Knicks Notes: Durant, Davis, Draft, Ntilikina

The possibility of Kevin Durant signing with the Knicks overshadowed all other topics as NBA executives gathered this week for the annual combine, relays Steve Popper of Newsday. He states that most of those in attendance consider it a “fait accompli” that the Warriors’ star will be coming to New York when free agency begins in July.

The combine was peppered with talk of a secret meeting between the Knicks and Durant and rumors that a “handshake deal” is already in place, along with endorsement opportunities. That would be a blatant violation of NBA rules and a huge risk for the team to take when the opportunity to legally negotiate with Durant is just six weeks away. However, even those who don’t buy into such conspiracy talk seem convinced that a move is on the way.

Explaining why Durant might be willing to leave a potential three-time champion, one unidentified front office executive speculates that he is tired of constant “prodding” from Warriors coach Steve Kerr and believes he will never replace Stephen Curry as the team’s most important player. That opportunity would come instantly in New York, where Knicks fans have been clamoring for a star for years.

There’s more today from New York:

  • Knicks president Steve Mills wouldn’t discuss the possibility of including the No. 3 pick in a deal for Anthony Davis, but he insists the team is happy about its position coming out of Tuesday’s lottery, relays Marc Berman of The New York Post. Trade talks for Davis remain on hold as Pelicans executive David Griffin tries to convince his star big man to stay with the team, a source tells Berman. Any trade offer for Davis would have to include the two first-rounders from Dallas that were acquired in the Kristaps Porzingis deal, along with two young prospects from a group that includes Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson and Frank Ntilikina.
  • Berman considers it a”virtual certainty” that New York will take Duke’s R.J. Barrett if the draft proceeds as expected. The Knicks rate Murray State’s Ja Morant slightly higher, but Memphis is likely to grab him with the second pick. New York’s front office met with both players Wednesday at the combine. The Knicks also own the 55th pick and could target a power forward in the second round.
  • The Knicks are willing to part with Ntilikina in exchange for another late first round or early second round selection, Berman adds. That would open more cap room to pick up the options on Allonzo Trier and Damyean Dotson without jeopardizing the ability to offer to max deals in free agency.
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31 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Durant, Davis, Draft, Ntilikina

  1. Strike Four

    Why on earth would ANY player want to endure the sheer hell that is playing for Bill Dolan??!?!!? KD would be better going to NO than NY. Or even Lakers. So his options are those, or turning around and opting in for another title? Why would he do this?

    • hiflew

      One word…ego. He has his rings as a second banana (Everyone knows the Warriors are Curry’s team). Now he wants to prove he can do it as a lead dog. It was the exact same for LeBron. He won his rings with the Heat, but those were D-Wade’s teams. He returned to the Cavs to do it himself.

      • You make good points but I think he realize you can’t do it alone. You need a couple guys with you. Even if Kyrie comes to the Knicks with him that’s not enough.

        He stays with the Warriors with the goal of winning four in a row which hasn’t been done in a long long time. That’s what the Warriors will sell him on to separate him from other greats. Four in a row.

        If they accomplish that, then five in a row. Unheard of today.

        • hiflew

          But even if Kyrie or Kemba or whoever else goes to the Knicks, there won’t be anyone who is thought of as the Knicks leader like Curry with the W’s and Wade with the Heat. If Durant and Kyrie go to NY, it will be Durant’s team. If Durant and AD go to NY, it will be closer, but still probably be Durant’s team. Either way, in the East it still might be enough. Giannis is great, but the Bucks might be losing some of his supporting players. A Durant/Kyrie or Durant/Kemba or Durant/AD Knicks team is at least in the mix for a championship in the East.

          I don’t think the four in a row means that much, to be honest.

        • I thought they only have won 2 in a row? Have you already made them champions over Giannis juggernaut? You must be a very optimistic Warrior fan, right?

          • If they win this year that would be 3 in a row. Coming back next year and winning would be 4 in a row.

            Those are goals to strive for and what the team will sell Kevin Durant on.

            Of course it won’t be easy and this year is no lock either.

            But I do believe the Rockets were the toughest challenge and they got through that in decent shape.

    • Bill Dolan sounds like a much better option than actual Knicks owner James Dolan.

  2. Guest617

    jordan, kobe, durant
    no chance durant signs with any dysfunctional/rebuilding org – esp when they arrest former players mid game ie charles oakley

  3. kenleyfornia2

    So the Knicks are already willing to give up on another high pick in Ntilikina…. But sure they can offer a competent package for AD. This team has nothing outside the 3 pick to offer.

    • hiflew

      What’s the alternative? Keeping both Smith and Ntilikina and watching both flounder? This is basically the same situation as Minnesota had a few years back with Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn. The only difference is that instead of spending a year in Spain, Smith spent a year in Dallas.

    • bklynny67

      Except Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson which a lot of people are high on, 2 future first round picks from Dallas, and all of their future first round picks… Yea, they have nothing that would interest NO. lol

  4. showty

    @strike four….y in the world would be choose to go to n.o….. if he doesn’t stay with GS… he should go back to OKC…. their are no other appealing options… anything else would be stupid

    • hiflew

      OKC can’t afford him unless he chooses to take the mid level like Boogie. That ain’t happening.

    • Rocket32

      If he doesn’t want to be second to Curry, why would he want to be second to Westbrook? If what we’ve heard is true, he wants to be the #1 guy on his next team. If he went back to OKC he’d just be second fiddle to a different star PG.

  5. The lakers were clamoring for a star for years. Their front office pulled off getting lebron but couldn’t do anything else. The knicks are more dysfunctional than the lakers so why would Durant want to put himself through that

  6. imindless

    Durants not good enough to carry a team though…..put him on the knicks they might be a playoff team thats out in the first round. Knicks having nothing going for them as all their prospects are years away and some have already shown to be busts.

  7. TheTruth12

    “believes he will never replace Stephen Curry as the team’s most important player.” News flash KD has been the teams most important player 2 Finals MVPs, and had been carrying the team until he got injured, without him who knows if they would’ve been able to beat the Clippers. Also didn’t Curry have 5 total points in the first half of 2 games against Houston???? Assuming the Warriors and Bucks advance there’s a 30% chance they win that series without Durant, with him it’s 50/50

  8. Yep it is

    Hope he goes to NY. Then his thin skinned ass can see what hell is really about. Maybe the best player right now will NEVER win anything on his own.

    • Durant does not think like an individual. He thinks of teamwork. That’s why he left OKC. Russell Westbrook is an individual player…, stats, individual awards.

      People saying he’s going to the Knicks don’t understand his mindset. He wants to be part of a team. Plus he’s going to do things that make him happy not the newspapers or opinions of others.

  9. x%sure

    If Dennis Smith is not included in the “league insiders” list of 3 AD-trade players (Robnsn,N’kina,Knox), maybe they don’t have an Irving promise and the Brooklyn rumor is true. Because, I think Irving & Smith would clash. Irving, Dins, LeVert & Allen would work much better, and better than Irving & Boston players.

    Still, Irving, Durant & AD would sync well too, and be a title contender. But maybe Irving wants to be the only max player on a solid team with existing momentum.

  10. With the 3rd pick, the Knicks shouldn’t have any cap space issue retaining both Dotson and Trier, while signing KD and KI. Trier’s inflated number would could still mean having to renounce Kornet.

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