LeBron James Already Recruiting?

The Lakers may be a longshot to sign a marquee free agent this offseason, especially in the wake of all the front office drama surrounding the franchise these days. But don’t tell that to LeBron James, who has reportedly already begun his recruiting efforts for the upcoming offseason, per Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

Appearing on Pardon the Interruption this afternoon, Windhorst said that from “what (he) understand(s),” James has already made contact with both Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard about the possibility of playing in L.A. next season. Interestingly, Leonard’s season is not yet over, but that doesn’t appear to concern James.

Windhorst doesn’t go into any specifics about what James has been selling to potential free agent signings for the Lakers, but Leonard has been connected to the Greater Los Angeles area – where he’s from – for a while now, and Butler has been linked to the Lakers in the past as well.

Both Leonard and Butler are technically still under contract for next season, but they’re widely expected to decline their player options for the 2019/20 season and hit the free agent market this summer.

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