Anthony Davis Focusing On This Season, Not Future

Anthony Davis is expected to re-sign with the Lakers once his contract is up next summer. Yet, Davis was given the chance to confirm that outcome in an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols (h/t Kurt Helin of NBC Sports) and he chose not to go full Kyrie in reaffirming his commitment to the franchise.

“I’m just focused on this season. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Davis said. “I have one year here, so I’m going make the best of this year. And when that time comes around in the summer or, you know, whenever the season’s over — hopefully, around, you know, mid-June, after we just had a parade, and I need a couple days to think — then we can talk about that. But until then, I’m trying to do whatever I can to help this team win this year.”

Regardless of being noncommittal when asked about his future with the club, Davis is unlikely to leave. Los Angeles was a destination he pushed for while in New Orleans and – alongside LeBron James – he’s in a position to compete for a championship.

Davis recently spoke about the “relief” he felt after the Lakers traded for him and discussed his high regard for the roster in L.A during his introductory press conference with the team.

“I like every player that we have, from one through 14. I’m excited about it. I would put our roster against anybody. I think that in a seven-game series we would come out victorious,” Davis said.

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19 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Focusing On This Season, Not Future

  1. Cabrera4l

    He’s not signing with the lakers. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back to NO

    • Lakersfan99

      I cant lie as a Laker fan it would be funny to me if he bails and trading all those future stars to the Pelicans would be a waste. I was never behind getting AD I liked the young core with LBJ and if they would off added shooters with them last season it would of worked

  2. Thronson5

    My God, the Lakers and LeBron haters are unreal. Get a life! It’s funny when you hear guys say stuff like LeBron is old and washed up and gonna be hurt. Yea, keep telling yourself that. Even when he came back not even fully healed he still had a better season than most players in the league. The best is when these reporters say the Lakers need time to mesh but the Clipper don’t and will win it all lmfao! Lakers have a decent amount of players coming back..LeBron, Kuzma, McGee, Pope, Rondo, Caruso. But yet the Clipper have two star players new to the team and they are going not need any time to mesh and are gonna win it all. Come one. ThTs some hypocritical BS! I actually do think the Lakers will need time to mesh but so will the Clippers and a lot of these teams that changed a lot of players around. I just don’t see why it’s only the Lakers just pure hatred. Nobody wants to see them succeed. They will be fine. Night start slow but by the last 1/4 or 1/3 of the season they’ll be jammin, meshing well. And even if they don’t win it all which they might not they’ll still go far enough to where the following season they can build off it and win it all. Like the Heat did that first and second season they reshaped their roster.

  3. hinglemccringleberry

    It’s gonna funny when K.Leonard leaves the clippers after 2 years. Lol. Aw man I cant wait . What’s funny is nobody wanted to play for the clippers for 35 years. Lol.

  4. D$!LLKU$H-og

    Wonder if Marks can create some more cap room and sign AD? Maybe a signed and traded Caris Levert goes back to LAL along with GSW 1st. If needed throw in Allen and Nets could start


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