Knicks To Sign Wayne Ellington

The Knicks have agreed to a two-year, $16MM contract with free agent sharpshooter Wayne Ellington, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

Ellington, a career 38% shooter from behind the arc, will play for the ninth different team of his career. He’s previously made stops with Minnesota, Memphis, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Miami and Detroit.

New York has already reached agreements with Julius Randle (3-year/$64MM), Bobby Portis (2-year/$31MM), Taj Gibson (2-year/$20MM) and Reggie Bullock (2-year, $21MM) during the first day of free agency. The team has roughly $10MM left in cap space with two open roster spots.

In addition to his floor-spacing ability, the Knicks value Ellington’s veteran mindset and locker room mentality. He averaged 12 points in 28 games for the Pistons last season, holding a 37% shooting mark from 3-point range.

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24 thoughts on “Knicks To Sign Wayne Ellington

  1. stretch123

    Loading up on two year deals. I like the strategy after missing out on top free agents.

      • 4Quarters

        It was always get 2 max guys OR build for the future.

        I take it you’re either a kid or an adult up to their eyeballs in debt from bad planning & lack of foresight.

        Or an unimaginative troll…

  2. Dave4585

    Good signing he spaces the floor out well with his 3 point shooting

  3. I give no fox

    It will be interesting to see what the guarantees on these deals are. Knicks could have quite a few assets to flip at the coming trade deadlines

    • Jason Lancaster

      Exactly correct. Looks like they’re thinking over there for once.

      • x%sure

        But none of these 1+1 guys are likely to increase their value. They’re not good investments. They signed a draw early in Randle then could have done what you’re advising but kind of went half in.

  4. Another joke of a signing. Ellington’s been in the league for 10 years and has never made this kind of $$. He’s not a tight rotation player and he’ll be 32 later this year.

    Fizdale must be happy. Now he can use a 12-man rotation, starting a different SG each day of the week. Dotson and Trier (from the young core, LOL) will get fewer minutes and be gone when RFAs next year.

  5. bigeasye

    I’m not a knocks fan but this is not a bad move. They’re years away from contending so stocking up with 4 solid guys instead of one Max is a good program. Build the culture and grow from the draft

  6. apaca1ypse

    NYK making very good moves to be in the championship hunt. If only they had the player to build around…

    Maybe it’s RJ Barrett!!!!

    (Disclaimer: I am a Duke fan)

  7. GiantsFaithful

    Dennis Smith Jr
    Rj Barrett
    Kevin Knox
    Julius randle
    Mitchel Robinson

    Not too bad of a starting 5, I don’t think it’s playoff worthy though.

  8. victorg

    man I mean things could change but right now it looks like it must be tough to be a knicks fan…I mean I like randle for sure but the rest of these moves …. meh…

    • emac22

      Durant on the bench all year instead of Portis and Randle would have been so much better…..?

      • Curtisrowe

        Well yes, because they would have had him next year. Are you being serious?

        • emac22

          He said it’s going to be tough to be a knicks fan. The Knicks are going to be better this year than they would have been this year if they signed Durant. Probably much better.

          How is that tough for a Knicks fan?

          Do you think it would be easier miss the playoffs while espn and everyone else bashes the team every day for spending that much money on a player with that kind of injury?

          They get a better team immediately and eliminate the risk of him going down and setting the team back 5 years.

          I get they lost out on the lottery ticket but I don’t get how it’s harder to be a Knicks fan today unless you’re completely driven by the media cycle.

          This is a pretty good team and it’s a good group for the young players to win and develop at the same time.

          The option was a year of hell as the entire roster waited for Durant. After that was a giant question mark.

  9. mustang

    It is what it is.
    They’re loading up on trade short term assets.
    Basically wait another 2 years at least

  10. DynamiteAdams

    They are going to make so many trades at next year’s deadline.

  11. brian214

    This was someone I was hoping Philly could sign (obviously not to the amount the Knicks did since Sixers do not have the space). Maybe a trade target at some point?

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