Kawhi Leonard Plans To Meet With Lakers, Clippers, Raptors

Star forward Kawhi Leonard intends to grant the Lakers and Clippers meetings when free agency opens on June 30, league sources tell Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. According to Haynes, those meetings would take place in Leonard’s hometown of Los Angeles.

Leonard is expected to meet with a handful of teams before making his final free agent decision, according to Haynes, who notes that the Knicks are still working on securing a meeting with the NBA Finals MVP.

Previous reports had indicated that the Clippers would likely meet with Leonard on July 2, while the Knicks expected to meet with him early in the free agent process, but based on today’s updates, it’s not clear that those reports are accurate.

The Raptors, of course, will get a meeting with their free agent forward as well, per Haynes. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports (via Twitter) that Leonard is expected to let Toronto make the final presentation during his process. As Wojnarowski explains, a player’s incumbent team often likes to get the last word when making a pitch in free agency. Sources tell Haynes that Kawhi is seriously considering re-signing with the Raps.

The Clippers have long been viewed as Toronto’s most serious competition for Leonard’s services, though the Lakers have made things interesting by creating the cap room necessary to get close to a maximum-salary slot. Leonard has long been believed to have interest in playing in his hometown.

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62 thoughts on “Kawhi Leonard Plans To Meet With Lakers, Clippers, Raptors

  1. goldenmisfit

    This is all bad news if you are a Toronto fan. They just won the championship and he could not get back to Los Angeles fast enough. This is telling me Toronto if he goes back there it would be only for the money.

    • x%sure

      He’s just getting it all over with asap and I thank him for that. Current team last like they want it. A couple articles a day until he decides.

    • C-Daddy

      He was hanging out in Toronto for at least a week after and now he’s on vacation in Barbados. What are you talking about?

    • I give no fox

      He just won a championship. If he stays in toronto, how is it all about the money?

      • goldenmisfit

        This is a pretty simple answer his burning desire to play in California something he made very evident when he was in San Antonio and when he found out he was traded to Toronto he was not happy about it not at all. Then he wins the championship and the second the parade is over he’s back in Los Angeles. But, Toronto can offer him more money than anyone else so if he has ditched his burning desire to play in Los Angeles for an additional $50 million a year obviously it’s for the money regardless how good or bad a team is. This all has not even taken into account how a car dealership in Toronto gave him a free car and the government of Canada has promised him food for the rest of his life if he stays in Toronto. Now I ask you how could it not be about the money if he stays in Toronto. People can say he won a championship but let’s all be honest if Kevin Durant with healthy Toronto gets bounced in five at the latest. He knows that which is why the Lakers are an option he sees what could happen with LeBron and Davis he’d be a fool to not consider it but Toronto will not have the money if they signed him to better the team obviously the money is the driving factor.

        • C-Daddy

          Did you not read my comment? He was in Toronto for many days after the championship and now he’s on vacation in Barbados. He’s not even in LA yet.

        • fun guy

          Is this Skip Bayless’ burner account? Kawhi did the opposite of leave Toronto after the parade. But go on…

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          @goldenmisfit If Kyrie chooses to stay in Toronto then my assumption is he stayed because HE JUST WON A CHAMPIONSHIP THERE and can run it back. I’m not saying the most money isn’t an incentive but in his case, I think winning another title matters. So i doubt it’s JUST about the money.

          • padam

            I’m sure Kyrie isn’t going to stay in Toronto since he’s never been there to begin with.

            • You’re not able to tell from reading what he wrote that he’s talking about Kawhi Leonard? Really?

    • goldenmisfit

      From what I hear the home team normally likes to go last so they can have the last word. Can’t blame them and I agree we will be hearing probably every other day until he decides a different team is the front runner.

    • hiflew

      There is NO bad news if you are a Toronto fan right now. True Raptor fans are still enjoying the championship and not worrying about the rest. Even if Leonard leaves, they will still be the champs for a full year and the banner will be there forever.

      • victorg

        very true .. if I was a raps fan I would be still be feeling very good right now. EVEN if he does leave they have a very good team and can make moves to get better for sure.

          • Well in the last 33 Boston has won as many championships as Toronto… Counting Toronto only exists since the late 90’s… not great for Boston, right?

            • Wow that is so crazy to hear. But true.

