Celtics Believe Kyrie Irving Stays If Team Acquires Anthony Davis

The Celtics still have eyes for an Anthony DavisKyrie Irving pairing. President of basketball operations Danny Ainge wants to bring back Irving and he believes that the point guard will re-sign if Boston trades for Davis, sources tell Frank Isola of The Athletic.

The Pelicans won the NBA draft lottery but that hasn’t curbed Davis’ desire to leave the franchise. Boston doesn’t appear to be high on his wish list, though the six-time All-Star doesn’t own a no-trade clause (no player in the NBA currently does), so his landing spot will not necessarily be on his terms.

The Celtics have a collection of young assets and picks to offer new VP of basketball operations David Griffin. Jayson Tatum is the team’s top asset, though it’s unclear if Boston will include him in trade talks.

Irving appeared distant from teammates during the Celtics’ series loss to the Bucks and speculation that he could bolt for another organization continues. The Lakers and Nets are believed to be possibilities for Irving. The Knicks have been tied to the point guard for quite some time.

New York is expected to pursue two max-level free agents. There are plenty of NBA executives, coaches, players and agents who are “convinced” Durant is going to the Knicks, Isola writes. Irving has been linked as Durant’s future partner in the Big Apple.

Irving isn’t the only 2018/19 Celtics who could find himself in New York next season. The Knicks reportedly have interest in Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris. However, they’d be secondary targets behind the top tier of upcoming free agents.

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60 thoughts on “Celtics Believe Kyrie Irving Stays If Team Acquires Anthony Davis

    • hiflew

      I don’t know if I would consider Anthony Davis a “Robin.” Did you watch him single-handedly carry the Pelicans to the Western semis after Cousins went down in 17-18? I think he and Irving could make a potent 1-2 combo. Maybe not in Boston, but somewhere.

  1. Dionis

    Danny Ainge thought Gordon Hayward was going to be Larry Bird in Boston again. Tatum and Zion would be pretty insane.

  2. imindless

    Sadly lakers and knicks can both offer better players and picks. This narrative the media is driving towards celtics is baffling.

      • imindless

        Lakers play in west and had the whole roster injuried. Dont act dumb tatum, brown, rozier all regressed and got wiped in the playoffs.

        • Please. Nobody wants Ball. So you have Kuzma and? Hart? Tatum and Brown are more talented, despite regression. And besides this years pick to offer, they can’t come close to the picks from the Cs.

          • trout27

            You don’t trade all your assets to acquire AD unless he agrees to long term contract. He wants to go to the Lakers so even if the Celtics trade for Davis they aren’t guaranteed he will sign a max deal with them. Bottom line, Boston has the assets but would AD agree to a max deal with them. Should be very interesting this summer.

            • imindless

              What assets? Everyone keeps saying picks you mean the ones in middle to later 1st round??? Useless picks lakers have 4th and bevy of young talent on roster….

          • imindless

            Lmao delusional celtics fan at its best. Ingram > tatum in all facets of the game other than 3 point shooting dont believe look it up on bref. Also a better defender than tatum. Kuzma also has superior numbers to brown last time i checked 19ppg and 17.5 ppg are more than 14ppg….going on media bias is bad for your health. Lakers were a 4/5 seed before lonzo and lebron went down. Also poor play could be contributed to waltons poor system on offense. Again celtics wouldnt make playoffs if they played in west.

        • Theone23

          Injuries happen to every team. You guys were a game above .500 with LeBron playing. Lonzo is a good prospect, but everyone else including Kuzma, Ingram, Hart are not good players and vastly overrated. Lakers truly suck, but got lucky with ping pong balls tonight.

          • Matt M

            Honestly dude you lost me at Lonzo is a good prospect. Ingraham and even Kuzma are better prospects than Ball.

          • hiflew

            But did they get lucky? They are going to be paying the salary of a #4 pick in a weak draft when they are also working on clearing cap room. The difference between the talent level of the 4 and 11 picks isn’t all that great, especially this season, but the salary difference is that great.

        • mgrap84

          They regressed because they were told to take a step back when Irving came back. They needed to step it up when he went down last year but when he came back this year, irving took over and it kinda of left them in a weird spot

    • Codeeg

      I’m not sure Knicks can offer better players, but definitely picks.

      Lakers somehow look like a front runner to me but that’s still unlikely given that they’re in the same conference and I think the team is just mad Rich Paul was vocal to the media about his demands

    • kenleyfornia2

      Exactly. The media hyped up the Celtics picks up so much. All it took was 4 ping pong balls and boom the Lakers have better draft capital to deal. All the C’s have are a couple of mid firsts and a heavy protected Memphis pick next year. So much for their “treasure chest” of picks.

      • SuperSinker

        Ya I’m not sure there’s been a worse ‘dynasty’ since the Nets a decade ago. The Celtics played themselves

      • They still have tons of picks. Memphis is protected 1-6 next year then no protection after that. The Cs hope it doesn’t hit for the next two years. It’s still so many picks that Danny will likely trade them because he doesn’t want that many.

