Lakers Trading Wagner, Bonga, Jones To Wizards; AD Waiving Trade Kicker

The Lakers have found a way to maximize their projected cap room for free agency, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who reports (via Twitter) that the team is sending Moritz Wagner, Isaac Bonga, and Jemerrio Jones to the Wizards as part of the Anthony Davis trade. Additionally, Davis has agreed to waive his $4MM trade kicker, per Wojnarowski.

As a result of those developments, the Lakers will be able to generate just over $32MM in cap room based on the projected $109MM cap. That’s more than enough space for a maximum salary for a player with less than seven years of NBA experience ($27.25MM), and puts them in the ballpark of the max for a player in the 7-9 year range ($32.7MM).

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Here’s how the Lakers’ moves will work once the July moratorium lifts on July 6:

Prior to completing the Davis deal, the Lakers will have approximately $32MM in cap room after accounting for eight players, the cap hold for the No. 4 pick, and three empty roster charges. The team will use that room in free agency, with ESPN’s Bobby Marks tweeting that L.A. is still considering whether it will commit all that money to a single star or split it up among two or three players.

If the Lakers go after a single star, D’Angelo Russell and Kawhi Leonard are among the presumed targets. According to Wojnarowski, players like Danny Green, Terrence Ross, and Seth Curry could be among the club’s targets if it breaks up its cap space.

Once that space is used up, the Lakers will complete its agreements with the Pelicans and Wizards as part of a single three-way trade. In order to acquire Davis, whose salary is $27,093,018, the Lakers will have to send out at least $21,594,415 in total to meet salary-matching requirements as an over-the-cap team. They’ll do so with the following contracts:

Jones’ salary is non-guaranteed, which means it currently counts for $0 for salary-matching purposes. Without it, the Lakers would fall just under $200K shy of the salary they need, since the unsigned No. 4 pick would also count for $0 for matching purposes (draftees who sign rookie contracts can be used for salary matching, but can’t be traded for 30 days). As such, according to Marks (via Twitter), Jones’ salary will be partially guaranteed for $199K, allowing the Lakers to meet the necessary outgoing-salary threshold.

The Wizards, who will use trade exceptions to take on the incoming players, will also receive the Lakers’ 2022 second-round pick, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic. In order to officially make it a three-team deal – and to incentivize the Pelicans to sign off – Washington will send $1.1MM in cash to New Orleans, tweets Candace Buckner of The Washington Post. That’s the minimum amount necessary to satisfy the “touch” rules in a three-team trade, tweets Marks.

While the Lakers’ motivation for the deal is obvious, it’s not a bad arrangement for the Wizards either. As an over-the-cap team, Washington didn’t have many other avenues to add talent this offseason, and have several rotation players facing free agency.

The Wizards will now get a chance to take fliers on Wagner and Bonga while also picking up a future second-round pick. They had interest in Wagner leading up to the 2018 draft, according to Wojnarowski, who tweets that the big man will get an opportunity in D.C.

In other Davis-related news, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reports that LeBron James has agreed to give up his uniform number (No. 23) to AD in an effort to make the big man as comfortable as possible in Los Angeles. Davis is “extremely grateful,” Haynes adds. It’s not clear yet which number James will wear in 2019/20, but he was No. 6 during his years with the Heat.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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105 thoughts on “Lakers Trading Wagner, Bonga, Jones To Wizards; AD Waiving Trade Kicker

  1. acarneglia

    I think the Lakers are preparing for a 4 team bidding war with Boston, Dallas, and Charlotte for Kemba

          • slund24

            Yes, I read that he waived it. But I don’t think there is any way he would waive it if DLO is who they are getting. It has to be for someone bigger. No way he should be waiving it unless they have a guarantee from a bigger star than dlo

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              His waving isn’t conditional. It makes sense if he wants to…you know…play with another star, regardless of their caliber. I think the Lakers are still better off spreading that money around. Am I correct in that if they do sign a max player and wipe out their cap space then they can only sign additional players for league minimum pay?

            • x%sure

              The Lakers as a whole, should not be giving the pick & players away, just for Russell OR to spread it around. Gotta be a better reason or Pelinka is a dolt again and Davis wasted HIS money.

          • petefrompp

            reported that AD is receiving 4.1 million for his cameo in space jam 2 – how convenient

            isn’t this considered circumvention under NBA CBA?

