Woj’s Latest: Durant, Kawhi, Vucevic

Besides breaking news of trades on ESPN’s 2019 NBA draft telecast on Thursday night – as well as breaking picks on Twitter before they were announced – Adrian Wojnarowski also provided some updates on a few notable free agents during ESPN’s draft coverage.

Here are the highlights from Woj:

  • The Warriors, Nets, Knicks, and Clippers will all be “significant considerations” for Kevin Durant in free agency this summer, according to Wojnarowski. “One thing I’m told is he is really focused on making his decision independently of anyone else and that includes Kyrie Irving,” Woj said of Durant, per RealGM. “He’s at a point in his career where he’s going to decide really essentially on a four-year deal elsewhere or a five-year deal with Golden State, where he’s going to spend the rest of his prime.”
  • While the Raptors and Clippers are still considered the frontrunners to sign Kawhi Leonard, Wojnarowski hears that Leonard may take free agents meetings with the Knicks and perhaps the Nets and Sixers as well (Twitter link via Adam Zagoria of ZagsBlog.com).
  • If the Magic don’t reach a new deal with free agent center Nikola Vucevic once he reaches the open market, the Celtics and Lakers are two candidates to pursue the big man, per Wojnarowski (Twitter link via Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype). Both Boston and L.A. project to have cap room available, and the C’s expect to lose starting center Al Horford.
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19 thoughts on “Woj’s Latest: Durant, Kawhi, Vucevic

  1. rgreen

    Kawhi should come to Philly,him and Embiid could be a Shaq and Kobe type of combination.He’s the only guy they can sign,that would make me ok if we lose Tobi or Butler.Durant and Klay are up there as well,but the injuries complicate things there.

    • Luckylefty2

      Why would kawhi(who won a championship) join another team. If anything embiid should go whoever kawhi goes.

  2. Oh, you Philly fans…… Always thinking the elite free agent would consider Philly. Right up until an our before
    LeBron signed with The Lakers I saw all these Philly fans posting he would sign there. Didn’t even take a meeting……… Such a delusional fanbase, lol

    • So delusional when they base their beliefs and opinions off of what “professional” reporters report. LeBron was on the table until he talked to Magic. If a WojBomb drops that Kawhi is considering talking to the Sixers, how does that make Philly fans delusional? Not like we are saying “OMG DAME IS ASKING FOR A SIXERS TRADE!!!” We follow where the news leads us. It’s the circle of fandom. Pardon me for being a fan of my team.

      • Woj is not hooked into LeBron so he is as reliable as the delusional Philly fans. LeBron didn’t even meet with Philly. Philly was NEVER on the table.
        Some “experts” also reported Denver was a player for him and they never were.
        Just like a Philly fan to wish their team into a situation that doesn’t exist.

    • rgreen

      Well ya see,we read a story that says the 6ers are going for Lebron or Kawhi will consider a Philly visit.Then we get excited and start dreaming of the scenarios that could happen…. Basically the same as every other fan in other cities,its part of being a fan.And LeBron actually considered Philly.He chose to live in Los Angeles over Philadelphia,im not even mad at him about that.

  3. That’s the thing. LeBron didn’t consider Philly. He didn’t even meet with them. If your fanbase wants to make stuff up, go ahead if that excites you.
    No one knows what Kawhi will do.
    Yet another example though of the delusional Philly fanbase pretending they are relevant where they aren’t.

    • So what about the LA fans thinking Paul George was going to join them? That worked out well. What about every single yankee fan that thinks their prospects are always worth five Mike Trouts? Fans are fans. And you have the right to think Philly fans are delusional because guess what? We are. It’s fun. Try it. But to point out Philly and just Philly alone, now that’s delusional.

      • Well maybe because he said he wanted to play for the Lakers before the trade to OKC? Might be a good reason to think that…….

      • LA fans had a valid reason to think that PG was joining the Lakers since he literally said he wanted to play for the team. Nothing like that for LBJ and Philly (NEVER visited) or Kawhi.
        I’m a Laker fan and am I talking on boards about him coming to the Lakers? NO.
        More likely than Philly since he has said in the past he wants to be home (Southern California).
        But Kawhi hasn’t given any indication of where he is going.
        Philly is laughable as a destination for him.
        Thus my original comment

  4. hoosierhysteria

    He should ask Bryce Harper how he likes Philly fans. Not a fit for KL.

  5. Stoop Down Low

    I see Golden State signing Durant to a 5 year deal since the money isn’t close and that’s the main factor to him. Brooklyn then offers maximum to Kyrie which he graciously accepts. His pick ‘n roll man Horford then signs to a multi-year pact to join him in Brooklyn. D’Angelo Russell signs with Phoenix.

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