Jerry West To Return To Clippers For Another Season

Jerry West will return to the Clippers as a consultant for another season, Andrew Greif of the Los Angeles Times reports.

West is one of three key front office members who decided to remain with the franchise this offseason. The Wolves pursued GM Michael Winger and the Pelicans aimed to poach assistant GM Trent Redden, though both executives turned down promotions to stay in Los Angeles.

West, whose Hall-of-Fame NBA career began in 1960, joined the Clippers in June of 2017 as an advisor and he assisted in the overhaul from the Lob City era to the current state of the franchise, which is in position to pursue two max-level free agents. Kawhi Leonard is expected to be a top target this offseason. The team will also pursue Kevin Durant.

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10 thoughts on “Jerry West To Return To Clippers For Another Season

    • kenleyfornia2

      Jerry clearly isn’t intrested in becoming a president of ops. He isn’t leaving the Clips for a lateral move

      • bowserhound

        Give him whatever title makes him skip the viagra. You get that man in the building, just not the other team!

  1. sorayablue

    I just don’t understand why the Lakers don’t want him back. It makes no sense. SMH

    • Number one you look forward not backwards. Number two if he does succeed with the Lakers it wouldn’t be that big a deal he’s already done it and if he does not succeed that’s a big black mark. With the Clippers they’ve never done anything and if he succeeds it would be huge.

  2. West has made his decisions.
    Live with it.
    Us Lakers fans have already done so.
    Respect the Man.
    Jeannie has a business to run.
    Lets just move on

  3. Not only the players, but even the execs all wanna live in LA!!! Well who wouldn’t, right?

  4. West is, perhaps, the greatest team builder in NBA history. He isn’t chasing positions or $$. He’s working as a consultant for the Clips because that’s what he wants to do. At his age, he’s not going to undertake the day to day grind of being a GM, nor should he have to guide the major basketball decisions. His fingerprints were all over the Warriors construction in the same role. Now, the Clips. Why would he go back to the Lakers, who felt it was a good idea to marginalize him to placate the HC and asst GM he hired. Especially now that his vision for a new Clipper team is coming into focus. When he left the Warriors, did the Lakers even contact him? The Clips did. That’s how it’s done with a guy this accomplished. His resume isn’t with some headhunter. You call him, and see if there’s a position that he’ll accept, and then create it. Ballmer may act like a boob, but he did this. He’ll likely retire after this team gets up and running.

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