Warriors Notes: Thompson, Looney, Cousins, Livingston

The Warriors expect Klay Thompson to be sidelined nine to 10 months with the torn ACL in his left knee that he suffered last night, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link). That would put his projected return sometime from mid-March to mid-April, possibly late in the season but definitely in time for next year’s playoffs if there are no unexpected setbacks.

Golden State will remain Thompson’s first option in free agency this summer, but he could listen to other teams if the Warriors don’t offer a max contract, sources tell Haynes. It’s not clear if Thompson’s injury will have any effect on what the organization plans to do.

Thompson’s was hurt in the third quarter of Game 6 when he landed awkwardly on his left leg after being fouled on a fast break. After being helped off the court, he returned to make two free throws, but wasn’t able to play any more. Thompson didn’t realize the severity at the time, telling coach Steve Kerr“Just a two-minute rest and I’ll be ready,” relays Joe Vardon of The Athletic.

There’s more Warriors news to pass along:

  • Re-signing Kevon Looney and possibly DeMarcus Cousins will be priorities this summer, Vardon adds. Looney will be looking for a significant raise on the one-year, $1.6MM contract he had this season, while Cousins could receive as much as $6.4MM from the Warriors via his Non-Bird rights if there’s not a strong demand for him in free agency. Cousins told Anthony Slater of The Athletic that he’s “open” to coming back (Twitter link).
  • The Warriors’ fighting spirit may have sunk their future, Slater notes in a full story. If Golden State had lost in the conference semifinals after Kevin Durant‘s injury in Game 6 or hadn’t pulled out a close victory in Game 2 in Toronto, the catastrophic events of the past two games never would have happened.
  • Veteran guard Shaun Livingston will seriously consider retirement, but said he could “possibly” return for another year, tweets Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated. Livingston, who will turn 34 this summer, has just a $2MM guarantee on his $7,692,308 contract for next season. It won’t become fully guaranteed until June 30.
  • Owner Joe Lacob wasn’t ready to address free agency questions last night, but admitted that he talked with GM Bob Myers about what the Warriors do next, relays Tim Kawakami of The Athletic. “We’ll have to assess and then talk,” Lacob said. “Obviously, we still have a very good team. And a great organization. So we’ll take it one step at a time.”
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33 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Thompson, Looney, Cousins, Livingston

  1. acarneglia

    I’d take Klay on my team any day. The leagues most underrated player, a complete bad ass

  2. formerlyz

    Wow. I called it last night that someone was going to write a dumb@$$ article like that. Lol at GS should have scooped. What universe are you in?

  3. They will absolutely give Klay Thompson full Max contract. No question, undeniable. This is a class organization.

  4. rxbrgr

    DeMarcus would most likely return on via Non-Bird Rights. It will most likely be slightly more than the mini-MLE will be and let them preserve that exception for someone else.

    • x%sure

      Yes HR error. $6.4 nonbird. This would set up a 4-yr next year, if they got desperate. But his P&R defense would stress the guards, so not really a good idea.

  5. Bay Area sports

    It would be an insult to both Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson if the warriors do not offer them max contracts. Both players selflessly put their bodies on the line to help the team, And were consequently injured. I understand that this is a business, but there is a personal side to it as well. I’m confident that our front office is aware of that, and will do the right thing

    • big_jm

      You understand that this is a business but there’s a personal side too?

      No. It’s a business. That’s where it ends.

      GS has to consider the consequences of signing Curry, Green after next year, Klay, and KD. That could penalize them so heavily that there would be little financial flexibility for any kind of depth. One thing Toronto proved this series is that speed and depth are very difficult for this Warriors team to overcome consistently.

      Adding a max deal for KD AND KT to Curry’s already lucrative deal will most definitely impact the rest of the roster. I’m sure Green will be looking for a max deal too. Cousins and Looney won’t be bargains forever.

      It’s not so easy for “super teams” to stay together.

      • Bay Area sports

        I never said it was easy… you have obviously never been in a leadership position before, if you had been, you would realize that treating people like objects isn’t effective for long term success.

        • Management already came out this season and said they’d pay what it took to keep the team together with that new Chase center revenue. If they no longer offer the max to their two FA stars after what KD and Klay put themselves through for a chance at a 3 peat then there’s going to be some really upset dubs fans

  6. I wonder if the haters will come out in force next year when they are in the playoffs again. My guess is they will make the same excuses while their teams get beat.

  7. madmanTX

    GS fanboys are so funny, growling about next year after they just got beat. You lost. Deal with it.

    • Dodgethis

      Lost yeah, but lost the finals. What’s that, 5 straight trips in the stacked west? Get over it, your teams still can’t beat golden State, and Toronto won because of injuries. Period.

