Theis Gets QO From Celtics; Rozier’s Expected To Be Withdrawn

5:32pm: Now that the Celtics are on track to sign Walker, the team is expected to withdraw Rozier’s QO and renounce his cap hold, making him an unrestricted free agent, tweets Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

2:56pm: The Celtics have extended a qualifying offer to Terry Rozier, per Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link) adds that Boston has also extended a qualifying offer to Daniel Theis.

Rozier’s qualifying offer comes in at roughly $4.29MM and his cap hold will be approximately $9.15MM. Theis’ qualifying offer and cap hold are each approximately $1.82MM. Both players are restricted free agents at the moment.

The team will not need to renounce Theis in order to have max cap room for a player with Kemba Walker‘s experience. Boston will need to renounce Rozier’s rights or make another move if it is going to add Walker or another player in his max tier.

The Celtics will not tender qualifying offers to PJ Dozier, Jonathan Gibson, or R.J. Hunter, according to Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link). Boston also won’t tender a qualifying offer to Brad Wanamaker, making him an unrestricted free agent, tweets Wojnarowski.

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21 thoughts on “Theis Gets QO From Celtics; Rozier’s Expected To Be Withdrawn

  1. Decius

    I see Rozier landing with the Knicks. As a Knicks fan, I’m cool with that. Don’t break the bank for him but I like him.

  2. GreenNasty

    Terry has skills. He would good on the Knicks, where there is no hope of winning, so less pressure to perform.

  3. KnicksFanCavsFan

    Stay away from Rozier. He’s not a good shooter and is a selfish me first kind of guy

    • ghostoforsillo

      He showed an immature side after the season and soured the Boston fans. He whined about PT and his teammates…enjoy mediocrity somewhere else Scary Terry

  4. Jeff Zanghi

    The thing that really seems to be underrated with Rozier is how incredibly efficient he is at not turning the ball over. Two years ago in the playoffs he like almost set the record I believe for PG’s consecutive minutes without a turnover. I know he may not be a superstar and has his flaws but a PG that turns the ball over as little as he does is impressive by itself. Not to mention he’s a pretty solid scorer and above average shooter. Other’s have pointed to his attitude saying it’s bad – to be honest I don’t even really think that’s the case — I’m not sure he’s the smartest guy in the league… and I think sometimes people interpret things he says as arrogant when I think they more accurately are just ignorant or not thought out. All in all I think he generally has a decent attitude BUT he’s also the kind of guy that’s not going to be pleased if he doesn’t get enough playing time — but assuming whoever signs him plans on giving him ample playing time… I think the fanbase of that team will grow to love him for his competitive nature and strong desire to win.

    • He ain’t above average shooter… he is waaay below average shooter, he hasn’t ever sniffed the 40% FG%
      But worst of it all he is a cancer, he managed to alienate Kyrie & damage the locker room irreparably.

  5. Boston, the team that knows Rozier best, is about to overpay KW, at 3 times what they could have kept Rozier for, leaving no cap space and no starting big on their roster. Is there a louder way they could have said they think he’s a backup or very low end starter?
    Plus, we already have a guy who can’t play dead (DSJ) at that position.

  6. Spike4christ

    Kemba did not have 1 person on his team to pass to who could get to the rack. He now has 4. And Williams is a lob eating machine. Kemba knows lobs. It is going to be awesome! Capela or Turner are coming soon.

  7. ray win

    I coached basketball for over 30 years. Terry Rozier has what makes a good point guard when used correctly. He proved that in the 2018 playoffs. I want a player of his ability who is not happy being a backup, especially when he has already shown what he can do as s starter. As pointed out above, his assist to turnover ratio in the 2018 playoffs was nearly record setting.

    • hoosierhysteria

      Ok coach…how do you fix bad attitude…selfish mindset…big mouth making comments detrimental to the team? You kick his butt off the team.

      • rayzor

        Let’s see hat Charlotte players and coaches have to say about his attitude. I don’t remember any talk about his bad attitude before this year when nearly everyone on the Celtics was disgruntled.

  8. dlevin11

    Wish Rozier all the best with the Knicks.
    Maybe a fresh start in New York will lead to better things for him.

  9. BleedingreenBetty

    I loved T-Ro and what he did for us in that playoff run. It was a thrilling team to watch push all the way to a game 7 in the ECF against our nemesis,Lebron. But Stevens has proved to be a master at the “rear view mirror effect”, players talent appearing bigger than they are.(E.T.lynik,Crowder,etc)
    I wish Terry all the best, I hope a fresh start does him well. Probably a few years will help him humble a bit as well. But anyone who suggests Scary Terry is equal to Kemba Walker either never watched Kemba, or only watched those 2018 Celtic playoffs.

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