Pelicans Notes: Celtics Trade, Knox, Gentry, Trainer

The Celtics’ flameout in the postseason may have reduced the possibility of the Pelicans trading Anthony Davis to Boston, according to Scott Kushner of The New Orleans Advocate. A package of forward Jayson Tatum and a handful of the Celtics’ first-round draft picks would have been considered a fair return for Davis, who can become a free agent after next season. However, Tatum regressed in his second season and struggled during the postseason, Kushner continues. Boston’s incentive to acquire Davis has diminished with the likely departure of Kyrie Irving and the lack of enough quality pieces around Davis after a potential trade to make a championship run, Kushner adds.

We have more on the Pelicans:

  • The team’s front office has quietly gathered intelligence on the Knicks’ first-round pick, forward Kevin Knox, Ian Begley of SNY TV reports. Knox averaged 12.8 PPG in his rookie campaign and improved his shooting percentage as the season went along. If the Knicks win the lottery, that pick plus Knox and other assets could be attractive to New Orleans. However, there’s no consensus within the Knicks organization about trading that pick, even for a shot at Davis, Begley adds.
  • Alvin Gentry’s personality is the main reason why new VP of basketball operations David Griffin retained him, Kushner reveals in a separate story. Gentry’s lighthearted, professional and charismatic persona held the locker room together after Davis’ trade request, and Gentry also deftly handled the situation in the media, Kushner continues. Gentry and Griffin developed a longstanding friendship when they worked together with the Suns, Kushner adds.
  • Griffin said new athletic trainer Aaron Nelson changed the way he approached scouting, as he detailed to The Athletic’s William Guillory. Griffin poached Nelson from the Suns staff. They have been friends since 1993. “As I watched Aaron and his staff do what they were doing, it changed the way I scouted players,” Griffin said. “It changed what I looked for in players. My devotion to what they were doing in terms of changing player bio-mechanics was really complete. It literally impacted every part of my career after that.”
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18 thoughts on “Pelicans Notes: Celtics Trade, Knox, Gentry, Trainer

  1. Gary

    That’s what happens when you have a college coach. You’re going to get a player to premium College skillage. Not good enough for the NBA.

    You need an NBA coach to show you how to win in the NBA. After game one I thought Giannis was not ready for prime time.

    Coach Mike budenholzer change that with his adjustments. Took the Celtics apart and sent them home. A pro coach.

    Same thing with Jaylen Brown. Great college player great rookie year but can’t get to the next level as an All-Star professional.

    • Gary

      Sorry, skillage is Gary slang. Like get your assets in gear, or hey, nice boobage, or… I’m such a poor golfer I had my ball retriever regripped.

      • x%sure

        Skulluge is a coming Winter Olympic sport. One guy lays on his back like in luge, and the other pushes the sled then jumps face-first on top of him. It’s a problem if he misses, ‘cuz the ice hurts, and the sled goes slower with less weight. Should be good.

  2. king beas

    I wouldn’t do Zion for AD straight up with the youth and money saved let along give up Knox and possibly more on top of that

  3. Spike4christ

    I believe me in Zion. I think Griffin maybe able to talk Davis into staying too.

  4. raz427

    I personally think if Portland loses tomorrow. They could be a dark horse for AD. They have picks and expiring contracts that would work for AD (Evan Turner/Mo Harkless/Meyers Leonard and you can give them Zack Collins as a nice young big). I think the deciding factor is whoever they trade AD too, needs to take Solomon Hill as well. I’m sure tons of teams balked at that price if it’s a requirement for AD to be dealt to them.

    • Gary

      I’m thinking Anthony Davis has his short list of teams picked out. Lakers or Clippers or Knicks… stuff like that. Not sure Portland is in the mix though it would be a perfect match for him and them.

      • raz427

        I do think he eventually lands in purple & golf. However, if I’m him it’s not about who I feel comfortable playing around it’s about whose comfortable playing around me. Dame and CJ are the 2nd best backcourt in the NBA and it’s not close. What they lack is a hybrid big who can control the paint and by physical. I think he would suit the best in Rip City. Sadly though, NBA is all about cliques now and if you ain’t in one you’re destined to be miserable and never win anything meaningful like KAT is right now.

    • Z-A

      It will most likely be a 3 team deal no matter where he goes. The Pelicans dont necessarily need to tank either. They could free up enough space post AD to sign a significant player. There’s no salary matching with a trade to the Knicks. 3rd team takes Hill. Pels take on Knox, Ntilikina (9M) + Zion (8.1) + their pick (4.4) and renounce their cap holds, cut a few of the bench non-guaranteed contracts and they have a Max Contract slot open.

      • raz427

        I agree it’ll be a 3 team deal. I think it’s NOLA Lakers and a mystery team, possibly Indiana who needs a true PG (Jrue Holiday). I think Indiana is comfortable dealing for now which is why I think Sabonis could be dealt if Jrue is coming back.

      • hiflew

        Why is everyone just acting as if Zion to the Knicks is already a done deal? There is only a 14% chance of that happening. It is more than 3 times as likely that the Knicks will have pick #5 than pick #1.

  5. Guest617

    celtics had a shoot first point guard with a group of talented shooters. they never got in rhythm, if tatum were in a small market he’d throw-up ridiculous numbers

  6. dlevin11

    Wonder if Tatum’s off season workouts with Kobe were not in his best interest?

  7. nentwigs

    The FIRST trade the Pelicans should make is to trade in that AWFUL team name. It is horrible.
    What about “Hurricanes”?

    • hiflew

      I would think that would be a little disrespectful to the thousands of NO residents that were killed, injured, and/or left homeless following Katrina.

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