      • kenleyfornia2

        I think you are already suprised. Before the series so many people said since they were a good team without KD 3 years ago they will still be a dominant team without him now. How did that work out? Now no Klay and KD for most of next year at best? Curry, Draymond and Iggy off the bench is all they have for next season. Sorry but thats not a top team in the west

        • big_jm

          You’re delusional. Yes they did lose Toronto but you know who else lost to Toronto? Milwaukee after being up 2-0. Philly after being up 2-1. Kawhi proved himself to be the best player in the playoffs and Toronto’s speed and defense—great perimeter defense—coupled with great coaching just ran through the league.

          It is NOT an indictment against GS. They’re a top 5 team with Green, Curry, and depth. I expect them to have that next year as well.

          The real issue is coaching. I always felt Kerr was not a good coach and that was on full display against Nurse. GS’s level of talent coupled with a great system has had them rolling along.

          They’re going to need coaching next season. We’ll see if Kerr delivers.

          • kenleyfornia2

            I am not at all saying they can’t win the finals next year. If KD and Klay come back for the playoffs they can easily win the chip no matter what seed they are. But to actually think as is they are positioned to be a top seed for the REGULAR SEASON is delusional. KD and Klay are their 2/3 of their massive pieces on on offense. Draymond and Curry can’t even come close to making up for the offense they will lose for most of next year. If anything it was proven that they have no depth on this roster outside Iggy. They dont have the cap room to fix that issue unless one of their free agents walk. They will make the playoffs. But this team is not going to be a top seed and i will take that bet with anyone.

            • Totally agree they’re going to have a rough regular season. This team minus KD and Klay is a huge way off from those pre-KD teams. They don’t have near the depth and people act like Harrison Barnes was a scrub then

    • OCTraveler

      This is your therapist calling, “Obviously you have missed your appointment- you’re delusional. Please confirm my diagnosis by saying you believe the Lakers will finish higher than the Warriors.”

      • kenleyfornia2

        We have to see what happens in the offseason. If the Lakers get AD and the Warriors re sign KD and Klay I will 100 percent take that bet of the Lakers being better. People called me delusional for saying Toronto would win the series. There is a reason the Lakers are favored in Vegas and they have every reason not to be biased. “Warriors in 4. Warriors are better without KD” people ate a giant bowl of crow and you will again if you think a depleted roster like theirs is still a top team in the west.

    • jump shot

      I’d be scared of a GS team next May and June with a healthy (and well-rested) Durant and Thompson – regardless of their playoff seed.

  8. stretch123

    They should let Demarcus Cousins walk, and give Durant and Klay the max… use your midlevel to bring in a scoring wing player that can be a force off the bench… and hopefully Igudoula and Livingston return.

    • adamckern@gmail.com

      Not livingston. He’s lost too much and was a turnover machine. His IQ is so high but his speed has regressed. Would love to see him as assistant coach for Kerr. Only bring him back on a low salary, not the $7 mill he has left

      • No way they bring Livingston back considering what he brought this year and looking at their tax bill. There’s a lot of teams with cap room this year and now two marquee FA are now lost for the season. Some team will offer Boogie more than what dubs can and given his recent injury history he’d be wise to take some long term security

      • x%sure

        Livingston is guaranteed for $2MM, sunk costs. Bringing him back costs GSW $5.7 more. Since they only have the MLE to restock, they need existing players to stay & he knows that & doesn’t even want more years, so is unlikely to renegotiate.

  9. Warriors did a good of staying in games despite not being at full strength, and it’s horrible that 2 of the elite players in the league suffered serious injuries.

    But the Warriors didn’t demonstrate any particular “fighting spirit” beyond being the normal competitiveness you’d expect from any professional athletes. Are there any players in the league that would sit out a Finals / championship game when cleared by the team to play-? If either guy came back earlier than they should have, it certainly wasn’t apparent from their play – they each looked more than healthy enough to play. It’s not like they were playing against the advice of their medical staff and aggravated a prior injury.

  10. rycm131

    I know Cousins was hurt and not 100%, but many many times he was the worst player on the court. The demand for him can not be high.

  11. Archie M.

    I think Shaun should sign a 2-year deal with the up and coming Clippers to close out his career that began in LA. I saw him in a couple of Clippers games during his early years & Clippers fans love him. Would be a solid player off the bench for the Clippers & provide some championship experience. And would be great for him to end the journey where it all began. Who knows? The Clippers might even win 1 of the next 2 championships. That would be incredible way to end an NBA career.

  12. Spike4christ

    Cousins will get some offers in the market not many FA out there. Especially if KD And Klay Sign with warriors. Boogie could get a good 1 year deal.

    • Indeed, DMC will be healthy next year & that puts him at the level of Embiid, Jokic, & KAT as the best centers in the league! He will have a tone of interest from teams this summer!

      • I hope he comes back stronger than he looked in the finals. Seems like he had no lift no explosion but I guess that’s probably on a quad that wasn’t a hundred percent. Hope he works out this summer and he comes back strong.

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