Marcus Morris Reconsidering Spurs Deal, Eyeing Knicks

4:25pm: According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, there’s still optimism that the Spurs and Morris will finalize their agreement. However, San Antonio has started reaching out to other free agent wings in case Morris decides to join the Knicks, sources tell Haynes.

Chris Mannix of tweets that Morris has been frustrated because he thought there would be a stronger market for his services. Since his Spurs offer has a second-year player option, he’d have the opportunity to return to free agency in 2020 no matter which team he chooses, but the Knicks’ reported offer would be worth significantly more over one year.

3:45pm: Free agent forward Marcus Morris, who agreed to a two-year deal with the Spurs on Sunday, is now reconsidering that agreement, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears (Twitter link).

As Wojnarowski explains, the Knicks project to have extra cap space available now that they’re reworking their initial agreement with Reggie Bullock, and Morris is considering signing with New York.

Jabari Young of The Athletic adds (via Twitter) that the word at Las Vegas Summer League is that there’s a one-year, $15MM deal available to Morris with the Knicks. According to Young, the Spurs – who were on track to sign Morris to a two-year, $19MM deal – are in “real danger” of losing the veteran forward.

If Morris reneges on his commitment to San Antonio, it would be a tough blow for the team, which turned its signing of DeMarre Carroll into a sign-and-trade deal in order to make its mid-level exception available for Morris. The Spurs sent sharpshooting forward Davis Bertans to the Wizards in that sign-and-trade for Carroll.

Should Morris sign with the Knicks, San Antonio would still have its full $9.25MM mid-level exception available, but there probably aren’t any other unrestricted free agents left on the market that would be worth a full MLE commitment.

The Knicks, meanwhile, were said to have significant interest in Morris heading into free agency, but seemingly addressed their power forward position by signing Julius Randle, Bobby Portis, and Taj Gibson.

Signing Morris would add even more veteran depth to their frontcourt, and would presumably exhaust the team’s cap room. In that scenario, perhaps Bullock – who is said to be working on a new deal with the Knicks – would fit into the room exception.

Morris, 29, had a solid year in Boston as the Celtics’ primary starting forward, averaging 13.9 PPG, 6.1 RPG, and 1.5 APG with a .447/.375/.844 shooting line.

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58 thoughts on “Marcus Morris Reconsidering Spurs Deal, Eyeing Knicks

  1. Curtisrowe

    Hmm, I was actually just thinking that with Randle, Portis, Gibson already on board what they Knicks really need is a 4th mediocre power forward making big money.

    • All Minnesota Sports

      These 4 equal the perfect superstar replacement for Porzingis.

      • Decius

        Not true. They will actually be more valuable than Porzingis. They will be happy and on the floor. I was happy to see the miserable and brittle beanstalk leave NYC. Dallas should probably put in an order for oversized crutches now. They will need them real soon again.

    • Stan

      One year deals means they will be off the books next year. And it’s not like there better players to sign at this point.

      Or would you rather have a mediocre guard instead?

      • Curtisrowe

        @Stan ,1. they don’t need another mediocre power forward
        2 They could use another mediocre wing.
        3. Morris isn’t going to give up a two year deal for a 1 year deal.
        4.The Knicks are funny. Roll with it.

        • Stan

          Morris is a 3/4
          I don’t want another mediocre wing I’d rather take my chances with Knox Allen Barrett brazdekis and trier

          • Gary

            Morris is a 4/3.., big emphasis on the 4, not so much the 3.

            I can’t see Morris chasing around some of the current small ball 3s with the three guard lineup. Eric Gordon Klay Thompson Jamal Crawford Etc.

        • @curtisrowe

          Your Knicks hatred is showing again. Morris would absolutely give up a 2 year $19 million deal for a 1 year $15 million deal. He’d be a fool not to.

      • spinach

        But having cap space available to absorb contracts at the deadline from underperforming teams that want to dodge the tax or cut down on tax payments is kinda valuable.

  2. Dionis89

    Wow really? Back out of playing on a team with a rising star in DeJounte Murray. At least in San Antonio he would have had a shot at the Finals, on the Knicks he would be lucky to get in the playoffs. I am high on the Knicks though, I believe they can be an 8th seed if Randle can play at an all-star level and Dennis indeed becomes a premier shooter.

    • All Minnesota Sports

      Chance at the Finals with SA?… Seriously?? Have you seen the West??

      • Dionis89

        Yes the Clippers,Rockets, and Lakers are elite but we don’t know how good Murray will be when he comes back this coming season.

        • TheTruth12

          Lakers are elite? Lmao now I’ve heard it all. On paper they look really good but then you realize Lebron is a grandpa and AD is injury prone. Just 1 of them goes down they miss the playoffs that’s not an elite team.

        • x%sure

          How good? Not Derrick White good. Of course they can start both and put Derozan at the 3.

      • TheTruth12

        SA just won 48 games almost eliminated the 2 seed Denver, all without Murray, and the other pieces they’ve added. Easily could win 50+ and make some noise in the playoffs.

        • jkoms57

          Murray is not a rising star..

          He’s barely a starter.

          Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

  3. metnoxious

    Well I understand what the Knicks are trying to do but we have to continue to enjoy the humor while we can.

  4. It’s like the Knicks don’t want cap space. Apparently, they’d prefer to allocate over 60 mm (of the 109 mm cap) to the PF spot. Plus, Morris made a commitment to the Spurs. Back off. What goes around, comes around.

