GM: We’ll Do Everything We Can To Keep Durant, Thompson

The Warriors will do everything in their power to re-sign Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson in free agency despite their injuries during the Finals, GM Bob Myers told ESPN’s Nick Friedell and other media members on Friday.

The Warriors’ brass made it known throughout the season they’d try to retain Durant and Thompson despite the record luxury tax penalties they’d confront. Golden State can offer Durant a max of $221MM over five years while Thompson can receive approximately $190MM over the same period. Durant is expected to miss all of next season as he rehabs from a ruptured Achilles tendon, while Thompson will miss most, if not all, of next season due to a torn left ACL.

“We value those guys at the highest level,” Myers said. “I wouldn’t be a very good GM if I didn’t understand how valuable they are to our own team. It sometimes gets lost. But I think when Kevin plays in the NBA Finals, we’ve gone 9-1. So I don’t know what else matters. And Klay — they’re both fantastic. Those are guys that you do everything you can to keep within your organization.”

Teams with significant cap space are expected to pursue Durant despite the injury, with both New York and Los Angeles teams providing the competition for his services. Durant holds a $31.5MM player option.

Thompson is likely to remain with the organization that drafted him in 2011, which his father Mychal Thompson reiterated on Friday.

“All I’ll say is that those guys are highly important to us,” Myers said. “And deserving of being rewarded in the right manner. … It’s hard to find high-quality people, and both of them are that. And so you just — try to keep those guys within these walls the best you can.”

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33 thoughts on “GM: We’ll Do Everything We Can To Keep Durant, Thompson

  1. bowserhound

    $411M for 4 years of 2 guys? The entire league hopes you make this move.

    • 411 for 5 years.
      + Clutch “0-8” Curry
      And next year there is Draymond… If they sign him are something like 160 M/y for 4 guys

      • CursedRangers

        If they sign KD, Klay, and Draymond, the Warriors will be paying out around $200M in luxury tax per year. With luxury tax included total cash outlay is roughly $1.6B for the Warriors.

        *source is ESPN+

        • specialfriedrice

          they literally will not be able to resign Green, if they max KD and Klay, every other contracted player will need to be off the books or they cannot do it

          • x%sure

            –bird rights–
            Teams can keep their own players and they have exceptions to get new ones.

          • Bay Area sports

            The salary cap in basketball is a bit tricky. But just as x% sure stated, bird rights will allow the warriors to resign all of their players. The only issue for ownership is the fat luxury tax penalty. Joe Lacob has already stated that he will not allow the luxury tax to hinder the team from resigning players. So, they LITERALLY can resign Draymond green and everyone else…

        • CursedRangers

          Meant to say $1.6B in salary & luxury tax over the next four seasons (if they keep KD, Klay & Draymond).

  2. jonnyzuck

    They can’t replace them within the cap if they don’t sign them so they might as well resign both and make a run again in 20-21

  3. btreadaway24

    No Kevin Durant Will Not Re-Sign Warriors Because Way Too Much Money For Him Sign Knicks Instead Warriors So Let Somebody Else To Sign Warriors

    • bayarea1997

      Wrong. No one can offer him more money than the warriors or as many years. Not to mention the money he makes from his investments in Silicon Valley and playing for the most talked about team in the country

      • jkoms57

        KD’s career is over anyways. Not sure why anyone would want him.

        GS put winning a game over his health.

      • ColossusOfClout

        What does the Silicon Valley cesspool have to do with where he signs? lol

  4. Guest617

    too bad the injuries didn’t happen last year, warriors could’ve ranked this year for zion

  5. Richard Hangslow

    If Durant picks up his player option then insurance will cover the vast majority of his salary. However if he opts out and signs a new deal the warriors are unlikely to get insurance coverage/protection on an already injured player.

    • specialfriedrice

      hmmm opt in on $32 mil…or resign for 5 years and $221 mil…i’m guessing your wife does your finances

      • x%sure

        The 5/221 can wait. It would be like signing a 6/253 to opt in! It’s a good gamble because he’s not likely get hurt in the meantime. Or even if so, they seem forgiving. But try to get $32MM six years from now at 36, 37.

        Of course GSW could go back on their promise a year from now too.

          • x%sure

            My first thought was, I should check the CBA for the salary setback section…

        • whoneedsfacts

          Nah that would be stupid. If KDs recovery is bad, which is a serious possibly, he could be leaving everything on the table. If GS won’t give him everything he wants he will go get a a little less somewhere else, his financial future is more important than GS bottom line.

  6. goldenmisfit

    Anyone who really thinks Durrant is not going to opt out is delusional. When you have four teams in the two biggest major markets willing to go max contracts he’d be stupid not to.

  7. we_got_game

    I like how everyone says tyrants career is over.. Like Kobe dident have same injury and score 60 in his final game.. Stfu. a 50% Durant is better than most the league.. Ppl forget Durant don’t solely rely on athletisim he can spot up and shoot as well. NOW I don’t think they should resign him warriors should focus on Thomson and get a couple vets to split MLe such as zaza and maybe an anthony Toliver. And then explore the market for more players to fill out that bench.. Maybe JJ reddeck or Kyle korver sombody that can pop in a 3 off bench.. Tyreek Evens maybe they need a lie Williams type. Anyway just my 2 cents.

    • nsideindy

      Kobe scored 60 because he took every single shot the Lakers took that game and Tyreke Evans is out for the next 2 years. I hope you didn’t create an account to make this kind of comment.

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