Hawks Trade No. 44 Pick To Heat

JUNE 20, 8:18am: The 2024 second-round pick sent to the Hawks in the deal will only convey if it lands in the 51-55 range, tweets Ira Winderman of The South Florida Sun Sentinel.

That pick will be sent to Cleveland if it’s between 56-60, as a result of a previous trade. If it’s between 31-50, Miami will keep it.

JUNE 19, 8:19pm: Atlanta received $1.88MM in the trade, which could set the asking price for other second-round picks, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic.

JUNE 19, 4:21pm: The Hawks have traded one of their six selections in tomorrow night’s draft, sending pick No. 44 to the Heat in exchange for a future conditional second-round pick. That pick will convey in 2024, according to an email from the Hawks, who also receive cash considerations in the deal. The trade was officially announced by both teams.

The deal follows a report earlier today that Atlanta GM Travis Schlenk was looking to unload selections in the second round rather than the first. The Hawks still own picks No. 8, 10, 17, 35 and 41 in Thursday’s draft.

Miami now has a second-round selection after sending their own pick to the Timberwolves. The Heat also own a lottery pick at No. 13.

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18 thoughts on “Hawks Trade No. 44 Pick To Heat

  1. formerlyz

    Had heard a couple of months ago they were considering someone in the middle of the 2nd round, and were going to try and get a pick. Nice. Cant remember what players they brought in, but Heat could use a potential shooter in that range, assuming they address the 4/3 spot with their 13th pick

  2. Or they’re planning on moving pick 13 in a salary dump and still wanted to stay in the draft.

  3. Why would they do this trade now, as opposed tomorrow night? Wouldn’t it make more sense to wait to see how the draft is going first?

      • Michael Chaney

        I’m assuming the comment was in reference to the Heat. But if they’re looking at a few different guys and not one specific player, they might as well make the move now.

  4. Skip, Tampa

    So let me get this straight. Heat trade a 2024 2nd, Plus cash for the #44 pick.
    Strange, $3.4M cash on hand can buy into the mid 30’s.
    What’s up with the #44 ?

    • Picks in the mid-30’s are still sold, but rarely sold for cash only (happens, but not often), and there’s certainly no fixed price or certain availability. Depends on what’s there. If you want to buy in advance and not take the availability risk, then there’s going to be a premium. Hawks are probably only doing a deal in advance because they have so many picks.

  5. Rare to trade the pick a day in advance, but Atlanta had 35, 41 and 44, so wasn’t likely worried about a guy they liked higher falling to 44 on draft night, and then not having the pick (because they’d just take him at 41).

  6. UGA_Steve

    That new update is confusing. Are they stating the Hawks will only get a pick if it’s between 51-55 and get nothing if it is not? The inclusion of other teams must mean it overlaps with some other pick trades previously made, but it sure is confusing.

  7. brewpackbuckbadg

    I was under the impression that once a pick has restrictions, there cannot be restrictions added to it or is that just for 1st round picks?

    • Luke Adams

      A pick can have new restrictions added to it as long as it doesn’t conflict with the old ones.

      For instance, the Heat could still agree to trade their 2024 second-rounder to a third team if it falls between 31-50 since there’d be no overlap between the three conditions.

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