Pelicans Receiving Offers For No. 4 Pick

Several teams are attempting to swing a deal with New Orleans for the fourth pick in tonight’s draft, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said today on the network’s “Get Up!” program (YouTube link). He speculates that Pelicans executive VP of basketball operations David Griffin could wait until he’s on the clock before deciding whether or not to keep the selection.

Wojnarowski singles out the Hawks as a team to watch in the negotiations. They hold picks No. 8, 10 and 17 in the first round, along with No. 35 in the second round. Atlanta also has enough cap space to take on an unwanted contract such as Solomon Hill‘s, which has one more year at $12.76MM.

The Pelicans hope to be playoff contenders next season and are more interested in obtaining players than draft picks, Brian Windhorst said on the same show. He cites talks with the Timberwolves, who hold the No. 11 selection, with Robert Covington or Dario Saric as part of the package.

Windhorst confirms that Vanderbilt’s Darius Garland is the target for most of those teams. The top point guards in the draft are expected to be taken early, so the No. 4 pick is the surest way to get one.

The Hawks have talked to numerous teams, including the Knicks and Cavaliers, in an effort to move up, Windhorst adds. However, Atlanta’s offers to those teams have focused more on picks than players.

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24 thoughts on “Pelicans Receiving Offers For No. 4 Pick

    • shawn hemp

      It’s guys like you that make every basketball player wanna leave Boston. Just plain dumb

      • hallowell04628

        Yeah, it’s not like they don’t have any other assets they could possibly offer…

        • shawn hemp

          The Memphis pick is it. Unless they part with smart. I don’t want one year of Jaylon brown and Tatum they wouldn’t trade for AD so what’s the other asset?

          • hallowell04628

            Doesn’t matter what you want as a fan. It’s how then NO organization will value what’s offered. I don’t think the Memphis pick will convey next year (1-6 protected) as Memphis is going full rebuild. They didn’t want to offer Tatum or brown for AD because he wasn’t going to stay. Brown for the 4 pick I could see them considering as it would net them what they need (PG) with what the have a bunch of (wing)…. that’s my look on it.

            • shawn hemp

              The pick in unprotected the year after so it’s still valuable. They not giving that or Tatum up for #4 in the draft this year so what else does Boston have to offer for it was my point

  1. fishy 9 dogs

    I really hope the wolves don’t give up roco or Saric for that pick. I’d rather them clear cap room by trading Teague and Dieng using #11 and a future pick. Then go for Russell.

    • H.Henderson

      Its not about cap space with the Wolves. Its about bringing in a PG to fill Teagues shoes.

    • monymgr

      Yes, giving up Saric or Roco makes no sense . Please find a trade partner for Teaque and clear cap space .

  2. leprechaun

    Trust me it won’t be the Bulls who trade up. Paxson and Foreman are the worst front office combo in the whole NBA.

    • cubfanforever

      No doubt, Bulls stay at 7, again.
      “Thank you sir, may I have another.”

  3. kenly0

    If I’m the Pels. I’d do 4 and Hill for 8, 10, and 35. They could possibly get Cam Reddish, Jaxson Hayes, and Naz Reid with those picks. Id rather have those 3 guys than Hill and whoever they pick at 4. Guards: Ball, Jrue, Moore, and Hart Wings: Ingram and Reddish Bigs: Zion, Hayes, Reid, and Okafor

    • hiflew

      You won’t get all three of those picks for 4 AND Hill. You might get either 8 OR 10 along with 35.

  4. victorg

    NO should draft Garland … let him be in the rotation at same time try and build up Balls value to flip him.

    • I give no fox

      Agreed. I dont know why everyone is forgetting that NOLA wasn’t big on Ball. They can draft garland and let the chips fall where they may. He can learn from Jrue, lead the second unit, and take over when balls contract is up. Or, if they find a taker for Ball, they have their PG of the future.

  5. Michael Chaney

    If the Pelicans trade 4 to Atlanta for 8 and 10, they could trade 10 and Solomon Hill to the Cavs for JR and 26

      • All Minnesota Sports

        Why does someone that has an opinion you don’t understand always have to be on drugs?

      • Michael Chaney

        I think it would have been solid for all teams involved (they’ve since traded 4 and Hill, but this was before that).

        If you disagreed, I would have wanted to know why instead of just asking a dumb question like that. Asking something that ignorant just makes you look like a tool to all of us lmao

  6. MathTeacherSDSUAlumni619

    Should take the 8 10 17 35 and an extra 1st next year top 5 protected.

    Use the 8th on Cameron reddish the 10th on Nassir Little

    And 17th on Jaxson Hayes.

    Build around Jrue Holiday-
    Reddish at sg- little at sf- zion at pf- Hayes at C

    • Connorsoxfan

      I don’t like sliding from 4 to 8 costs all of that. At most you get 8,10,17. Or 8, the future 1st, and 35.

  7. Pels have done a good job hyping #4, but I’m not seeing a huge haul for it. Solid group of prospects from 4-on, but the higher projected guys don’t appear to have either higher ceilings or floors overall, just play a position of greater need. That’s not a great basis to give up other high end assets.

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