J.R. Smith Meeting With Bucks

After clearing waivers on Wednesday, veteran shooting guard J.R. Smith has lined up a free agent meeting with the Bucks, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, who reports (via Twitter) that the sit-down will happen today.

As Charania notes, Milwaukee remains in the market for a wing shooter. However, the team has little financial flexibility, having used up its cap space and its room exception. While the Bucks can’t offer more than the veteran’s minimum, Smith is unlikely to command more than that at this stage in his career.

Released this week by the Cavaliers, Smith hasn’t appeared in an NBA game since last November, when he parted ways with the team for the remainder of the season. In the first month of the 2018/19 season, he appeared in 11 games (20.2 MPG), averaging 6.7 PPG on .342/.308/.800 shooting. Those numbers were among the worst of his 15-year NBA career, though the sample size was extremely limited.

In his last full season in 2017/18, Smith recorded 8.3 PPG with a .375 3PT% in 80 games (28.1 MPG).

The idea of the Lakers as a landing spot for Smith was a popular topic of speculation, given his connection to LeBron James and Klutch Sports. But a report surfaced shortly after the Cavs waived him indicating that the Lakers were an unlikely destination for the veteran.

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18 thoughts on “J.R. Smith Meeting With Bucks

  1. dtrainriotmaker

    As a bucks fan I’m 50/50 on this . My thought is if they don’t sign him who else is there ? Might be worth a gamble

      • bdpecore

        I’d be good with resigning Wood. I believe the Bucks still have two open roster spots to fill. Korver/Smith and Wood would be quality additions at this point.

        • BoiseHero

          And he would never come back after what happened in Oshkosh . Clearly did not have a good relationship with team management

    • bdpecore

      Korver would be the only other veteran option I’d consider but Smith has the ability to get hot and be a better offensive weapon coming off the bench.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Yes, and that’s if he’s paying the Bucks $25 for the Jersey and paying his own way all season.

      Fun facts about J.R.; When he was a rookie, ESPN caught footage of him asking if shootarounds were optional; New Orleans drafted Smith, then benched him in his second year before trading him to Chicago; Chicago had Smith for maybe an hour before they gave him away for two late second rounders; Denver benched him after one too many contested turnaround threes in the playoffs, then pawned him off in NY in the Melo trade; Cleveland sent him home last season after six games.

      Oh, and he killed a guy. Ran a stop sign in a residential area, make accident, his passenger died.

      Amazing career.

  2. x%sure

    His poor last season could be chalked up to not being wanted around, but him coming back is a matter of getting his rear end in shape and working and supporting teammates that get more PT. So… doubtful.

  3. formerlyz

    I think JR would make some sense in Toronto. They could use shooting at the 2/wing spots

  4. He’s a clown. Considering the progress Milwaukee has made, I’d be disappointed if they did sign him. At this level of play, locker room chemistry is just as important.

    • bdpecore

      I’m not worried about having someone like JR in their locker room. If Giannis can’t keep him in line one of their other veterans (Hill, Lopez Twins or Bledsoe) should be able to get through to him

    • Jason Lancaster

      “thug”? He’s a rich kid. His family was well off. He’s never done a stretch for a violent felony.

      I’m about as big a JR critic as there is, and I think your comment is out of line. Not to put too fine a point on it, but thug is a code word used by racists, and I’d encourage you to stop saying it completely.

      • Flharfh

        Beep Beep, it’s the word police. Aren’t you sure you’ve had enough to say today, sir? Using the wrong words again, are we?

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