Atlantic Notes: Kawhi, Lowry, Knicks, C’s, Sixers

While their star players haven’t been forced out of action like some Warriors have been, the Raptors are dealing with some health issues of their own in these NBA Finals, writes Joe Vardon of The Athletic.

According to Vardon and Sam Amick of The Athletic, the leg injury that has been bothering Kawhi Leonard since the Raptors’ series against the Bucks is a left knee issue. While the right quad injury that sidelined Leonard for nearly all of 2017/18 hasn’t been a problem, his knee pain stems from overcompensating for that quad issue, Vardon writes.

Meanwhile, Vardon also provides more specifics on Kyle Lowry‘s left hand injury, noting that the Raptors’ All-Star point guard has a ligament tear in his thumb. Lowry has previously hinted that he may need to undergo a surgical procedure on the injury after the season, but he appears set to play through it for the rest of the Finals.

Here’s more from around the Atlantic:

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8 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Kawhi, Lowry, Knicks, C’s, Sixers

    • ColossusOfClout

      They’re not cheap, just no one who’s any good wants to go to that train wreck!

    • jallopy

      Cheap? If anything they are just plain stupid with their money. Cheap they are not

  1. x%sure

    First mention I’ve seen for Admiral Schofield. With low demand he could be a late 2nd round find. He’s not ideal for any position but would be a handfull coming off the bench.

  2. A rare instance where I’ll give the Stooges credit. They really do a complete evaluation of the draft class. Did last year and now this one, even without a second pick until #55. Not what all teams do, and certainly not what they did under the prior regime.

  3. What’s wrong with sports is simple is summed up in this article. 2 best players on an underdog nba finals team. In the nba finals. Has to share an article with info about the off season

    • Dodgethis

      This isn’t a site about current events in the NBA. It’s a rumors site. Who wants to open a hundred different pages with 2 sentences each? I get you’re on the rag, but seriously…

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