Lakers, Knicks Top Anthony Davis’ Wish List

Anthony Davis is focused on joining either the Lakers or Knicks as his long-term destination, Shams Charania of The Athletic reports.

Davis, who can become a free agent next summer, has not formally told Pelicans executive VP of basketball operations David Griffin that he has narrowed his list. Davis submitted a four-team list to the Pelicans in February that also included the Clippers and Bucks.

Griffin met with Davis and his agent, Rich Paul, late last month in an effort to convince Davis to remain with the Pelicans. However, Davis’ desire to be dealt remained unchanged and Griffin has accelerated trade talks.

Several teams have expressed an interest in trading for Davis, according to Charania, including the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, Nets and Celtics. An ESPN report surfaced earlier on Monday that Griffin is willing to involve third parties in trade discussions in order to maximize the package New Orleans would receive.

Charania’s report suggests that Paul is attempting to steer those discussions toward the Lakers and Knicks. If those franchises know that Davis is willing to commit to them long-term, they obviously have more incentive to do everything they can to acquire the superstar big man.

Even so, other suitors — including the Celtics — are aggressively pursuing Davis despite not being one of his preferred teams. The Celtics are apparently willing to deal for Davis regardless of where Kyrie Irving ends up in free agency, Charania continues.

Griffin could hold onto Davis into next month with the hope of getting a desperate team that missed on its free agent targets to up the ante, Charania adds.

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31 thoughts on “Lakers, Knicks Top Anthony Davis’ Wish List

  1. Rocket32

    The Knicks… basically AD wants off a losing team to go to another losing team?

  2. Havlicek stole the ball

    Glad he makes it clear he doesn’t want to Boston, hope Ainge takes note and doesn’t trade the whole franchise for a one year rental

  3. hiflew

    I honestly don’t know which I hate more: playing attaching themselves to winning clubs like barnacles (a la Kevin Durant), players forcing trades for increased spotlight of NY and LA (a la Carmelo Anthony) or players hijacking the system in order to form a professional AAU (a la LeBron/Wade/Bosh).

    Regardless of the way, teams such as Utah, Portland, Memphis, Minnesota, Sacramento, and many others just don’t have much of a chance. Even Toronto with its fantastic season and possible NBA championship has to worry about being a “one and done” team if Kawhi wants to explore one of the other three options.

    I don’t have the answer. I honestly don’t even know if there is an answer. Sometimes I just need to vent.

    • knickscavsfan

      As a fan of a big (Knicks) and small (Cleveland) market teams I get your beef but keep in mind, the Lakers and Knicks are just bad teams looking to improve themselves and each has been spurned by big name FA of late. Carmelo was born in NY and is wife is from there so it made sense that he wanted to go there.

      As for the formation of big 3s is it awful when the players orchestrate it but not when it’s done by the front office?

    • x%sure

      Nice “vent”. In the end though, the CBA wins out, including salary caps.

    • Curtisrowe

      Umm, Golden State was thought of as one of those franchises that didn’t have a chance not too long ago.

  4. denimvest

    Davis for #3, the Dallas 1sts and a far out NY 1st, Knox, DSJ. then you trade holliday to Phoenix for the 6th pick and Josh Jackson. walk away with Zion, Barrett, #6, josh jackson, DSJ, 3 future firsts and cap space to take on bad contracts for even more firsts.

    • Batter Up

      The Knicks are not gonna help somebody else get AD when they want him for themselves.

    • knickscavsfan

      I’m sure they would insist on Mitchell Robinson as well. They would be stupid not too and really, if you have Davis then his PT would be diminished anyways.

  5. Steve

    I personally think all the above information was already known. Demps screwed himself and the team when he didn’t take the Lakers kitchen sink offer.

    Lakers can offer the better players, knicks can offer the better pick! I don’t believe Aingevwas ever giving up Tatum! He was just playing devils advocate. It has been mentioned today that Griffin wouldn’t mind a multi team trade. I propose….

    Lakes get: AD and Smith Jr
    Knicks get: # 4 and Kuz
    Pelicans get: #3, Lakers 2020, and Ingram or Ball.

    Lakers get the guy they want.
    Knicks move down one spot but get Kuz and keep cap flex.
    Pelicans pair Zion with RJ plus ball or BI.

    • wakejeff

      Ingram AND Ball. Otherwise, I think your trade is fair all around. Remember, Ingram and Ball have both proven to be injury-prone; so each guy’s individual trade value has gone down.

    • I’m pretty confident that even the Stooges wouldn’t do that one. Kuzma has little value to the Knicks regardless of how they fair in FA. Swapping out of #3 in a draft with 3 legitimate top 5 (some say top 10) prospects, even for #4 (which isn’t much different than 7 or 8) is worth at least one future lightly protected 1st – from the Pels, not the Lakers. Still not worth it for a remote pick.

    • padam

      Why would the Knicks ever do that? Better pick AND DSJ for the opportunity to get Kouzma? That’s funny…

  6. padam

    Would be interesting to see the Knicks and Lakers hold off making a deal so they can keep what they have instead of mortgaging their franchises, but I see the Lakers being the bold ones because of LeBron (ticking age clock) and doing the deal.

    I think New Orleans would prefer a Knicks package due to drafting Barrett for the Zion click, but could only see that happening if the Knicks get Durant and an Irving or other top FA, otherwise I think they stand ground and not pull the trade.

    Should be an interesting off-season.

  7. If the Pels let word about a great Celtic offer prior to the draft, 90% it’s a myth (unless KI is involved). Nevertheless, I fear the Stooges will capitulate (their preferred alternative to negotiating) and hand the Pels a list of their assets and tell them to take whatever they want. Among the lost assets will be the cap space they paid so dearly for.

  8. Guest617

    boston w/have been a great landing spot had kyrie not gone all bizarro weirdo

  9. Spike4christ

    Celtics Maybe signs Irving then trade him to NO after Davis sign hims so they trade him to the Celtics then they trade him to Houston for Harden Houston then Trade AD to New York for Picks those picks For Washington for Beal. NO trades Irving to Brookyln for Russell. Got this. I think I will have a beer.

    • knickscavsfan

      So are you alternating? Crack, beer, crack and beer?
      You must be. Just from a logistics standpoint, you can’t trade a recently signed free agent until December. Plus, I think it would be a sucka thing to do. I’m dizzy from the myriad of trades you suggested.

    • x%sure

      IDK if that works IRL, but it’s a good sendup of these sorts of pages. I think after Davis gets traded, people want to say they called it. But it will likely be complicated and surprising. So… if so then I will say I called it HA and nevermind the details!

  10. jakethesnizake

    If I was NO I’d not give two squirts of urine where this guy WANTS to go.

    I’d send him to the team that gives the best return.

    Anthony, you’re under contract in New Orleans. When you request a trade, you go where they send you, they are not obligated to meet your wishes. Be a professional.

    • knickscavsfan

      It’s not so much about where he wants to go as it is about where he let’s it be known he would be open to resigning with an extension. What’s the point of a team like Sacramento perhaps, to trade assets knowing that the player would likely depart in 1 year? It’s not similar to the Kawhi/Derozen trade because their GM mentioned that they were happy to get from under Derozen’s contract anyway. So if Kawhi leaves they’ve created a ton of cap space. Rich Paul is letting it be known where his client will sign and would likely not resign.

    • kenleyfornia2

      A team not on his preffered list wont be willing to trade the most

  11. hoosierhysteria

    Please send him to the Knicks. They deserve each other.

    Demps was a dope. He traded draft picks for over the hill veterans every year. Check his record. Awful. He didn’t refuse lakers….the owner did….and God Bless her!

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