              But I remember the Celtics winning three in the 80s I think 81 84, 86? But it’s been 33 years wow !! I’m old.

    • 22Leo

      I am a Lakers fan and I would love to believe they have a good chance to sign him. I am not reading anything into his decision to get back to his hometown during the off-season, though. If he ends up staying with Toronto, he may want to spend as much quality time with friends and family before rejoining the Raptors. The Clippers probably have a shot at convincing Leonard to move back to SoCal, but I don’t have any faith in the current Lakers front office to do so.

      • jkoms57

        If Lakers get Kawhi it’s over..

        If Lakers get DLo it’s over..

        It’s pretty much over.

    • jump shot

      He’s pretty much a basketball “genius” and technician… sophisticated enough to know that they pretty much won a championship due to the multitude of injuries with the Warriors. He knows the Raptors won’t win it again and the narrative will get louder that they only won because of the Warriors health. Kawhi’s personal legend will enhance and he’s “Won and Done”. If he leaves, his immediate legend and legacy is better whether he wins a championship or not NEXT season. If he wins another one with another team, he’s right there (even) with LeBron as a winner – maybe even moreso. Just my opinion.

  2. TheTruth12

    I really hope he stays in Toronto. Who wants to see him go to the Clippers and get knocked out in the 1st round every year? Who wants to see Lebron have yet another super team? No one. 0% he signs with the Lakers he’s not a 2nd/3rd option kinda guy.

    • goldenmisfit

      Not a second or third option guy? Funny everyone close to him he said all he cares about is winning and that all of this being the number one guy is over blown by the media. Hearing what you said you just come off like a Nother Lakers hater and just don’t want LeBron to win championships because you were probably one of those people laughing when he went to the Lakers and said his career was over. Basically if he does not go to Toronto the Lakers are probably the place he goes if he does that we could see another Ron like the Warriors had but funny very few people flipped out like they are at even the thought of LeBron having another super team. Whether it is Leonard or Walker or Irving the fact is the Lakers are going to be a super team next year and Laker haters like you are just going to have to except that.

      • fun guy

        Dude, have you logged onto your parents account? He likes the offence running through him, he is not gonna to take a back seat to anyone and nor should he. If he leaves the raps he is going to the clips

        • x%sure

          Leonard likes winning. The Toronto offense went long stretches without being “run through” Leonard… and even then he was more of a finisher or closer. He’s not an allstar for his passing.

          • fun guy

            “Obviously, it’s a lot more fun when you’re getting plays called for you and you’re able to live your childhood dream in being able to shoot the ball 20 times a game. The offense is coming toward you rather than just being out there doing one job. Because when you first come in as a rookie, unless you’re like a top-10 player, you’re really not going to touch the floor a whole lot or get the offense run through you.”

            • x%sure

              “Plays run through you” does not rule out the player might take the shot but it indicates the plan is that he facilitates more than finishes. Not sure what Leonard meant there, but probably the general idea of being on the ball.

              “Getting plays called for you” could mean either too but probably means the player is expected to take the shot.

  3. imindless

    Theres already reports out the kawhis deal will hinge on endorsements and money he earned during his time as a raptor if they arent good enough he will likely move to california where aeg a branding agency that works with new balance (kawhis shoe deal) want him to go to build brand. I think lakers are his second choice if raptors fall through, i dont buy clippers as any players 1st choice. Ballmer has spent millions to plug in media outlets like espn and fox, la times etc to pump up the idea of going to clippers.

    • goldenmisfit

      Heard from a lot of raptors fans they believed all of that talk about being the number one guy is overblown that he came off to them like a guy that just wants to be part of a team atmosphere how he did not really embrace all of the spotlight. If this is indeed true I would agree with the Lakers being his second choice because they already have two guys who more than willing embrace the spotlight.

    • seamaholic

      No player of Kawhi’s level is going anywhere to be the 3rd wheel, especially when he plays the same position as wheel #1. Hell, he’s better than LeBron now and he’s going somewhere where he’s the man. The Lakers are probably going to split their space into 2 or 3 guys anyhow (and would be very smart to do so).

      • You might not realize the energy and effort and mental strain it takes to be the number one guy and be responsible for doing everything. A guy like this would welcome help in those areas from another Alpha.

