Pelicans Exploring Multi-Team Anthony Davis Trade Scenarios

The Pelicans have started to provide potential Anthony Davis suitors with the framework of the package they’re seeking in return for their star big man, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. According to Wojnarowski, new head of basketball operations David Griffin is open to multi-team scenarios that would expand the pool of potential assets available to New Orleans.

The Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, and Nets are among the teams that have been in touch with the Pelicans since they began listening to inquiries on Davis, Wojnarowski writes. The Celtics also have interest in AD, though Kyrie Irving‘s uncertain future is a wild card in their potential pursuit. Based on the success the Raptors have had with their Kawhi Leonard acquisition, other smaller-market teams or unexpected suitors may also be emboldened to make a play for Davis, Woj adds.

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Based on conversations with front offices who have spoken to Griffin, Wojnarowski suggests that the Pelicans aren’t sure if a single team will be able to provide the package they want for Davis. A multi-team scenario that would allow the club acquiring Davis to flip some of its pieces for assets more favorable to the Pelicans is one idea under consideration.

According to Woj, Griffin is seeking some combination of the following assets: An All-Star player, a young player with All-Star potential, and multiple first-round picks. As Woj explains, the strength of some of those pieces would have an impact on the rest of the package. For example, the better the player headlining the offer, the softer the ask for draft picks might be.

The Pelicans, who are looking to build around Jrue Holiday and presumed No. 1 pick Zion Williamson, haven’t given teams a specific timetable on when they want to finalize a trade, league sources tell Wojnarowski.

However, Griffin would prefer to reach an agreement to acquire any 2019 draft picks before June 20, since it would give the team a better opportunity to scout and meet with potential targets, per Woj. If the Pelicans stick to that stance, it could really accelerate the timeline of a deal, since the draft is just 10 days away.

Some teams with interest in Davis may also be motivated to complete a deal by draft night, since acquiring the All-NBA big man would bolster a club’s pitches to top free agents.

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22 thoughts on “Pelicans Exploring Multi-Team Anthony Davis Trade Scenarios

  1. If you ask me, that’s too much. We need to remember that Davis is kind of injury prone and this is a team sport, if you trade all your current and future assets, then you are going to have the same situation that NO has.

  2. No matter how good of a player he is he has only one year left and wants out. Imo they are asking for too much and will probably be forced to trade him at the deadline and get even less

    • knickscavsfan

      I think it’s obvious that he’s mainly being shopped to teams he’s already stated a desire to resign with. Would not be shocked if an extension happens shortly after the trade.

  3. History suggests that sellers of stars do better when they set a somewhat objective deal template (working from the ideal deal for the seller) for all bidders (not one for team A and another for team B), it has a single theme (rebuild / reload) and focuses on the top 1-2 pieces coming back, exclusive of remote draft picks. After a couple of years, the selling team did very well if it ended up adding 1 high end starter and 1 other key rotation player to its core.

    I don’t look at this template as suggesting a deal won’t get done unless the package offered is led by an actual AS and a young potential AS, only that such a package is the baseline against which offers will be judged – remote draft picks are gap fillers based on how close the two 2 come to that. Keeps everyone on the same page – i.e., don’t just offer us the guys you currently have and are willing to trade – address how your package fits the template. Especially important since it’s really not clear how many serious bidders there will be and when.

      • x%sure

        Cmon. Template was defined in parantheses, AS in the article (AllStar). I see no disruptive grammatical errors.

        As with nearly all advice-type statements, it does lack an opposed-to context. In other words, what are the options besides what DXC said.

        I presume, that advice as opposed to, Griffin just sitting back and saying to other GMs, “Knock me out with your offers, fellas”. That could trigger a resentful, screw-you, I-give-up response from other GMs.

        The template as ice-breaker, getting the convos and offers going.

        The new news is, Griffin is interested in this draft and may not want to wait to deal Davis. This, as opposed to previous signals that he wanted to run out Davis & ZWill together first and would delay a trade. Of course this new news could also be a ruse.

  4. jacobsigel1025

    I think that if NOLA wants an all in rebuild they should grab Phoenix as a third team. They would most likely have an interest in Jrue and would have the cap space to handle him. This isn’t the full trade obviously but if you have say NY NOLA and Phoenix, the framework of the deal could be Davis to NY Jrue to Phoenix and the #3+#6 picks back to NOLA. It would be interesting to see the Pelicans with Zion, RJ, and White/Garland

  5. jacobsigel1025

    Phoenix NOLA NY: Davis to NY Jrue to PHX #3 and #6 to NOLA as the framework of the deal with other pieces pitched in. It would be interesting to see a core of Zion, RJ, White/Garland

    • hiflew

      So you think they should give up AD and Jrue for just the 3 and 6? That wouldn’t be enough to get AD alone.

      • jacobsigel1025

        I was saying framework there’s obviously gonna be other pieces but that’s the focus of the deal

        • yogineely

          Jrue isn’t leaving, look at everything they have done for him and his wife, he loves it there

  6. noahrnoahr

    If anyone on Houston is actually available, you’ve gotta think you could get Harden for Williamson an whatever it would take to make it work under the cap. If NO can do that and keep Jrue, I would think Davis would stay and they’d be the Western conference favorites. Houston is still probably a top 4-5 team in the West, and they pick up the best prospect since Lebron. They only way this isn’t happening is because Harden isn’t really available.

    • seamaholic

      Who’s the “NBA All-Star” in that scenario? That won’t cut it. Send Ball to the Suns and maybe Mikal Bridges to Pels and you maybe start a conversation.

      • Mikal Bridges will never be the player that Ingram or Kuzma will be, so how does that work???

  7. seamaholic

    Celtics gotta do this without losing Marcus Smart, but Pels have no interest (likely) in Hayward, the only other possibility for salary match (I guess Horford would be, too, but that’s a big no from New Orleans AND Boston).

    How about Hayward to Denver, Barton and Plumlee (expiring) to Boston, and Pels end up with Tatum, Robert Williams, Michael Porter Jr, Yabusele and a three current and future #1’s.

    • Man that is perfect for Boston…
      Okeyish for NOLA…
      Dreadful for Denver…
      You must be a Celtic fan, right?
      You giving up, Barton, Plumlee, MPJ & maybe picks for Hayward??? I mean any of the 3 players from Denver on their own are better assets than Hayward is right now, dude!

  8. x%sure

    I think Ainge’s Hayward plan needs another year, and Denver finally may focus on defense.

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