    • Are you serious? They signed practically everyone to a 1+1 deal this offseason. They will have plenty of cap space next offseason when only Randle is left.

      • Talking about this year. Pay attention. Would you like 15 mm in cap space to leverage btw now and the trade deadline or would like MM-? Which do you think will yield more-?

  5. reece

    Spurs or Knicks. Tough choice. I’m stomped. Stay with the Spurs, Mook.

    • padam

      5+ million dollars more with the same result – neither team going to the finals. I take the Knicks. And besides, they’re collecting players to trade at the deadline for picks. There’s a chance he may get dealt to a contender.

  6. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “We don’t understand why every time we play the Spurs, Morris comes down with a 24-hour bug…”
    -The Knicks

    • Gary

      If this was baseball it’d be a guaranteed beaning his first time up.

    • Gary

      99% of these go through as expected. A Man not true to his word doesn’t get far.

      • Uh, Deandre Jordan completely went back on his word with the Mavericks and went quite far. He reneged on a four year, $80 million deal with them and subsequently signed a four year, $88 million deal with the Clips. Grabbed another $40 million this offseason.

        • Gary

          So that’s two confirmed back outs in the history of the NBA. I’d say about 99.743% accuracy.

  7. formerlyz

    Amazing…this wouldnt be happening if the Knicks just signed him at the beginning, as I mentioned. Now they’re taking up all that time from their young guys, arent available to absorb contracts for assets or for opportunities, and still want to go back and add Morris, who they should have signed from the beginning, instead of others they signed…

    Spurs are really good. I wonder where a couple of their young guys will get minutes, but I really like the team they have. Hope Morris stays, although I understand his frustration. I thought he could get 2 years/$30 million, so I wouldnt be surprised if he thought he’d get even more than that. That being said, he committed to sign. This sounds a lot like when the Morris twins complained about the deals they signed with Phoenix.

  8. goldenmisfit

    Yes, let’s reconsider being on a team that you can pencil in every year into the tournament in favor of a team that is the management nightmare that is the new York mix. Not a fan of either team but if I was a player I would rather be part of the organization like San Antonio and play for a coach like pop than the drama filled New York Knicks.

  9. iamoldboy

    Seems Marcus may have just graduated from the Kawhi School of Dicks with a major in leading teams on.

  10. crosleyred

    The 5M more with the Knicks would be considerably less considering the difference between New York and Texas cost of living and taxes. If he is looking at minutes then the Spurs could give him more coming off the bench for either LaMarcus and Rudy.

    • He doesn’t have to live in NY, so the taxes wouldn’t be different enough to make up for the fact that he’d make $9.5 million in year one in San Antonio and $15 million in NY.

      • padam

        If he refused in NJ and worked in NY for the Knicks, he’d pay in both states, however reclaim the majority of the NY State taxes when filling his return.

        As for cost of living, only housing is more expensive, while Texas has high property taxes. Federal taxes – the big chunk, are not affected no matter the state. Ultimately, it’s not that big of a difference other than house cost.

    • The State taxes paid by NBA players is not simply based on the location of the home arena and/or the player’s domicile. More complicated, but it wouldn’t be considerably less, regardless.

  11. JonnyLucas

    He should gamble on himself and take than knicks offer. On that team, he could put up 18 ppg, 8 rpg… set himself up nicely for a weaker FA class

    • A player gambling on himself would usually mean he’s taking a lower annual offer to hit the market sooner. The Knicks is higher, so much higher that the 2 year total is going to be more regardless. No gamble at all, he’d be cashing in.

      • Roll

        think you got that backward. Gambling on himself takes the higher dollar short term to go back out there early. It would be similar to what cespedes did a couple of years ago to the mets.

        • No, you have it backwards. You don’t know what “gambling” means. For it to be gambling, there’s got to be a substantial risk of losing. Here there is virtually no risk he loses over the 2 years if he takes the Knicks deal, regardless of how he does next year. He’s likely back in the market next year in both cases, but with the Knick deal he only needs to make 4.5 mm to break even. Great upside in the Knick deal, but with a significant downside, it’s not gambling. It’s called being smart.

          Cespedes’ deal was a gamble for him, but only vs the total what he wanted (not what any team actually offered). There was a significant risk that his 5 year total would be less by signing with the Mets.

  12. x%sure

    It amusing to make light of the NYK obsession with PFs and I do it too, or at least laugh, but they dropped all their bigs but one.
    Taj Gibson is likely a replacement 5 for DJordan on & off the court and represents investment in Robinson’s development.

    Also if Barrett continues to look uncomfortable, Randle will be crucial. Barrett looks taller in summer league than 6-7, like a growth spurt threw him off. But he is off… like still another PF fresh out of a cocoon!

    The moratorium period exists for a reason MarcusM sees greener grass befits the silly season
    The Spur status may be better
    but that’s a big dollar differ!

  13. Yep it is

    Morris and his brother are both cry babies. Good riddance if he doesn’t sign with San Antonio. Both are MAJOR LOSERS

  14. Shango1

    Bottom line – neither team is winning a chip next year. So for Morris, if you think you will make more than 4 million as a free agent next year – you take the Knicks deal. Besides- there is a good chance the Knicks move you to a team in the championship hunt around the trade deadline – which would be another win for him.

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