      • goldenmisfit

        I would think that as well but the fact he is even going to meet with the Lakers tells you he is considering it. Also a lot of people close to Leonard are saying being the number one guy is not really a concern that is been over blown by the media. Think about it you never heard a word from Leonard when he was second fiddle to Dunkin in San Antonio why would he mind winning championships with LeBron.

        • jump shot

          A real player doesn’t concern himself with the “who’s team it is”, number one guy, number two guy bs… they just hoop! The guys that “worry” about that type of stuff (Kyrie… Westbrook…) … nevermind.

  4. JonnyLucas

    If Kawhi goes to the lakers, they may win the next 4-5 titles. If they have chemistry, those three and any 12 bums would be an all time great team.

    • hiflew

      They may. They also may miss the playoffs next year because Lebron’s 36 year old legs don’t hold up and AD proves to be injury prone again and the min salary guys they sign prove to be min salary guys.

      • jkoms57

        Lol LeBron is a freak.

        I’d rather have DLo than Kawhi just based on fit,but who could complain?

      • jkoms57

        The Warriors pretty much have won all the championships or at least been in finals for the past decade ..

        What’s your point?

        • My point is the last sentence. It is easier said than done. They said the Warriors would win five in a row. They won two in a row and they could be finished. That’s my point.

    • goldenmisfit

      You do realize the Warriors have been in the finals the last five years won three championships and had Durrant not been injured would have one for championships.

      • fun guy

        Sorry are we supposed to live in an imaginary world where the warriors are always 100% healthy and everyone else has to deal with real life injuries? The fact is the warriors were injured and the raps still beat a championship level team before the warriors lucked out and signed KD. Most people would say they should never have had KD in the first place

        • goldenmisfit

          Not even a Warriors fan here but your logic is ridiculous. How many teams have you seen in the NBA finals with their best player was out and then suffered a catastrophic injury? Look it up I’ll wait the only one that comes to mind is Magic Johnson in the 1990 finals against Chicago so your logic about how injuries happen it’s ludicrous yes injuries to happen but no team went through what Golden State went through in the finals.

          • fun guy

            Not sure of your point. Raps beat warriors. Injuries and injury avoidance are part of the game. Load management wins championships

  5. I see him taking a PG13 contract. It lets him try and win now at the max and opt out into free agency with 10 years in the league so he can command a higher max salary if he wants to jump to LA

    • H.Henderson

      Nah I see Kawai signing a 1and1 contract no matter where he goes. The Lebron/Kd style contracts. He can easily go home to LA or stay in Toronto and in two years get his 10year vet supermax contract.

    • goldenmisfit

      It really seems to me like geographical location is huge with this guy. When he was in San Antonio he begged and pleaded to go to Los Angeles I don’t see a year later changing that stance. I know Toronto fans will say but, he won a title. Very true but, he also won a title in San Antonio and he still wanted to be traded to Los Angeles. Something else that has to be taken into account San Antonio traded him to the far this destination away from his desired location which could still burn a hole in this guys stomach and have a desire to stick it to San Antonio. If I was the Lakers or clippers that would be a huge selling point when trying to sell Leonard on Los Angeles.

  6. Let’s see. KL less than a year ago (when he wasn’t nearly the made man in NBA circles he is now) passed up a 5 year 35% super max extension (6 years total) to get out of SA 1 year earlier than he could have otherwise. But now, it’s actually a thought in someone’s mind that he’s going to stay in Toronto because of 8% vs 5% raises and a 5th year-? Comical. If these small $$ issues were his main concern, then just do a 1/1 max with an outside team this year, followed by a 4 year NBR deal with them next year. That will pay more than his 5 year home team deal with Toronto. Is there any outside team that wouldn’t promise him that, and live up to it-?

    The 5th year on a max deal is relevant for Kemba Walker. This is the first and likely last time he’ll have max leverage in his career. Not LBJ, not KD and not KL.

  7. goldenmisfit

    Bottom line we can talk about this forever but we will not know what is going on until it is made official. Guarantee we will see on this site every day a report that a different team is the favorite to win the Leonard. One day they will say it is Toronto another day they will say it is the Lakers another day they will say it’s the clippers how they might even say one day it is Dallas or a team in New York we just have to wait-and-see.

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