Execs Expect Hawks, Celtics, Sixers, Nets To Shop Draft Picks

Several executives around the NBA who spoke to Michael Scotto of The Athletic identified the Hawks, Celtics, Sixers, and Nets as teams that will be looking to trade at least one of their 2019 draft picks.

As we noted in our breakdown of draft picks by team earlier this week, there are eight teams that currently hold more than two selections apiece in the 2019 draft, and Atlanta, Boston, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia represent four of those teams.

The Hawks, in particular, find themselves well-stocked for draft night, with a pair of top-10 picks and three more selections in the first half of the second round. When GM Travis Schlenk spoke about those five draft picks earlier this month, he acknowledged that the club is unlikely to bring five rookies to camp in the fall.

The 76ers also hold five picks, all of which fall between Nos. 24 and 54. Scotto suggests that Philadelphia may dangle some of those picks on the trade market in an effort to acquire bench depth.

Three of the Celtics’ four selections in the 2019 draft are first-rounders (Nos. 14, 20, and 22), and Scotto expects those picks to be brought up in any trade discussions Boston has about Anthony Davis.

As for the Nets, they only have three picks, but two are first-rounders (Nos. 17 and 27) and the third is the first pick of the second round (No. 31). Scotto has pointed out previously that those selections could help grease the wheels for an Allen Crabbe salary dump if Brooklyn wants to create additional cap room.

A year ago, NBA teams agreed to a total of 11 trades on draft night, so it’s safe to say that these four teams won’t be the only ones that consider moving picks next month. Still, they rank among the clubs most likely to be active, so they’re worth keeping an eye on leading up to – and during – the draft.

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29 thoughts on “Execs Expect Hawks, Celtics, Sixers, Nets To Shop Draft Picks

  1. phenomenalajs

    I could see the Nets trading Crabbe and #31 (possibly #27) to the Cavs for J.R. Smith, then waiving and stretching Smith. If the Cavs want #17, they’d have to give up a second either this year or in the future. If teams want too much, the Nets should just consider waiving and stretching Crabbe themselves.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Assuming the Nets release either player before July 1, they’d be able to stretch either contract 3 years. The total savings from waiving Smith versus Crabbe would only be $940K per year over those three years.

      Honestly, Crabbe’s contract is more traceable now than it was a couple years ago. If it brings a good pick with it, a team like Charlotte – who’s dead in the water this year – might take it since there’s only one year left.

      Added to all the other expiring bad deals they have after 2019/20, the Hornets are set to have nearly $65mil in cap space, and then the following season, Nic Batum ($27mil) and Cody Zeller ($15mil) come off the books.

      • Luke Adams

        The gap between the Crabbe and Smith contracts would actually be more significant than that, since Smith’s salary is only guaranteed for $3.87MM.

    • knickscavsfan

      No need to stretch Smith. As long as he cut before deadline all but about $3.8 mil is guaranteed.

    • OhThatYoGirl

      The Cavs aren’t going to pay 15 million dollars for the 31st pick (nor #27) they better pony up that 17 at the minimum to even keep the Cavs on the phone. JR’s contract counts as 15.7 but only 3.8 is guaranteed. The ONLY contract in the NBA of its kind. Meaning Brooklyn would get significant cap room making that trade since Crabbes contract is 18.5 guaranteed.

  2. WFG1

    As much time as Ainge spends on the road scouting college games, I still don’t trust him hitting a home run with lower picks in the 20’s like the Spurs and Warriors tend to do, so I wouldn’t mind if Celts traded some picks for vets who are a better fit for the bench than younger players who cause drama when they don’t get playing time.

    • acarneglia

      Wait! Who have the Warriors hit a HR on with a pick in the 20s in recent years?

      • knickscavsfan

        They’ve gone several years without ANY draft picks and I would say that “hitting” on a late round pick doesn’t always mean a star caliber player. That being said, Draymond (35th), Festus (30th) and Looney (30th) were good picks and players that were valuable defensive rotation guys.

        • hiflew

          After 20 years of missing on top 10 picks before Curry and Klay, I think they were finally due to hit some late ones.

    • dlevin11

      What about Hayward to Memphis for Mike Conley if Kyrie walks? Remaining money owed to each player is almost identical.

      • OhThatYoGirl

        Memphis would probably only do it if they keep AD. Otherwise they are going to be trading Conley for some picks.

  3. raz427

    I really feel if Boston wants to get AD, they need to shop that Memphis pick next year. If it falls between 1-6 it belongs to Memphis but after that, it’s Boston’s. I don’t see Memphis having another top 5 pick if they plan on keeping Jonas all year along with drafting Ja Morant and progression of Jaron Jackson Jr.

    Boston’s value in players is on a short list. JT and JB both were unspectacular this season. I don’t think Brown will be a star, also his rookie deal is nearly done while Tatum has another two left on his. I don’t think Pelicans want just one year of team affordability on Brown’s deal. It has to be Tatum with picks 14, 20, and next year’s Memphis’ pick to get it done.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      With L.A. holding the fourth pick, that package isn’t enough.

      Jayson Tatum didn’t do the Celtics any favors last year. As a rookie, he flashed the potential to be a star. Year 2, he looked a lot more like “just another guy.”

      First round picks outside of the Top 10 don’t move the needle. A hand full of players from the Knicks or Lakers along with a top 4 pick trumps Tatum and a couple scratch off lottery tickets.

