Atlantic Notes: Irving, Carter, ‘Melo, Nets, Raptors

Kyrie Irving is reportedly leaning toward the Nets in free agency and Brooklyn’s infrastructure is a major part of the reason why, as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said on the network’s free agency special.

General manager Sean Marks has assembled a deep roster filled with young talent and role players on team-friendly deals. The coaching staff is well regarded and management has made several shrewd moves to get the team to the point where two stars could come in and immediately contend for the Eastern Conference crown. The situation appears favorable compared to that of the Knicks, a team that would have to do additional work to build out the roster.

Kevin Durant and Irving have long been rumored to potentially team up in New York. Woj adds that the Knicks may have to start parsing the market for a second star to pair with Durant if they are going to sell the former MVP on a duo in the Garden.

Here’s more from around the Atlantic Division:

  • The Knicks could bring in Vince Carter as a mentor to the team’s younger players, Ian Begley of reports. Carter has previously spoken highly on coach David Fizdale and the former All-Star gave consideration to joining New York last offseason.
  • Carmelo Anthony would have interest in signing with the Knicks and finishing his career in New York, Begley adds in the same piece. While Anthony would be a strong mentor for the Knicks’ young core, given how well he handled the spotlight in NYC, Begley notes that it’s far more likely that Melo signs with the Lakers this summer.
  • The Nets have added Amida Brimah to their Summer League roster, a source tells Michael Scotto of The Athletic (Twitter link). According to Nicola Lupo of Sportando (Twitter link), former Suns point guard Josh Gray will also play for Brooklyn’s Summer League team.
  • Blake Murphy of The Athletic examines the Raptors‘ cap constraints in an extensive piece. Regardless of whether Kawhi Leonard leaves in free agency, Toronto will likely be operating as an above-the-cap team.
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23 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Irving, Carter, ‘Melo, Nets, Raptors

    • jkoms57

      Melo as a mentor is hilarious.
      Here’s how you ignore the 4 other players on the court ..
      Here’s how you stop offensive rythem dead in it’s tracks ..
      Here’s how to give zero effort on defense..

      • Decius

        They didn’t say he would be running the offense. There is more to signing a veteran presence than X and Os. He would be an example of how to handle yourself as a pro and also experience they could lean on. You can say whatever you want about Melo but he was there at the tip each night and gave it his all. I’m tired of watching people trash him when he always cared and tried his best. He was a positive person and was never in trouble. Cut my man some slack! I would welcome him back on the Knicks.

        • jkoms57

          1. Melo on the court = Melo running offense
          2. Melo cried any time he was listed off bench.
          3. He hasn’t given effort on defense since 2015
          4. Knicks are a joke so would be perfect fit

        • Casor_Greener

          Being ready to play each and and a positive person doesn’t make you a good or efficient ball player. Good and efficient ball players win ball games

  1. bowserhound

    Is there anyone with a pulse that the Knicks aren’t salivating over right now?

  2. snotrocket

    Maybe Iguodala was wrong, the Knicks get Melo back. Maybe they can score LaMelo soon too. Things are really looking up.

  3. icedoutref

    Melo and Vince would be very valuable veteran mentors off the bench what they could do for the Knicks young core would be extraordinary

    • Melo would be a dreadful mentor. The game today requires ball movement and making the extra pass – something which is the exact opposite of what Melo plays. The only thing he brings is a lesson in how not to play – that’s why he got ran out of a playoff town, and left to sit at home.

      • mcmillankmm

        Yeah, I was shocked when the article referenced he would be a good mentor…Knicks fortunes actually started to turn once they traded Melo

  4. Guest617

    uncle drew’s going to rot in brooklyn + wait till the inner side comes out = malcontent poison

  5. Yep it is

    Melo as a mentor?? What ? On how to ball hog and me first attitude? What a joke. Go let him play for coach BRON BRON

  6. Carter, yes, Melo, NO!

    I agree that he did handle the media and terrible front office well while in NY, but his stop in Houston last year proved that a zebra can’t change his stripes with his style of play. He would completely stunt guys like Barrett’s growth.

    • jkoms57

      He kept his mouth shut when he knew opening it would blow up in his face. Easier said than done, but they don’t need him around in person to learn that lesson

  7. victorg

    irving leaning towards NETS because of quality of young players ? I would think BOS group of young players is better. also part of what made the nets special was guys buying into team basketball… seems like a lot of hard work to throw away over a moderate upgrade of irving vs dlo.

    • x%sure

      Tatum & Brown are random top-of-the-draft talents. The new, Grant Williams-led rooks are a different story, selected from a variety of options for avoiding the problems of the past.

      Nets young players were developed together and succeeded until they hit their ceiling. They needed an Irving-like figure to get wins. Russell did not, indeed withdrew. Irving will be surrounded by helpful teammates, and maybe Durant.

  8. Melo was a true cancer in the NYK locker room since arriving. Not only was he un-coachable, but he encouraged it in others.

    Jackson’s silly games with Melo made him somewhat sympathetic to elements of the fan base that didn’t know his history.

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