Community Shootaround: Chris Paul

Insurance spokesman Chris Paul finds himself stranded in Oklahoma City at the moment and State Farm can’t help him.

Considered for many seasons as the world’s premier point guard, Paul is stuck on the rebuilding Thunder until GM Sam Presti can find a way to deal his monstrous contract. The Thunder granted Russell Westbrook his wish to be traded in the wake of Paul George‘s trade demand. Presti send the team’s longtime floor leader to the Rockets for Paul, a couple of first-round picks and the right to swap two others.

Paul has played most of his career with contenders that have fallen short in the playoffs. He’s now in an awkward spot with the Thunder, who are looking to build around young point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the top player acquired from the Clippers in the George deal. Dennis Schroder, the team’s sixth man, is also a natural point guard.

The remainder of the roster won’t strike fear into the hearts of opponents. The Thunder will be fortunate to win 30 games next season.

Moving Paul to another team won’t be easy. He’s due $38.5MM next season, $41.4MM in 2020/21 and $44.2MM in 2021/22 if he exercises his player option.

Perhaps a younger Chris Paul was worth all that money but age (34) and injuries have led to a decline. He averaged 15.6 PPG on 41.9% shooting, both career lows, last season.

Paul will probably begin the season with the Thunder and have to wait at least until mid-December, when the latest crop of free agents become trade eligible, to get rescued. A point guard injury could motivate a contender to bring in Paul to save their season.

The Heat have been mentioned as the most likely trade partner but they’d want a couple of first-rounders tossed in to ease the burden of Paul’s salary-cap swallowing contract. The Pistons have also been considered a possible suitor, since they could pair up Paul with former pick-and-roll partner Blake Griffin. However, they’re not keen on Paul’s contract, either, especially with Andre Drummond potentially headed to free agency next summer.

That brings us to our question of the day: Do you think Chris Paul will be on Oklahoma City’s roster all of next season? If not, which team will trade for him?

Please take to the comments section to weigh in on this topic. We look forward to your input.

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23 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Chris Paul

  1. Seems like okc would have to do the same as Houston just did to get rid of him – throw in a bunch of picks to make it worth it.

  2. Chucktoad1

    For the time being move S.G.A. to the 2 and have him run the 2nd unit while learning from CP3. Shroeder’s going to be his same old inefficient self no matter where you put him. This tem isn’t a contender but I think people are selling them short. Could win 35-40 depending on CP3s health

    • Victor Gunzales

      I would see the team win 45 game and the 8th spot .. I could also see the team when 24 games and be a joke … lol … but they need to move Schroder and Roberson for sure …

  3. Senioreditor

    If he’s willing to leave a significant amount of money on the table they might buy him out and stretch him otherwise they’re probably stuck with him.

  4. Rob80

    I can’t see Paul being enough of a difference maker to tie up a team’s cap into 2022. I think he stays put, but, maybe a team like Milwaukee takes a shot. They’re not a free agent destination and this is their window of contention. He’d fit well in that system too

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      I thought about MIN too. If Wiggins is still struggling and OKC is willing to swap then that’s not terrible. If Wiggins is playing well and they are in the playoff hunt, then Teague and Dieng could match up as well. If I’m MIN I’d ask for the 2021 or 2023 MIA pick for the latter.

  5. chuckster

    Okc can be a 40 win team. Roster isn’t bad. Have SGA at the 2 learning alongside CP3

  6. slapnuts

    Bench him. He’s not part of their plans, they’re not serious contenders, and they have youth to develop. Maybe he’ll get disgruntled enough to agree to a buy out or agree to not exercise that 3rd year option and therefore become a bit more tradeable

  7. x%sure

    SGA has nothing to learn from from CP3 that works for his game or style. Even if there was was, there’s more learning by doing and a little film study. There’s not much sync or upside, not much planning or permanance with this pairing but it could be worse… It could be SGA/Russ.

    • Chucktoad1

      Nothing to learn from one of the greatest point guards of his generation? Paul played great D in his prime, was most always willing to find an open teammate, could play off ball and still be effective and then when all else broke down he was more than capable of getting his own shot. He can make reads no one else but maybe LeBron or Stockton could make. He can figure out where the ball will end up and where the defense will be 2 passes later.
      If S.G.A. can’t learn anything from Paul’s game then he needs to rethink his style.
      You’re right about the fact that it could be worse if Alexander were paired with Westbrook.

      • x%sure

        Good points, but Paul (and Russ) plays like a madman, while SGA seems to be appreciated & popular for being. . . Canadian-like.
        (Actially SGA was getting a bit fiesty towards the end of his KY year, so that Canadian politeness may pass eventually.)

  8. Jerry Garcia

    The better question is why did they even trade for Chris Paul in the first place.

    • afsooner02

      Pretty simple…got 2 firsts and 2 swaps and 1 less year of a massive contract.

  9. Simple Fan

    I think if he doesn’t stay on OKC then Suns might trade for him for Rubio, if both Rubio isn’t balling with the Suns, and Paul and the Thunder aren’t balling. I can see Chris Paul swaying some heads in Phoenix, that’s for sure.

    Beyond that, it would sure be fun to see a re-pairing of Paul with Griffin in Detroit!

    Also, props to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Very big moves over the last couple of weeks! So awesome for shedding Russ. Retire his number!

  10. Kjb716818

    I think he gets bought out and ends up on the lakers somehow. Itll happen, somehow…hell be a laker. The lakers will overpay and he will get hurt.

    No way he lives out that contract. I cant believe morey was able to get rid of it…unbelievably stupid signing that hurt houston…but not nearly as bad as it could have.

    So, cp3 sees the writing on the wall by now. Id love to see him sit and rot until he retires an afterthought, but the nba needs the Lakers to matter and cp3 can actually help them for 2 years. The league office will figure out a way to get him to LAL without killing OKC.

    CP3 will be losing some loot though.

    OKC will come out winners in the end, mainly because they are owed big time from the pg13 BS and its fall out.

    Not an okc fan… but thats how i see it. Lal will get a 3rd aged star… and houston well they lost draft picks and will continue to tread water as wcf finalists with questionable chemistry.

    In the end typical buffoonery under adam silver… the nba has slipped big time under this yutz.

  11. hoosierhysteria

    Do not give picks to dump him. Let him enjoy oil-Beria. Lose weight…get in shape…hoop it up. Will CP3 give up huge $ to get bought out? He’s due 40. Would he give up 20 to get to Fakers?

  12. Eric Lord

    The Thunder aren’t a contender, but they aren’t a bottom feeder either. They have some quality players if not stars. Paul (for now), SGA, Schroder, Adams, Gallinari, Robeson, Bazely, Muscala, Diallo & Noel is a decent team. They’ll win more than 30 games, maybe not a lot more, but I can see them winning around 35-37 games

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