Lakers Plan To Start LeBron James At Point Guard

With a new-look roster surrounding their star player next season, the Lakers plan to try LeBron James at a new position. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the club will head into 2019/20 with the intention of starting James at point guard.

James had frequently assumed ball-handling duties and operated as a point forward throughout his Hall-of-Fame career, but it sounds like this arrangement will look a little different, since he won’t be opening games alongside a traditional point guard. Sources tell Haynes that James and Danny Green are expected to start in the backcourt for the Lakers.

While point guards like Rajon Rondo, Quinn Cook, and even Alex Caruso should see plenty of action for the Lakers over the course of the season, putting James at the point could allow the club to trot out a starting lineup with a ton of size.

Theoretically, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, and Kyle Kuzma could fill out the starting five, though I’m not sure that’d be the best way to optimize the rotation. We’ll have to wait to see which direction the team goes — and if the LeBron-as-point-guard plan is one that sticks.

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51 thoughts on “Lakers Plan To Start LeBron James At Point Guard

  1. jeremy

    It either LeBron, green, kuz ,ad and cousins or something like LeBron , bardley , green ,ad and cousins.

  2. acarneglia

    The Lakers should start LBJ-Green-Bradley-Kuzma-Davis. Gives passing, shooting, defense, and rebounding. Bring Rondo-KCP-Daniels-Cousins-McGee off the bench.

    • jeremy

      That wouldnt make sense since McGee and cousins are centers. Who would play PF? I heard AD like playing pf more. So most likely Ad at PF with cousins or McGee at center

    • apaca1ypse

      Start Bradley or KCP. I’m probably in the minority here, but I’d also bring Boogie off the bench. I like the Kuz, Boog 6th, 7th man rotation. KCP really found his groove off the bench last year too. Start Bradley.

  3. goldenmisfit

    This is nothing new for him he did this in Cleveland. When you got bigeyes under the rim like cousins, Kuzma and Davis this will work really well. But of course the haters will hate first it was he’s a ball hog because he scored too much now it’s what he just has to touch the ball from the start you people crack me up with your ignorance.

    • Havlicek stole the ball

      You see “haters” everywhere. The world is full of “haters”. That’s what Psychiatrists call Obsession. You should take more care of yourself. Lead a healthier life.

  4. maddog

    They have 2 star big men who can’t stay healthy and an aging Lebron. In the stacked west this team will be lucky to get the 6th seed

  5. PapiElf

    He’s already the coach, the general manager, and the cotton candy vendor. Now he’s the point guard. What’s next, he’s going to become a cheerleader?

  6. victorg

    I told my cuz this yesterday … LBJ-GREEN-KUZMA-DAVID-COUSINS …you would probably have to put green on the opposing PGS on d cause you don’t want LBL chasing sexton and dame around all game though.

  7. It won’t be LBJ, Green and Kuzma 1-3. Not a chance. More like LBJ, Bradley and Green. The issue is not who has the ball on offense, it’s who covers the other team’s PG (and then SG, SF, etc.) on defense. LBJ won’t be covering PGs from the opening tap. Bradley or Green could, but more so Bradley if both are starting.

    • stevep-4

      A few patented illegal picks and the opposing pg is on the floor grimacing, no problem.

  8. Mike_Davis

    LBJ as the PG only works if two 3 & D guards are also starting with him. The Lakers would have a hard time on defense if LBJ was forced to consistently defend guards.

    • x%sure

      Point guards are difficult to keep out of the lane if that’s what they want, vs anybody. The reason they don’t usually take it to the rim is because of the trees there, not the man defense.

      James could defend most PGs if he wanted to, but might want to pass on some like Dearon Fox. Defending 2s would be harder if they run around and come off screens.

      It will probably be fluid and not much of a change in positional breakdowns statistically, which is more concerned with defensive assignments.

  9. brewpackbuckbadg

    How does this affect the all star game? Who else starts at guard now? Who doesn’t make the team?

