Durant To Make Decision Via Instagram

JUNE 30, 2:37pm: Per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (link), Durant will announce his free agent decision tonight on Instagram, via his “The Boardroom” platform.

JUNE 28, 8:50pm: Kevin Durant is planning to speak with the Nets, Clippers and Knicks as well as the Warriors when free agency begins on Sunday night, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

Durant probably won’t make a quick commitment. His decision-making process is expected to extend well into next week, according to Wojnarowski.

There are no surprises on Durant’s list. Both New York teams have been clearing cap space for years in order to pursue high-level free agents. The Clippers have taken the same approach the past two seasons, though they’ve been more often linked to Kawhi Leonard.

The process could be somewhat more informal than the last time Durant shopped himself in free agency during the summer of 2016. Durant is in New York after undergoing surgery on his torn Achilles tendon and plans to talk to teams there, Wojnarowski continues. He’ll conduct some combination of face-to-face meetings and other forms of communication with assistance from business manager Rich Kleiman.

Durant formally declined his $31.5M player option this week to become an unrestricted free agent. The Warriors are planning to offer him a five-year, $221MM max contract, while other teams can offer a four-year, $164MM deal.

Durant is expected to miss all of next season as he recovers from the injury suffered during the Finals.

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28 thoughts on “Durant To Make Decision Via Instagram

  1. doubleringer

    Well, KD, we know which team will give you the best supporting cast and best chance at another ring. It’s all about Chips. Joey gonna make this work out for ya. You got this. We, here in the Bay, appreciate all the sacrifices you made for this tram. The boss is going to reward you well, because you deserve it, KD.

  2. padam

    1/75M. That’s the difference between contacts. If I’m KD, I take the $75M from GS and year off as payment for the injury. By the time he’s back at 100%, it’ll be two years from now and he’ll be 33. GSW is his best option, and for others, GSW may be doing them a favor. I’d want him at 100% for that cap hit.

  3. goldenmisfit

    As a Lakers fan and not having a horse in this race I can discuss this unbiased Lee. While the smart move would be the Warriors there is something telling me don’t roll out Brooklyn especially being they anticipate they can get Kyrie Irving if you paired up Kyrie Irving with Kevin Durant you could have another championship caliber team in the Eastern conference.

  4. realistnotsucker

    Wouldn’t other teams be able to offer 4 year 164 million?

  5. Strike Four

    Very nice of KD to want to tell the Knicks, Clippers and Nets to their faces that he’s not going to play for them anytime soon :)

    • goldenmisfit

      You sound like a Warriors fan so I appreciate your loyalty towards your team but if he is having face-to-face meetings with those other three teams those are teams he could envision himself playing for. I think he goes to Brooklyn in a sign and trade. Not a fan of any of these teams so I got no horse in this race but that’s just my opinion I even heard a report that he would sign with the Warriors and once he is fully healed they would trade him wherever he wanted to go. Sounds kind of far-fetched but that story was reported by several inside sources.

  6. x%sure

    I wonder if he will wear a hood for these meetings.

    The hood says: I cannot be recruited. I may not even be hearing you.

  7. C-Daddy

    Leads me to believe he is staying with the Warriors if he’s made his decision so quickly but who knows.

    • Gary

      Not necessarily. Leads me to believe his decision is already made, but it’s not the Warriors. Probably been Brooklyn the whole time. Team up with Kyrie.

    • goldenmisfit

      I can see why many would think that but Walker and Irving made their decisions really fast and they are leaving their previous teams.

  8. RenoChris

    I love how the original article claims it won’t be a quick decision then the follow up says tonight.

    • Gary

      I know funny right? Means she’s known the whole time. It’s Brooklyn baby I can sense it. He’s gone.

      • Gary

        Sorry voice to text. Such a hurry to click publish without proofreading. Good grief.

  9. nature boy

    Good grief, sounds like a LeBronish “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” announcement.

  10. goldenmisfit

    I guess he could not get ESPN to cover it. Sell the Warriors, clippers, nets and Knicks wait impatiently to find out what team he is going to play for over a year from now.

  11. C-Daddy

    Him and Leonard teaming up on the Knicks doesn’t really make any sense if Durant isn’t playing this season. Kawhi plus the Knicks’ current roster isn’t even a playoff team.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      who’s to say they wouldn’t add other pieces? besides RJ, Knox and Robinson aren’t exactly nothing.

  12. formerlyz

    Kyrie chose the Nets super fast, and we haven’t heard anything about Butler there, as we had previously. Interesting. I can also see the Clippers with Kawhi, but right now, it feels like you have to lean Nets or staying in GS

    • Gary

      You bring up a good point. Clippers with Kawhi. Durant and Kawhi and all the young guys.

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