Alec Burks Signs With Warriors

JULY 11: Burks has officially put pen to paper on his deal with the Warriors, the team announced on its Twitter feed.

JULY 8: After initially reaching an agreement with the Thunder early in free agency, guard Alec Burks will instead sign a one-year contract with the Warriors, agent JR Hensley tells Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

As Charania explains (via Twitter), since Burks and Mike Muscala agreed to sign with the Thunder before the Paul George trade developed, Oklahoma City allowed both players to re-evaluate their situations, if they so chose. Muscala remains committed to the Thunder, but Burks will head to Golden State instead of OKC.

“Alec was extremely appreciative about how the Thunder handled the situation and he’s looking forward to his new opportunity,” Hensley told Charania.

A former lottery pick, Burks is a career 35.5% three-point shooter and can defend perimeter players, so he figures to become part of Golden State’s wing rotation. Last season, he appeared in a total of 64 games for the Jazz, Cavaliers, and Kings, averaging 8.8 PPG, 3.7 RPG, and 2.0 APG in 21.5 minutes per contest.

While terms of Burks’ deal weren’t reported, it will almost certainly be a minimum-salary deal, given the Warriors’ cap constraints.

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21 thoughts on “Alec Burks Signs With Warriors

  1. PapiElf

    He’s hardly going to play if the Warriors are going to use Jacob Evans as a SG

      • With all due respect hiflew, that statement makes no sense.

        Alec Burks sees an opportunity to play because the Warriors are short shooting guards/ Wing players. They lost Durant Iguodala and Klay Thompson and all three played big roles.

        The Warriors are going to be down this year, hardly Championship contenders. They’re doing a fine job of moving on past Dynasty status (or in the neighborhood of dynasty five straight finals,) but they’re a 5 seed right now, maybe four?

        • brewpackbuckbadg

          And it is not like his original signing with the Thunder was ring chasing. WCF chasing at best.

        • TheTruth12

          I’m sorry are you high? Hardly championship contenders? In what world? Come playoffs I’m taking Curry, Russell, Green and Kerr over any team in the West. They’ve proved they can win without KD and Iggy, Russell to fill in for Klay. This team won’t be as bad as some think. I’m saying this as a Warriors hater, until a West team can beat them in the playoffs they’re the favorites.

          • They’re my favorite team. I’m just saying a 4 or 5 seed. Klay Thompson is huge for them people don’t realize it. He makes Curry better and vice-versa but him out for the majority of the year is a MASSIVE loss.

            • hiflew

              If they are a 4 or 5, then who are the better teams in your opinion. Clippers are possible, but we don’t know how they will gel. PG13 and Westbrook were just the 6 seed last year. PG13 and Kawhi isn’t that much different. Nuggets and Blazers could be, but they could also be proven as overachievers as well. Rockets? Please. Lakers? Please x 2.

              The Warriors are not nearly as far ahead of the pack as last year, without a doubt. But they were an all time great team BEFORE Durant got there. Losing him is not going to hurt that much. Klay being out will hurt, but he will back before the end of the year most likely and Russell could prove an adequate replacement. They have enough pieces right now to have the Western Conference playoffs go through the Bay Area once again.

              • I think losing Iguodala is pretty big and as I said Thompson is a massive loss. Livingston gone so a lot of veterans replaced by youth. Only 6 returning guys including Klay Thompson.

                I’m not sure which four or five teams will be ahead of the Warriors but the nuggets are improved Utah’s improved Houston brings back the same Squad Lakers and Clippers could Vault ahead of the Warriors and Portland is improved. Then you have Dallas a maybe? I know I’m forgetting somebody but it looks like it’ll be fun to watch the West this year.

        • whoneedsfacts

          I agree, no one is going to GS to ring chase anymore, perhaps the good culture or an oppertuinty to play with Klay out and Durant gone. Ring chasing will take place in LA at this Point, as the still good warriors are no longer great.

          • hiflew

            The Lakers are too old. They are a first round exit at best. The Clippers might be good enough, but no one knows how they will gel. Just because you have two great players doesn’t mean you are an instant title contender.

    • Warriors fans know that they’re trying to make Jacob Evans a point guard.

      Alec Burks whom the Jazz tried to turn into a point guard, but I don’t think it worked out, is a fine Wing player.

      A funny side note I think the Jazz wanted Klay Thompson before the Warriors scooped them up one pick prior.

      I think Burks was selected 12? By the Jazz? Jimmer, then Klay, then Alec Burks. Crazy.

    • macdaddy96

      The warriors actually have been using Evans as the primary point guard/ball handler in the summer league. I’d imagine Burks would still be in front of Evans in the rotation though.

        • He’s not an NBA caliber shooting off guard. So they’re giving him run at the point to see if he can become a player.

          • sleepyfloyd

            Even if he’s never developed to what many believed, Burke’s has had a better career then Evans ever will

  2. x%sure

    Burks plays better than his stats indicate IMO. Poised, aware. 28 is fine for GSW but apparently not OKC anymore. Presti must be confident he can find buyers for Westbrook & Adams.

  3. formerlyz

    I think this is a super sneaky move by GS. If he stays healthy, I really like it for them. Honestly, people that count them out this year arent paying attention to the bounceback moves they’ve made.

  4. does he slot in as a starter till Klay comes back?

    Beginning of Season:

    1) Steph
    2) Russel
    3) Burcks
    4) Green
    5) WCS

  5. totoiv

    Curry, Thompson, Durant, Cousins, Green, Igoudala

    Warriors played the regular season without one of those players 80% of the time, they played without 2 of players 55% of the time, and without 3 players 35% of the time and still were 1st in the West.

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