            • Dodgethis

              It is. But the NBA is desperate to have the Lakers be relevant. This is Why the nba is practically ignoring all the rules violations.

              • captainsalty

                Ignoring rules violations? Come on now the Lakers have always been hit hard when it comes to tampering and let’s not forget the whole CP3 deal getting squashed for a lesser package from the Clippers

  2. hrush28

    Are they stupid? They now have just 3 players on their roster. Yes, they can sign a max player now but they’re not winning anything without a good whole roster

    • david

      the heat went back to back with all min. contract players. and AD is a lot better than bosh was. and if they get D.lo or another young guard they will be better tahn a 32 year old dwade

      • H.Henderson

        Yea, but the Heat are in the Eastern conference during a time where the east lacked talent. Not the same situation in the West. Even with AD and LBJ they are NOT the best team in west, or second, third, or fourth. LeBron and AD would have to have stellar injury free seasons and even then they can’t beat Houston let alone GSW.

        • slund24

          I can’t stand the Lakers but LeBron and AD would not be 4th best in West? The West is up for grabs, GSW is done for next year and Houston is currently in Turmoil. If LJ and AD are healthy next year and they do anything good with that $32 million cap, they are easily the favorite in the West.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          @h,henderson Can you really say that not knowing who else wants to join them to fill out the roster? I’ll almost NEVER count LBJ out of a 7 game series. They don’t have to be a top 4 seed. Just make the playoffs. And without KD and a fully healthy and lathered Klay the GSW are not that intimidating.

        • victorg

          a healthy AD and LBJ are for sure beating HOU and a rebuilt GSW… if LAL can use the 32 mil on the KY or Irving then its a smart move NOT to give it to Kemba or Butler … they would be better off using that 32 mil for Deandre Jordan,Pat Beverly,Ariza,Reddick to round out the roster with established players.

        • Archie M.

          What the??? Without KD & Klay, LBJ+AD+Kuz makes the Lakers either #3 or 4 in the West. If the Lakers can fill the team with solid role players whose games fit their system, Lakers will be #2 or even #1. As good as he is, Steph & Dray will have a hard time leading the Dubs to #1 in the West. So that leaves Houston for the #1 seed in the West. Who cares? They always choke in the playoffs. They’re like the Raptors (pre-Kawhi) of the West. 7-game series, LBJ+AD over Harden+ CP3. Rockets can score all they want but LBJ & AD will light them up for 30 each every game. Guaranteed.

      • JonnyLucas

        Lol… the missing piece there is a) Lebron isn’t 28 anymore, b) Ray Allen

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          @jonnylucas Ppl are quick to point out LBJ’s age but aside from having his first major injury of his career his numbers were in line with his career averages.

          27/9/8 on .510 FG% isn’t exactly falling apart. I trust that both LBJ and AD will come in at peak condition looking to prove the naysayers wrong. And I’m not even a real “LBJ” fan but I do respect what he’s been able to do.

          • Archie M.

            I agree with you. Let’s not also forget that we’re in the NBA era of “soft D” so Lebron’s body won’t break down rapidly & that easily. NBA players are “pampered” nowadays. Funny how these Lebron haters doubt if Lebron can light up teams like the Rockets for 30. LBJ can torch the Rockets powder puff defense for 30-6-6 at this point of his career. Plus having AD will open up the paint for Lebron. On the other hand, playing with LBJ will make it easier for Davis to do a 35-12 number of teams like the Rockets. It’s unbelievable what these Lebron haters say.

    • digitalian

      They will not miss Wagner, Bonga and Jones. They can easily sign guys better than all of those guys at the veteran minimum after they sign a max free agent.

    • goldenmisfit

      Are you stupid? Do you not remember when LeBron was in Miami? They had a big three and signed a bunch of people to minimum contracts and really good players willing to play for less to win championships. I think they did all right LOL!

      • hrush28

        I didn’t really think about that when I commented that. I now realize how smart they are. Something big is happening with the Lakers right now

      • hiflew

        Yes, but everyone else remembers that too. The rest of the league was caught off guard before. Now there are several teams trying the Miami model which means none of them will be able to do it properly since the Miami model relied on no one else doing it.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          @hiflew You make no sense. Any vet who wants to win a championship will choose which team is the best fit for them. There’s no more competition for vets than before. It’s always been the same. HOF players have signed for the minimum late in their careers and goes back to before LBJ was even born.

