Southwest Notes: Murray, Arakji, Jackson Jr, Pelicans

Spurs guard Dejounte Murray is almost fully recovered from his torn ACL and is focused on getting ready for the 2019/20 season, Jabari Young details in a story for The Athletic.

Murray, 22, suffered the injury last preseason, a crushing blow to an organization hoping to feature him at starting point guard alongside the likes of DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge. He was overcome with emotion upon realizing his regular season ended before it even began.

“I’ve never been hurt before,” Murray said. “I pray to God it doesn’t happen again. It was just tears because I know all the hard work that I put in last (offseason). I put in a lot of work.”

Murray, who was drafted by the Spurs with the No. 29 pick in 2016, was named to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team during his second season. He’s expected to be a focal point in San Antonio’s offense heading into training camp this fall.

“I can’t wait (until) training camp because I’ll know who is on my team and who is not on my team,” Murray said. “I’m just excited to get to work. I want a championship bad, and I just want the players to want it as bad as me. So, if we all get on the same page and get a championship, then everybody is successful.”

  • The Mavericks have reached a summer league commitment with guard Wael Arakji, a promising young star from Lebanon who recently impressed at a free agent mini-camp with the team, a league source told Hoops Rumors. Arakji, 24, also hired agent Scott Nichols of Rize Management as representation to continue his pursuit of an NBA deal, quickly becoming a fan-favorite overseas and impressing Mavs officials during his workout.
  • Jaren Jackson Jr. has become the leader on the Grizzlies, but the team still needs more wing players to be competitive next season, Chris Herrington of The Daily Memphian writes. Herrington outlines ten takes on the franchise after the draft, including what’s to come in free agency.
  • Zion Williamson is a match made in heaven for the Pelicans, William Guillory of The Athletic writes. New Orleans drafted Williamson No. 1 overall and plans to add him to a young core that includes Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram and others.
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9 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Murray, Arakji, Jackson Jr, Pelicans

  1. Guest617

    pretty neat how the league rigged the lottery and engineered a trade to save a dying franchise i was certain zion would land in atlanta – eventually he’ll get bored and form a super team in new york

    • spazz

      That part couldnt be more true.. I could see that from a mile away. Pelicans lose AD, wants to go to the Lakers, Lakers go from 12 to 4. Great more assets are in play for the pelicans to rebuild. Pelicans shoot up from 10 to 1, they wouldn’t have a future with their original draft slot especially in this draft. Benson would want to sell the franchise but the nba would tell her no, “we gifted you this franchise when no one else wanted it.” Pelicans would have lost so much money to withstand a troubled situation. Over pay for mediocre talent aka Solomon Hill.

      • What a lot of nonsense you two guys write! Goodness me, if it is rigged, the only way would be for all 30 teams to want that to happen… Can’t see Knicks, Cavs & so on happy with that, is such BS.
        You know the concept of lottery is that anyone can win even the Kings could have, is not about the worst teams winning, luck of the draw.
        Believe me Hill isn’t even that bad a contract, all the other teams in the league surely have got worst than that.
        If you guys, like many others, don’t like or believe in the integrity of the league just don’t watch it or follow it, why care for something you don’t agree??? Seems a bit foolish, right?

        • hiflew

          I don’t agree with you very much, but you are absolutely correct here. These lottery conspiracy people always seem to forget the fact that even though the drawings are held behind closed doors, there is a rep from each team present. The more people supposedly involved, the less chance a conspiracy has of being successfully hidden.

          • david

            they do the draw in front of all the reps behind closed doors. for instance kuzma knew the lakers had the number 4 pick before he took the stage in front of the tv

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      @guest617 and @spazz

      a) AD was going to LA regardless of the #4 pick. It made their offer more enticing but I don’ think it would matter. If anything, having the #4 pick allowed LA to pull Kuzma out the deal. Without it, Kuzma would’ve gone instead of Hart (or maybe even including him).

      b) If the NBA was going to conspire to save a franchise I can almost guarantee you it would’ve resulted in the Knicks winning the #1 overall. The NBA is MUCH better with an interesting star player in both LA and NY. I can bet you they could careless about the Pelicans vs the Knicks. Zion in NY and LBJ w/ AD in Los Angeles would be Adam Silver’s wet dream. They could’ve still gift Barrett to the Pelican’s as a consolation prize.

  2. Dionis89

    I don’t see how Zion leaves New Orleans, he’ll play at least 7 years of his career there before even considering leaving. David Griffin is a top notch GM and will learn from his mistakes with the Cavaliers.

    Zion has everything he needs, potential stars at every position in Hayes,Lonzo,Ingram, and Hart who could be a super role player.

  3. david

    its becoming a 3 point shooting league… no one on the team can shoot really except for jure

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