Bucks Trade Tony Snell To Pistons

JUNE 20: The trade is now official, according to a press release from the Bucks. The 30th pick was used to select Kevin Porter Jr., but the Pistons are flipping his rights to the Cavaliers.

JUNE 19: The Bucks have reached an agreement to trade Tony Snell to Detroit, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Milwaukee will get Jon Leuer in return and will also send the 30th pick in tomorrow’s draft to the Pistons (Twitter link).

The move is a cost-cutting measure for the Bucks, as Snell is due $11.4MM next season and has a $12.2MM player option for 2020/21. Leuer is entering the final year of his contract and will make $9.5MM.

Milwaukee will save about $2MM next season, along with a $1.9MM cap hold for pick No. 30, notes Matt Velazquez of The Journal-Sentinel (Twitter links). The larger savings come from having Snell off the books in the future.

Milwaukee is entering a crucial summer with Brook Lopez, Malcolm Brogdon, Khris Middleton and Nikola Mirotic all headed for free agency. Every dollar the team can unload will help with luxury tax concerns. Once the deal with Detroit is complete, the Bucks can create up to $14MM in cap room that could be used to re-sign Lopez, notes Bobby Marks of ESPN (Twitter link).

Snell, 27, was a rotation player for the Bucks this season, averaging 6.0 points per night in 74 games. Leuer appeared in just 41 games for the Pistons last season and played less than 10 minutes per night.

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39 thoughts on “Bucks Trade Tony Snell To Pistons

    • How is it a mistake? This is HUGE positive. That opens up over $12 million for when Giannis hits free agency. You rather spend that on Snell instead of Giannis? That’s crazy.

      • brewpackbuckbadg

        Both of their contracts end in the same year. The mistake is giving up on Snell unless they never should have resigned him in the first place.

        • My mistake on the Giannis contract. However the $11 mill will be needed for Brogdon or Middleton or Lopez. They’re more important then Snell.

          Most contracts in the NBA are mistakes towards the end of them. Snell’s is no different.

          • hiflew

            You are kind of off again because most of that $11 million is being spent on Leuer this season and won’t be spent on Brogdon, Middleton, or Lopez. The $12 million is now free for NEXT year.

          • brewpackbuckbadg

            Most contracts in the NBA are mistakes towards the end of them. Snell’s is no different.

            the huge problem with the nba. contracts for production on bad teams. someone might give Connaughton 10 million next year like the bucks gave delly

            • SuperSinker

              Why is it a problem? These guys are the top 1% in their field and their industry is highly profitable. It’s not our money, I’d rather a player have it than an owner

              • brewpackbuckbadg

                when you make a business deal for 4 years and then you want to get out of it after a year or two, I would say that is a problem, Even more so when it prevents a team from signing better players later.

  1. Jason Lancaster

    Great trade for the Bucks – they saved a bunch of money and all it cost them was a very late 1st rounder. Detroit must really need shooting…

    • x%sure

      They do, it’s exactly what they need. Snell could put in a lot of useful minutes & make a difference in Detroit.
      Detroit used the draft for the future, this trade for the present.

  2. x%sure

    How does Marks get $14MM. Salary difference is about 2, stretching Leuer would save about 6. Tho even that 8 could win Lopez.

    • Luke Adams

      The Bucks could already get to about $10MM+ in space pretty easily before the trade (by retaining Middleton/Brogdon cap holds + Connaughton/Brown non-guaranteeds and waiving Hill).

      The differences between Snell/Leuer and the cap hold for the No. 30 pick and an empty roster charge get them to $14MM from there.

  3. Matthew Burdman

    Wish the Suns would take another flier on Leuer! We could use a stretch four. Not saying much but he certainly fit before in the old system. Not really sure what Monty Williams is going to install in PHX yet but hope it’s solid defense although if we end up chasing Dlo and Randle it’s going to be a turnstile of a defense. In my opinion Milwaukee did great in this trade. – Nervous Suns Fan

  4. L Lawliet

    For the Pistons a move that barely makes the team better. Snell def fills a need defensively and shooting on the wing. But he will surely take his 12 mill next year. I thought the Pistons would have a good chance at signing Derozen next offseason this move could possibly hinder that. The only way that 30yh pick will be of any vaku is if they can somehow lang Carson Edwards. We need better moves than this to maximize Blake. Think bigget Ed/Gores!

  5. Charlo

    How does the affect the future 1sts MIL owes? They traded one to PHX for Bledsoe, which is only protected 1-7 in 2020. Since their 2019 pick is now going to DET, that means they will keep their 2020 pick because of Stepien right? So PHX will finally get their 1st they gave up for Bledsoe it in 2021?

    • brewpackbuckbadg

      I don’t think so. The deal will probably go down after the draft so I think it will not be officially be like the Bucks are trading a 1st but a player they drafted. Loop hole that has been done many times before.

    • hiflew

      Stepien shouldn’t apply because this trade will not occur until after the draft. Milwaukee will just pick whomever Detroit wants and then trade him along with Snell after the new year starts.

      The Stepien rule stats that you cannot trade consecutive 1st round picks BEFORE they are used. You can trade a drafted player after you select them every single year if you choose to.

      • Charlo

        So if MIL wants to keep its own 1st in 2020, then isn’t it in MIL’s best interest to complete the trade pre-draft?

        • Luke Adams

          The Stepien rule would prevent them from even being able to complete the trade prior to the draft if there’s a chance they wouldn’t have a first-rounder in both 2019 and 2020.

  6. Danthemilwfan

    Snell sucks and if Cameron Johnson falls into the second round we can always trade a few future 2nd rounders for a 2nd rounder this year.

    • The Sixers are really high on him. Rumors are they are trying to trade a package of second rounders to make sure they get him.

  7. greg1

    This is a blah deal all over, but I guess the Pistons win it’ish.

    They needed shooting, and that’s about the only thing Snell brings to the table. The $12M next year hurts, but ditching Leuer’s contract this year and picking up another first was incentive enough I guess. Leuer’s deal was worth only $2M less this year, so they’re almost getting Snell for the cost of a vet minimum in ‘19-20.

  8. DeLuxury

    I wish the pistons hadn’t added money for next year. I wonder if they are looking to package the 30th with their 15th pick for a trade up?

    • we_got_game

      Exactly pistons are making moves they will package the 15 and 30 and either move up to 8 or they will package those picks and more players to make a bigger move Gore’s wants to win now and with Blake not getting any younger. I see more moves.

  9. Shawnpe

    Mirotic was a big liability on the court defensively, and should be less of s focus.

    Middleton & Brogdon should be the focus then Lopez, then Mirotic. In that order.

    Brog & Bled are both guys that can take nearly any guard off the dribble and score or create from it. Both play strong D. Need to keep that backcourt with KM and GA.

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