      • Archie M.

        Lebron haters forget that Miami won 2 titles in 4 years. How many has Harden won for the Rockets?? Right, zero.

    • imindless

      No they dont lmao, we have 3 undrafted, caruso and they kid we drafted in 2nd

      • slund24

        Caruso is a RFA and can still be signed by another team. Aren’t the undrafted players signed to 2-way deals which means they have to play at least half the season in the D League?

        • imindless

          Only two are signed as two way one being kid from gonzaga and the other being the backup center williams. The rest can be signed over the cap after free agency. We signed 3/4 players plus the talon kid in second round. Plus caruso who i doubt would get picked up with him showing little during his brief time on court.

          • Curtisrowe

            The kid from Gonzaga is the backup center Williams. I know more about your team than you do.

        • captainsalty

          I hope keep Caruso he is a baller…but he needs to just go ahead and get it over with and shave his head bald lol

  3. hrush28

    Are they stupid? They now have a whole 3 players on their roster. Yes, they can sign a max player now but you kind of need a full roster. They now have hardly any young players and will have to sign a bunch of veterans to 1 year deals.

    • reneaguerra

      That’s what Miami Heat critics said in 2010. They have 3 players they have bird rights on & there’s also vet minimum deals ect.. stupid?

    • vtadave

      Right, because the offseason is over and the roster is set.

      Run along, the smart people got this.

  4. boston.nation

    I’m confused, when did the wizards get involved in the Anthony Davis trade?

    • icedoutref

      Trade wasnt official yet so the Lakers just now added on to it by including the Wizards to clear more cap

    • hiflew

      Because Washington has such a great track record or turning unknown quantities into All Stars?

      • Mike Myers

        They did a pretty good job with Thomas Bryant last season. Lakers waived him and he was a double doubles machine and high energy for a 2nd year waiver wire pickup. Mo can be the same. Lakers trash can help the wizards again. Anyways, wizards brought Mo in twice last year for private workouts. So, to get him for free basically and a 2nd. Nice work Tommy Sheppard.

  5. goldenmisfit

    This now makes the Lakers players for every top free-agent outside of Kevin Durant on the market. Something huge is brewing.

  6. goldenmisfit

    Anyone who is not figured out the Lakers plan I can lay this out for you they are following the blueprint that was done by Pat Riley when the Miami Heat went to four consecutive NBA finals. Sign LeBron to a max deal, sign Bosch to a max deal, sign weighed to a max deal, sign a handful of players to minimum contracts and convince some of LeBron‘s buddies to come for a lot less they could get elsewhere in hopes of winning a championship. It worked in Miami can work in Los Angeles

  7. DynamiteAdams

    Well they better win something because the Lakers basically traded all their picks and players. Why do I feel like this whole thing is going to blow up in their face?

    • JonnyLucas

      Nah, they’re going to piece together a juggernaut… some good vets are going to sign on for minimum money, just to play with these guys. They will land one of the premier guards now, no doubt. I think they stumbled into success.

    • victorg

      if you had to bet a whole pay check … even odds … the laker s win a championship or don’t over the next 3 years I have to imagine majority going with them winning at least one.

  8. kenleyfornia2

    Lakers haters narrative on life support. First it was “they aint getting to stats”. Now its “too many stars is bad”. Lmao i hope you enjoyed last season while you could because this team is a title contender

    • SWP7979

      Jeannie Buss and Pelinka are still running things, correct?
      LeBron is 35ish, right?
      Ok, contender.

      • kenleyfornia2

        It doesn’t matter if a rat is runnung the show. If the team on the court has stars it will succeed. Yeah sure bring up Lebrons age even though he got 27 a game last season with no help

      • imindless

        Lebron averaging more than 95% of the league and he is only 34. Ad 26 again averaging more than 97% of the league and adding the final piece kawhi, id be scared if i were you lmao.

  9. rxbrgr

    Pelicans have to send something back to Washington as well, correct? To satisfy the “touch” rule?

    • Luke Adams

      My initial note that the Wizards needs to send something to the Lakers was wrong. As long as all three teams are touching in at least one direction (ie. Lakers sending something to Wizards, Wizards to Pelicans, Pelicans to Lakers), it’s allowed.