      • mcmillankmm

        The Lakers have the #4 pick in this draft whereas the C’s have the Grizz pick in 20 or 21…about the same value considering we know the Lakers won’t get Zion

      • Havlicek stole the ball

        Yesterday the fourth pick was useless since there are only three outstanding players in this class. Out of a sudden, pick #4 is almost a treasure… how come?

          • mcmillankmm

            They don’t have one guaranteed to be higher at the moment…but the Pelicans haven’t turned down any of their trade offers previously….Kuz Ball Hart and #4 going to get it done?

    • slapnuts

      The Lakers can offer better? Really? What changed? Because they already offered all of their young guys and the Pelicans turned them down. The #4 pick in a weak draft doesn’t move the needle all that much. As for the Knicks? Ha ha ha. Suuuuure!

  3. Boston2AZ

    Think Danny’s aware that many, MANY Boston fans really don’t want Kyrie to resign? The thought of watching his attitude and his style of play for the next 5 years makes a lot of fans ill. Boston isn’t a town that is willing to put up with players’ nonsense just to chase the occasional championship. While many teams fans would be content to put up with diva behavior for the chance to compete for a title every couple of years, Boston fans would be happier with a team that they think plays hard and maximizes its potential than they would be with a team with self-centered players who they don’t feel represent the history of their franchise.

    • bob67wo

      Your 1000 percent right. I live NJ. I ve been to a few games in boston in all 4 major sports. Theres no better fan base then them. If you hustle and win theyll pay $1000 for a hot dog at the games to pay their teams luxury tax.

    • whosurpapa

      Kyrie is toxic for any team at this point.
      Boston was totally dysfunctional all year.
      He is not an alpha dog.
      Let his ego go somewhere else.

  4. Spike4christ

    Most Celtics Fans want Kyrie to grow up if not move on. ISO ball does not win.

  5. Guest617

    kyrie can take his bum-ass and walk himself off the flat earth – celtics regressed with a shoot first point guard

  6. mcmillankmm

    Will the Lakers include Ingram in a trade for Davis? I think they should consider it, he’ll be extension-eligible this summer and will force the Lakers to use up some of the cap space they’ve been working to create.

      • we_got_game

        I’m thinking that everyone is off a bit.. Pistons look like a team to watch in this whole ordeal Tom Gore’s wants to win now… I think u offer drummond, Kennard #15 overall pick and a unprotected 1st next year.. Pistons pair Davis with griiffen add a couple small pieces I wouldn’t be surprised if that team wins 50 games in East and would be title contenders in Casey system a stretch 4 and stretch 5 would be insane.But and the pelicans get the best rebounder in game a long with a bright upcoming guy in kennard.. Add Zion to the mix. That gives the pels a starting 5 of jue,kennard,Zion, Rabdle,Drummond. Both teams win in this trade.

      • slapnuts

        They already offered that and more and got turned down. Damn these Laker fans are dense…

  7. stretch123

    Hmm how about Gordon Hayward to the Heat, Tatum, Smart, Celtics 1st, Kelly Olynyk, James Johnson and a Heat 1st to NOLA and Davis and a cap filler to Boston. Heat finally get a good scorer, Boston gets AD to pair with Kyrie and maybe Horford comes back at a discount, and NOLA gets 2 1st rounders for the future, a young star in Tatum, a young rotation player in Brown, and two vets in Olynyk and Johnson who can help mentor Zion, who’s contracts expire in two years (and fill the void of Julius Randle).

    • Tatum ain’t a young star… might be one day but for sure he isn’t at all right now!!!

  8. StevieCraig

    Till now, the celtics are in the same Position as with Isaiah Thomas, something had to happen thats for sure!
    And to See Lebron and Kyrie would be Godlike!
    If he would go, then i think to the Lakers!
    Aaaand they could eaaasiely offer more then the Knicks

  9. halofanatic

    Celtics will NOT get AD, or bring back Kyrie. AD will not sign a long-term deal with Boston, which would make Danny Ainge the dumbest general manager in professional sports if he mortgaged the future for one year. The Knicks do not have the assets to complete a trade with the Pelicans. The Lakers are the only team that match up perfectly with Anthony Davis; preferred destination, high draft pick, young talent.

    Kyrie is headed West to play with Lebron.

    • This is a smarter comment than the other Laker fan posts, though I don’t think Kyrie is going to LA.

      The Lakers May end up with AD, not because they have more to offer but because they will offer more. Danny won’t mortgage the future for a rental. If he can get AD without giving up both Tatum and Brown, he may pull the trigger. Otherwise, a team willing to throw all in on AD will probably “win” that sweepstakes.

  10. mcmillankmm

    Can the Knicks get AD by offering their own 2019 1st plus the future Dallas 1sts with Knox Robinson and Dotson?

  11. NO has a new GM so a lot has changed.

    None of the reported offers from LAL to NO last season had any truth to them. The GM would not deal with LA period end of story. Also NO had to wait to see how the lottery played out because they can not afford to lose in the deal after the fact.

    Since then the Celtics player have all regressed and they have no real draft pick assets.

    AD is in play for 6-7 teams

    NO TEAM has a ton more to offer than the next.

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