Raptors Hosting Free Agent Mini-Camp

As the Raptors‘ players and coaches focus on preparing for a potential NBA Finals close-out game in Oakland on Thursday night, the team’s front office will take a closer look at a number of veteran free agents over the next two days in Toronto.

According to a press release, the Raptors will host a free agent mini-camp at its practice facility on Wednesday and Thursday, with 23 players scheduled to attend.

Those players are as follows:

McLemore, Patton, and Payne – all former first-round picks – are perhaps the most well-known players on the list of participants, but they aren’t the only ones with some NBA experience. Artis, Brussino, Costello, Lofton, Thomas, and Weber have each appeared in at least one regular season game as well.

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2 thoughts on “Raptors Hosting Free Agent Mini-Camp

  1. unclemike1525

    Cameron Payne, AKA “Clang” for the sound his shots make when they hit the rim or backboard, Should just stay home. Complete waste of Travel Expenses, whoever is paying.

    • jorge78

      One of his nicknames on Basketball Reference is
      “killa Cam.” Maybe because he kills teams chances at winning?

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