  10. C-Daddy

    AD misses 20-30 games with injuries virtually every season and LeBron is almost 35. The cap space would be better spent on depth imo.

    • kenleyfornia2

      He played 75 games in back to back seasons before this one and has never missed 30 games in a season. What a sorry and pathetic troll.

        • kenleyfornia2

          He is talking the truth even though he has never missed 30 in a season? Yeah sure

          • slund24

            Before this past season, the most AD had ever missed in a season was 21 games. Last year he missed 26 and that majority of those weren’t for injury but because NO sat him. Prior to last season he averaged 69 games a season.

    • imindless

      What lakers traded for ad:

      Lonzo: never played more than 50 games in 2 seasons injury prone, cant shoot and dad is crazy.

      Ingram: 3 seasons and last two season played less than 60 games and has blood clot issue that ended chris boshes career.

      Hart: never played more than 67 games in 2 seasons due to “injuries”

      You comment makes little sense seeing lakers gave up injury prone potential. Id rather have ad playing 62 games a year at the level he does than tissue paper ankles lonzo and blood clot ingram.

    • victorg

      I agree the 32 mil better spent on depth .. unless they can get Kawhi, Klay or Kyrie with that money instead.
      but id I had choice I would take DMC,Beverly and Ariza.

  11. stretch123

    If they can’t get Kawhi, they should split the cap from into two for Russell and Danny Green. The bench at that point will need to be filled in with vets like Rondo, Ariza and other vets willing to play for a whole lot less.

  12. goldenmisfit

    I think this could have something to do with Leonard. This news breaks and then an hour later news breaks that Leonard is granting the Lakers a meeting. I also agree what someone else said the Laker haters are on life-support. First it was no one wants to go and play with LeBron then they get Davis and now they have the money to get a third star and out too many stars is a bad thing. Soak it in because the way it locks the Lakers aren’t going away anytime soon.

    • goldenmisfit

      Gladly, I am not the only person who remembered that. Kuzma had a great second year many believe he is a star in the making. If they can sign Irving or Walker the Lakers would not have a big three but more like a big four. This is definitely a situation if I was not a Laker fan I would be concerned with. I think all the jokes about the Lakers are just about to come to a screeching halt.

      • x%sure

        Kuzma is not a big x+1. Maybe an x+0.1. So right now the Lakers are a “big 2.1”.

        Kuzma would draw some roster-fillers in the trade market though. That would redeem Pelinka for AD-trade critics like me.

  13. x%sure

    Great trade for Wizards. Moritz has quality and IDK that the others don’t. Plus a second in a deep draft.

    It’s only a great trade for the Lakers if they can get a player worth $32MM with it. Otherwise a waste. Russell is not that player & not many left.

    Leonard might be reconsidering the Lakers.
    His role as a title-driver, a champ, not just a stat machine, is indisputable now.

  14. Archie M.

    Most likely, these players will join (rejoin) Lebron (and AD & Kuz) in Hollywood:
    1. Melo
    2. JR
    3. Korver
    4. Rondo
    5. Brook (or Deandre)
    6. Gay
    7. Tyson Chandler
    8. Lance

  15. Jerry Garcia

    AD waived his $4m trade kicker for his friend Kyrie to be able to come over and get maxed.

  16. Spike4christ

    The have the MLE for some money. I think they can go over the cap to sign Rondo. They can for Kuzma next year.

    • slund24

      Only player they can go over the cap to sign is Bullock as he’s the only they have Bird rights for. Rondo was on a 1 year deal so no Bird rights. I thought they will only have the room exception of $4+ million rather the the full MLE.

      • Luke Adams

        If they want to create the full $32MM in space, they’ll need to renounce all their free agents, including Bullock (and RFAs Caruso and Williams for that matter, though they’d be easier to get back without any Bird rights).

        And yeah, they’ll have the room exception rather than the full MLE.

        • goldenmisfit

          There is no “they have to do that or have to do that“ once this trade was made and Anthony waived his $4 million trade kicker they got 32 million. Now they still need 700 K if they want to get that they would have to renounce one of their restricted free agent.

          • Luke Adams

            The $32MM figure assumes all FAs have been renounced. With Caruso’s and Williams’ QOs still out there, they’d only have about $30.7MM.

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