Anthony Davis’ Stance On Trade Remains Unchanged

Anthony Davis is not impressed by the Pelicans winning the NBA draft lottery. Davis, who requested a trade from New Orleans back in February, has not wavered on his stance on a trade and still prefers to play elsewhere, sources tell Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

New executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin has stated he plans on making an attempt to convince Davis to stay. New Orleans landing the No. 1 overall pick gives Griffin a major asset that he could use to appease Davis if the six-time All-Star would consider staying put.

The franchise could pitch Davis the opportunity to play alongside one of the brightest prospects in league history or it could trade the rights to Zion Williamson for nearly any player Davis wanted as a sidekick.

The Lakers and Knicks appear to be the two destinations Davis is angling toward. Rumors that he would re-sign with the Knicks if they can provide him with a chance to be successful are in full swing and the Lakers-Davis connection has been well-documented. B0th franchises now have a top-four pick available to dangle in trades.

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44 thoughts on “Anthony Davis’ Stance On Trade Remains Unchanged

  1. Danthemilwfan

    I’d trade him anyway. They could get some great pieces around zion.

    • bowserhound

      Exactly. If Griffin doesn’t get one of those two picks he should be fired.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      I think you’re right. If you have to talk a player into staying, I just don’t think you’re going to get 100% out of him, and if NO starts out 3-7 or some such thing, he could easily restate trade demands. NO has a potential cornerstone coming in Zion; trade AD and build yourself a winner in 2-3 seasons.

      • knickscavsfan

        Trade AD to the Lakers for the 1st, Ball, Kouzma and maybe a couple of 2nd rounders ? Flip Kouzma perhaps to the Hawks for their #8 and #10 or someone else picking top 15

        • Theone23

          Loll relax Knicks slash Cavs fan, this isn’t 2K. First, I’m not sure the Pels would accept that offer and 2, Kuzma is NOT worth 2 first round picks, not to mention lottery. Kuzma is vastly overrated, as most Lakers and Celtics tend to be

          • slapnuts

            After reading a bunch of the comments on a few of these articles it seems that Laker fans A) forget that the pelicans already durned down a deal for AD involving Ball, Kuzma, Ingram AND picks. And 2) think the #4 pick in an extremely poor draft is actually worth something…

  2. JonnyLucas

    That laker trade is looking better today than it did yesterday. They could have the most exciting you g team in the league next year… Zion, lonzo, kuzma, #4, randle, jrue, mirotic… interesting team.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      But surely you don’t think they can get AD for just the #4 pick, right?

      • JonnyLucas

        Maybe… read my post again? Lonzo and Kuzma didn’t arrive their in some other trade.

      • knickscavsfan

        What are their options to get young assets for Davis? Celtics pick is nothing. The Celtic future picks could be nothing special if they’re protected picks or belong to teams likely not to be among the 5 worst. The Knicks and Lakers can each give you a high pick AND those two teams have reason to believe that AD would resign with them. You pass on an offer to either them you’re going to be pressed to find a better value from most trade partners remaining. Would the Pelicans want any of Tatum, Rosier, Brown, etc from the Celts being that they are all close to being towards the middle or end of their rookie contracts and you’re still possibly 2-3 years from playoff contention?

        • mcmillankmm

          Knicks have their pick this year they can offer plus the future Dallas picks, but they really don’t have any young players on the roster who show superstar potential

          • Nor do the Lakers. At least the Knick’s young players are controllable for 3 more years and might develop into stars. Knicks pick also figures to be that type of player (Barrett), whereas the Lakers’ does not.

    • hiflew

      It’d be even better if they traded Jrue for something. Although with Memphis getting #2 and likely Ja, Mike Conley will almost definitely be moved (Utah?) now. And that would probably remove one potential destination for Jrue.

  3. Codeeg

    This makes me hate AD more. Sorry if playing with Zion isn’t enough for you but he’s probably a top 50 talent next season. In 3 years they could be something special together.

    • JonnyLucas

      Nah, with Zion it’s still a work in progress. He wants to win. Now. Maximize his prime years.

      • Codeeg

        I think location is the issue. Unless you’re LeBron you can’t bring in talent to lesser markets.
        Hopefully Zion and Giannis are able to buck that trend.

    • cesc

      Why? AD would have no principles or morals to remain with Pels after the way they have treated him. It is even shameless that they wanna try… Why don’t you direct your hate to the Pels, the rightful owners of it?

      • Codeeg

        It has everything to do with the public relations of it. He is under a contract he signed, he could wait until free agency but he hurt the Pels and the product he’s supposed to uphold with his play and public demand to be traded.
        He’s focused more on his brand than on the actual team he’s apart of.

    • Reflect

      Yeah but AD has already been there for how many years? New Orleans had their chances and they wasted them horribly.

      Maybe the future is bright but they’ve already lost his trust.

  4. kenleyfornia2

    Lakers have more to offer than Knicks easy. Now more than the overhyped Celitcs package for sure.

  5. hansel2525

    Trade Lebron for the number one. Lebron and Davis can play together. Lakers become attractive for free agents with Lebron gone. Zion becomes the next Laker great.

    • Codeeg

      I would actually like this. Lakers might actually have a shot at two super max players then.

    • kenleyfornia2

      For as crazy as the idea is thats a realistic return. People have said dumb things like the anonymous GM that said Lebron could only fetch a mid protected 1st. But its all moot because he won’t leave LA and his producing company for NOLA

      • snotrocket

        He doesn’t have a no trade clause with LA. That would be a decent trade for everyone involved except LeBron.

    • halofanatic

      In no imaginable world the Pelicans trade the #1 pick (presumably Zion Williamson) for LeBron James. Zion’s upside is faaaaaaaaar superior than what LeBron can offer in the last 3 years of his basketball career. The miles he has on his body is unparalleled to any player in history at his age.

      • It’s too much NBA 2k. Even taking BB out of it, Lakers can’t trade LeBron without his permission (yes, I realize he doesn’t technically have a no trade clause, but he has one, just like CP3 had his contract extension two years ago). If they could, and Griffin wasn’t crazy about Zion, why would he want an unhappy 35 year old player? If he wants to force a guy to live up to his contract, start with AD.

  6. AGAVE

    Would Griffin want him under his watch again?
    However, LbJ and some sort of pkg to NO is something to consider for the #1 pick.

  7. cesc

    Pels got their best offer in February… now they will have to be happy taking crumbs for AD. Always said anyway now his price can only be half than in February. I give the farm & all it takes for a 2 play-off run rental, for 1… no way. Pels way to go wasting your assets.

  8. Wllmcasey

    If the lakers are unable to trade for Davis without giving up everything how about a trade back with Atlanta and possibly draft cam reddish and bol bol ?

    • hiflew

      Not a bad idea there. Atlanta likes Culver. If he is there at 4, they might go for it. It might take a little more than just the #4 to get 8 and 10 though.

  9. benster04

    here is an ironic fact. AD still wants out of NO and Zion has no desire to play there either! sure you can trade AD and build around Z but do you want to take that chance to have him also bolt as soon as his rookie contract is up? if im NO i would trade both and get a kings ransom for both guys

    • hiflew

      What king’s ransom could you possibly get? And what if that king’s ransom doesn’t want to play in NO either? Do you trade it too?

  10. goldenmisfit

    Davis has been angling to go to the Lakers for sometime and the Lakers ending up with the fourth overall pick naturally would not change his stance.

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