      • knickscavsfan

        If you had the #4 pick and drafted a talent like Tatum then you would find yourself happy. If the team felt that Tatum, like most guys on their rookie contract, would resign and stay 4 more years then Tatum would likely be worth far more whomever they can pick after Zion, RJ and Morant. We have to understand there’s a huge difference between potential and a 2nd year NBA player who’s shown his potential on-court playing NBA defenders.

        Zion/Tatum/Holiday/Randle plus whatever else they get in the Davis package would be a great start for Griffin.

        • imindless

          Ingram and kuzma are both head an soldiers above tatum. The main argument for years has been his age, yet playing the same if not more minutes last year he regressed in all categories. Both kuzma and ingram eclipsed scoring outages over 30 points multiple times in there careers and both while being months older than tatum. (Need more proof look a basketball ref only stat tatum leads in is 3 point shooting.) The media (espn) mainly is a east coast brand company with implications to “push” teams like knicks,celtics,nets over a team like the lakers. Coupling all this with lakers having the 4th pick trumps anything that celtics could offer. Keep in mind with kyrie likely out the door i doubt ad resigns with celtics so this further waters down the celtics offer and could be with risk setting back years if they trade all young talent and ad walks. This further illustrates that lakers have the keys right now its up to pelicans to take the offer or settle for a lesser deal a la pacers and spurs.

        • hiflew

          Zion/Tatum/Holiday/Randle is a late lottery team. Just good enough to miss the top 10 picks, but not good enough to do much else. The only thing that is a good start for is Griffin’s firing.

  4. knickscavsfan

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge Tatum from what he did his rookie year vs this past year. Once Haywood was back and the dis-functionality of the team, it’s not hard to assume that Tatum was effected by that. He’s still only 20 and had a 45/37/85 while averaging 16/6/2. That’s not bad at all. Again, only 20.

    • Havlicek stole the ball

      I don’t think JT and JB will develop properly as long as Irving is around.

      • knickscavsfan

        Well that appears to be a problem they won’t have next year. Either no Irving or perhaps, no Tatum or Brown if they keep Irving and add AD.

    • imindless

      He’s now 21 and regressed in all categories. As history has shown sophmore seasons are more indicative of whats to come not the outlier as a rookie season. See mcw and spindad mitchell…

      • knickscavsfan

        His shooting percentages went down a bit but they were still above average. I think the inconsistency caused by a healthy Irving and Haywood had an effect on the younger guys. Far, far, far from something to scare someone off. Again, if a #4 overall pick turned into Tatum, most would be ecstatic about it.

  5. knickscavsfan

    I think the Cavs are in the catbird seat to really rack up more assets between now and the start of free agency. It’s been said that Gilbert was willing to take on salary so long as it’s attached to young players and picks.

    Cavs have several players, some useful rotation players, that have 1 year left and thus expiring contracts.

    Jr Smith @ 1$16mil w/ only about $4 mil guaranteed.

    Jordan Clarkson @ 1/$13.4- Great scorer off the bench. 17/3/3. 46% FG. His 3pt shooting was down to 33% tho but he did shoot a respectable 46% overall.

    Tristan Thompson (10pts, 10rbds)-1/$18.5 mil

    Brandon Knight 1/$16 mil

    John Henson 1/$10 mil (teams in need of rebounding and shot blocking) 15/13/3/1/2 per 36 min.

    Matthew Delladova @ 1/$10 mil -12 pts/8 asst per 36 min.

    I think Cedi Osman is a guy they should look to extend but he’s on a very cheep 1/$3 mil coming off of a solid 13/5/3 season with a decent shooting % of 43/35/78. Some contending team pushing up against a salary cap might want Cedi. If the Cavs know his desired extension is more than they want to pay then maybe they move him depending on the picks offered?

    Celtics w/ Haywood and picks to spare.

    Atlanta w/ Bazemore and 5 picks.

    Clippers w/ Gallinari (I’m sure they would want to keep him but if they have an opp to acquire to max FA the they might decide to move his 1/$19mil) salary. They only have two late 2nd round picks to offer in this upcoming draft but he’s not exactly a salary dump so Cavs might do it for the late picks.

    Let’s go Kobe. Make some smart moves.

    • imindless

      I do think boston will use picks to move hayward as that contract will not age well. Perhaps Memphis pick next year and 14 this year?

      • x%sure

        They should keep him another half year to showcase his recovery. Also if Irving leaves they might need him as a point forward.

        The expirings can capspace for 2019/20, but JR Smith will be the last NBA FA that can add capspace in the coming year.

    • hiflew

      Bazemore is expiring, Atlanta won’t trade picks to move him. I could see Atlanta packaging 8 or 10 along with a couple of 2nds to the Cavs for pick 5 though. Especially if Culver is still there at 5.

      • knickscavsfan

        Depends on their intent this FA season. Maybe they want to shopping for some 2nd or 3rd tier guys. They can trade for Smith and release him and only pay $4 mil of his $16 mil salary. Moving Bazemore for Smith saves them $19 mil of this year’s cap. Add to the fact that Bazemore regressed and it makes sense on many levels.

        • hiflew

          I can definitely see them trading Bazemore, but I don’t see them needing to trade him so badly that they have to add assets to him to get rid of him. I could see him in a change of scenery deal though. Perhaps for a big man at around the same money. Derrick Favors of Utah, Tristan Thompson of the Cavs, or Ian Mahinmi of Washington could all be possibilities.

  6. Guest617

    pels usually draft top 5 – they have to laugh trade proposals with picks outside the top 10 . their scouts wouldn’t know who to pick

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