virginia, will likely join him in 2019’s draft pool soon. Hunter has yet to make an announcement one way or another, but ranks as the No. 5 prospect in ESPN’s top 100.

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16 thoughts on “Virginia’s Ty Jerome Enters 2019 NBA Draft

    • Michael Chaney

      He’s a guy with a reasonably high floor who can contribute in different ways and is coached well. I highly doubt he’ll be a star, but he could be a really solid role player and in the late first or early second, he’d be a great pickup.

    • Gary

      He’s Luke Kennard without the toughness. He might make a roster, but he’s just a guy. Probably won’t hurt you with ill-timed turnovers. Maybe he’ll develop a more consistent jump shot.

      • ATL_ranger

        Maybe his freshmen season he lacked toughness, but he definitely matured over his 3 years. It was pretty clear this year that this dude embodies the Mamba mentality.

  1. Dicka24

    The Celtics will have at least three 1st round picks, and possibly 4 if the Memphis pick is outside the top 8 (which I hope doesn’t happen). I would love to see this kid in Celtics green. His game would play really well in Brad Stevens’ system.

  2. x%sure

    Jerome was quite well-groomed & slimmed-down for the big dance.
    He was a good complement to Hunter, who takes so long to kick it in gear.

    Reminds me of Vinny Delnegro. I think he could last that long.
    Quick to see things & fill vacuums; opportunistic. UVA players have exceeded expectations of late.

    • Gary

      I like the Vinnie delnegro comparison. But I don’t think Vinny would make it in today’s game.

  3. Stoop Down Low

    I watched Virginia all year and I saw a guy closer to Chris Paul than Vinny Del Negro. He’s got that know how to play thing people saw this year in Luka Doncic. Best passer in college basketball, never stops moving, great ballhandler, shooting range. He’s slow like Bird was slow, it doesn’t matter. Guys want to play with feeders like that who can also shoot. He’s a coach on the floor too. Top 20 pick for me.

    • x%sure

      The scouting services gotta keep up! #29 on espn with no report, #28 on with a report too late for the tournament… where it is said, a good defender too.

  4. whipmaster

    He would fit well with the Warriors next year. They will need a big guard to replace Livingston who is expected to be gone and to play ahead of Quinn Cook who is too small to defend anyone.

  5. raisethejollyroger

    He was a complimentary luck piece to Virginia. He benefitted the most to them playing the slow methodical d first tempo. Late second rounder at best. G league move on

    • x%sure

      Jerome took the most advantage when they sped up. Anyway attacking the halfcourt D is the harder task.

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