Michigan, Juwan Howard Agree To Five-Year Deal

5:36pm: The move is official, according to a tweet from the university.

1:48pm: Heat assistant and former University of Michigan star Juwan Howard will return to his alma mater to become the new head coach of the program, according to Jeff Goodman of Stadium, who reports (via Twitter) that Howard and the Wolverines have agreed to a five-year deal.

Miami Heat Beat first reported on Tuesday that Howard was expected to be named Michigan’s new head coach, though the two sides apparently didn’t finalize an agreement until today, according to reports from Goodman and others.

Michigan had been on the lookout for a new head coach after John Beilein – who had held the position since 2007 – accepted the Cavaliers’ job earlier this month. Howard’s name surfaced frequently throughout the Wolverines’ search process, with former Fab Five teammate Jalen Rose among those who endorsed him for the role.

Before he reached a deal to replace Beilein at Michigan, Howard received interest from multiple NBA teams seeking a new head coach this spring. He reportedly met with the Cavaliers and Lakers about their job openings, and was said to be on the Timberwolves’ list of candidates before they opted to retain interim coach Ryan Saunders.

The Heat figure to scour the coaching market for a new assistant to replace Howard on Erik Spoelstra‘s staff.

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15 thoughts on “Michigan, Juwan Howard Agree To Five-Year Deal

  1. Skip, Tampa

    Congrats to Juwan Howard. He’ll make an excellent HC. A number of NBA teams will wish they had.
    Now Pat Riley needs to load up and go get Becky Hammon for #1 Asst spot to replace him with.
    She’s an outstanding defensive coach and great at player development.
    This year will probably be the rare out network move for a coach.

    • Alex Graboyes

      Agreed. I bet you if she was a man she would be a coach right now. Why is the world so sexist

      • x%sure

        You have no idea and it is hard to say about any assistant coach. People have to basically guess that someone will be successful at HC, though Howard seems like a can’t-miss choice.
        Supposedly Hammon is #3 on the Spurs after Popovich and the Cavs could not, or for whatever reason did not, get an interview. (Beilein would have been the choice regardless though, once Gilbert got started on him.)

      • Dodgethis

        How is it sexist? It’s a league full of men and an assistant coaches job is usually to connect with and work closely with individual players. Athletes respond better to guys who have done it already, former players and undisputed strategic masterminds. Becky doesn’t fit either. Not saying a woman can’t do it, but how could she possibly be more qualified than the thousands of male options?

  2. stretch123

    So happy for Juwan Howard. Very deserving of this role. Now I wonder who the Heat will hire to fill his spot in the organization… maybe bosh?

      • thomps07

        Yes, the reason is he had to work his way up the coaching ranks as an assistant before being in position for a head coaching job! He was starting to get interviews.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Like Bosh but sounds like he wants more open free time right now. Besides, with his style he fits much better in the front office.

    Juwan will need a high quality #1 with college HC experience to work with him at UM. Wonder if he goes outside the box for this hire ?
    Jim Crutchfield at Nova Southeastern could be a good pick. His offense to Howard’s defense.
    Spo had no problem looking for a little insight from him.

  4. brewpackbuckbadg

    How much was Juwan involved with the scandal that caused Michigan to get NCAA violations back in his playing days? Jalen Rose was and I thought Webber was at least rumored but I was not sure about Juwan. How many players that were involved in such type of NCAA violations have now become coaches?

    • Joe Dumars

      The infractions involved Chris Webber alone. Accepting money from a non university affiliated individual. And escalated when he was found to have lied to a grand jury regarding them.

      • brewpackbuckbadg

        rose was not involved? If not, sorry for bringing his name up here.

  5. dugdog83

    Everyone who has commented so far must be Michigan State fans. What an awful hire. You mean to tell me there’s not a better candidate out there? Beilein left Uofm a top 15 program and their best option is an assistant HC for 6 years behind Erik Spoelstra who did nothing before or after Lebron.

    Only people speaking highly of this is Juan’s ex-teammates or friends who aren’t gonna say anything bad. Come on people wake up.

    I wish him well but he won’t last 5 years.

    • Joe Dumars

      Juwan will recruit at likely a higher level than Beilein. Not many can coach a team at the level Beilein has in all of college basketball. But, Howard has the opportunity to sustain what has been established. If Iggy and Poole do not return the talent will need to be replaced to even secure a tourney bid. Particularly with Jaylen decommitting.

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