Lakers Announce Multiple Signings

After a flurry of moves today, the Lakers have made five of them official, tweets Bill Oram of The Athletic.

The team announced the re-signing of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and JaVale McGee, along with the free agent additions of DeMarcus Cousins, Quinn Cook and Danny Green.

Still to come are the signings of Rajon Rondo, Troy Daniels, Jared Dudley and Alex Caruso, along with confirmation of the mega-deal that will bring Anthony Davis from the Pelicans.

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53 thoughts on “Lakers Announce Multiple Signings

        • Gary

          Jerry West is one answer. New owner Ballmer is another.

          The bigger question is how could the Clippers be in L A that long and still be a crummy franchise? Sterling kept that team down for three decades.

      • Gary

        C Count em:
        L Leonard & Lou
        I I see Beverly & Zubac
        P P G
        S Shamet

        Winning formula !!

    • sportsfan101

      I really hope that is a sarcastic comment.. cousins and his injury history does not come close to giving the lakers a big 3 lmao

  1. thestripedtaco

    I mean really despite not getting Leonard I think that this still looks like a very strong team on paper. Certainly more balanced.

        • whoneedsfacts

          Agreed! I’m not Lakers fan, but as a person who doesn’t mindlessly hate the Lakers or LeBron I can see that they have done really well. I like a lot of moves from a lot of teams though, this is the most balanced the NBA has been in a while and the Lakers are clearly one of the top teams.

          • Eta34

            I’m definitely a laker hater. Having said that, they look solid. Could be a really good team this year.

  2. JonnyLucas

    That’s a good team. I can’t wait to see those lakers clippers games. It’s all about LA next year, baby.

    • bobaganoosh5

      Except neither team wins the title next year lmao the west still gotta go through golden state …. la fans are clowns ……

      • kenleyfornia2

        Anyone who still thinks the Warriors are THE team in the west is a clown. Their best forward is Draymond for christ sakes. Both LA teams have 2 better frontcourt players alone and more depth

      • whoneedsfacts

        Hey buddy, your Dubs aren’t quite Duds yet, but y’all definitely not even top 2 anymore. I would take either LA team over GS anytime.

  3. hiflew

    The Lakers are poised to contend for an NBA title with this team. The problem is that the title they are poised to win with this team is in 2013-14. This team is a first round exit at best in 2019-20.

      • Gary

        The West is tough. No easy path. You happen to finish second seed and you’ve got to play the third seed or the 6th seed to get there. Not a piece of cake, but I do look forward to watching the battles.

    • Banesays

      Once again, is anybody really surprised at this comment considering it’s hiflew?

      • hiflew

        Thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment. Of course it really doesn’t matter because I have absolutely no idea who you are. Glad I made an impression on your life though.

        • Gary

          I think there’s a lot of guys on here who have multiple accounts. Never seen that name before but they sure know you LOL.

    • Strike Four

      No lies detected.

      They are like, SO f’d if AD misses serious time…if he plays 75+ games, they’re probably 5-8 seed but theres so many good teams they could slide either way.

      • Gary

        You know, I picture Anthony Davis is an injury-prone guy but looking at his record he fights through and plays complete seasons. My initial thoughts are off base with his number of games played.

  4. Chun

    Green and McGee Caruso I’m good! Pope 2 years 16 mill? Klutch sports signing! Hope Cousins is in the gym? He looked slow and fat. Go Lakers

  5. Hoya_Destroya

    Lakers look good but the West is a beast. SA, Denver, Portland, Utah, Clippers, Sac, Hou, Dallas, and GS are all formidable.

    I can make argument that Utah, Portland, an SA had just good an offseason as Lakers!

  6. Fearthebeard

    Lakers are top 8 if Davis and lebron are healthy. Though let’s be serious. They aren’t top 4. The additions outside of green and cousins are the same guys who failed to make the finals.

    The pieces they gave up for Davis hurt when your starting rondo. Again Davis and lebron are if cousins is healthy (a huge if) that’s a top 8 team. Though the other pieces aren’t in the same league as the top teams.

  7. Strike Four

    “Warriors ruined the league”

    /Lakers sign like half the Warriors

    “Lakers are great again!!!”

    • djsnippets

      They kinda did, but now everybody is trying to prove themselves and do it with two. Makes it a whole lot more interesting than 4-5 all stars. A lot more competition this year.

    • Gary

      Durant leaves Westbrook hanging to join super team. Gets vilified.

      Paul George leaves Westbrook hanging to join super team…. cheers all around.

  8. greg1

    I like the roster, but don’t love it. It looks like a 3-5 seed in the west and a second round appearance or WCF if the cards go their way.

  9. Fearthebeard

    Pretty much exactly how I see it Greg. Except I can’t see a wcf unless more major roster moves happen in their favour.

    Rockets, clippers, warriors (if Thompson ain’t out all year), nuggets, blazers all at least worthy of saying are right there with them if not better. Not sure if I forgot some too!

  10. djsnippets

    Danny Green is the best pick up out of everybody. All he does is win. He’s a tremendous role player. I’m not a laker fan but I am a fan of Lebron, interested to see how far they go. Big Willy style wild Wild West

    • doubleringer

      He sure didn’t show up in the Finals for Tor much. He appears a little overrated on the surface.

  11. asdfgh

    Wow and you can take that diss back to the times of the lakeshow you pathetic troll. LA is going to be a great rivalry. But advantage to Clippers with coaching and surrounding pieces

  12. Armaday

    Davis and Boogie have such injury histories, I could see that being a huge concern, especially in the post season.

  13. rap4life

    It would have been interesting to c how the Lakers load managed Leonard,AD and LB

  14. atlas bunts

    It’s gonna be a Utah [or LA (Clippers)] vs Indiana in the 2020 NBA Finals.
    Take it to the bank!

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