    • stevep-4

      All Star Game is replaced with a bunch of guys playing horse blindfolded. No one will care. Winner gets to force a sign-and-trade that shifts the balance of power in the playoff races.

  10. formerlyz

    I actually speculated on this in one of the previous articles. I could see that making some sense based on their roster. At least, it gives a clearer indication of Kuzma’s position likely being at the 4. LeBron, Bradley, Green, Kuzma, Davis or LeBron, Green, KCP, Kuzma, Davis?

    • jeremy

      No if kuz doesn’t start at the 3 since I heard AD like playing PF more. Than then the line up will be LeBron , bardley, green , AD and McGee

    • x%sure

      You said he’s a 4, best there, is that, and could play some 1. Implying, too slow for a “modern” basketball 3. But he likes to bring the ball upcourt so a 4/1 (?).

      I like that presumably James wants to be a 1 officially, as that ensures he will still be slimming down to start the year. He usually does, but people say he doesn’t care as much anymore, thus why the Hollywood move, and he can’t keep up with anyone. Both BS. So many BS allegations at James. Indifferent effort on defense is true enough though. Space Jam 2 started filming late June so should be winding down by the opener, not that it would be a stressful activity for the actors.

      Actually after last year, getting injured then ignored by the kids then getting shut down then Kawhi’s maneuvering, he might be starting out pretty hot-headed.

  11. KnicksFanCavsFan

    i think the best configuration has Rondo/Bradley/LBJ/AD/Boogie with Kuzma off the bench. that’s bully ball at its finest. matchup nightmares. Rondo and Bradley need to walk the ball up, hit open 3s and play defense.

  12. BStevens

    That’s perfect. Pressure him full court. LeBron can waste energy being the primary ball handler

  13. Rewane

    PF/C is either AD, Cousins or Kuzma, AD. SG/SF is some combination of Green, Bradley, KCP, and Kuzma if he is not PF already.

  14. goldenmisfit

    Here is what you are looking at come open the night James; point guard, Green; shooting guard, Kuzma; small forward, Davis; Power forward and cousins; center I defy any team to say they have a better starting five. Not only that but with Stevenson, rondo, pope, just to name a few on the bench that make their bench one of the best as well. And to top it all off they ended up signing Bradley today.

  15. Archie M.

    Now the comparisons to Magic will begin. I’ve always seen Lebron as a Magic Johnson-type WITH a lot more power & hops…but also with a little LESS basketball I.Q. and mental toughness.

  16. krautball

    Lakers should rather consider bringing LBJ off the bench.
    Starting 5: Rondo, Bradley/Green, Kuzma, AD, Boogie. Rondo will make these guys most effective out of the gates. Then bring in LBJ at the 7min-mark to finish the quarter… He’ll become Sixth Man of the Year easily, and that’ll be a really smart in terms of getting Ws.

  17. JonnyLucas

    Positionless basketball… it’s not so much the future so much as it is the present.

    • stevep-4

      The future is player-less basketball. Have you seen how realistic holograms can get? No more need for CBAs or salary caps, just the greatest (holographic) players of all time playing position less, sweet basketball with no injuries, ever.

  18. OCTraveler

    Might work offensively but what happens on the other end of the court? Who will he guard? He’s no way quick enough to guard 3/4 of the point guards in the league.

  19. Wllmcasey

    Would need to be LeBron,Bradley,green Davis,Magee that way Bradley and green can cover the guards and that leaves a second unit of Rondo,Kcp,Dudley,kuzma,Cousins with Cook,Daniels,Caruso, and maybe korver who would run with the second unit if he signs

  20. dust44


    That’s the best group in my opinion with Boogie and Rondo leading the bench unit. They actually picked up a lot of depth pieces. Plus Korver just got released. Could end up signing him for that bench unit too.


    That bench group would b pretty decent.

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