Warriors Agree To Acquire D’Angelo Russell Via Sign-And-Trade

JULY 1: The Warriors will send a future protected first-round pick to the Nets as part of the deal to help incentivize them to acquire Durant via sign-and-trade, tweets Wojnarowski.

JUNE 30: The Warriors are trading for D’Angelo Russell, Treveon Graham, and Shabazz Napier from the Nets, Shams Charania of The Athletic reports (Twitter link). The move would be made via sign-and-trade in exchange for Kevin Durant.

Russell will receive a four-year, $117MM maximum salary contract, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com reports (Twitter link).

It was reported earlier today that the Warriors may have an interest in turning Durant’s departure into a sign-and-trade with the Nets. If they hadn’t taken back any salary in the deal, the Dubs could have created a $30MM trade exception. Instead, they’ll land one of the top restricted free agents on the market.

Brooklyn replaced Russell with Kyrie Irving at the point guard position and the franchise was said to be open to helping Russell find a new home of his choosing, even if it meant committing to a sign-and-trade. The Nets wouldn’t look to take salary back in most scenarios, but since they are getting Durant from Golden State, sending Russell there wouldn’t hinder their ability to sign their new stars.

Russell was said to be eyeing a possible move to Minnesota to team up with his close friend Karl-Anthony Towns. Perhaps that was before a deal in Golden State seemed like a feasible option.

The Warriors must stay below the tax apron, which is set at approximately $138.9MM, to remain eligible to accept a sign-and-trade. Doing so with Russell and Klay Thompson receiving maximum-salary deals will be extremely difficult, so another move or two is likely coming for Golden State. As Wojnarowski tweets, Andre Iguodala may have to be moved. Shaun Livingston also appears unlikely to be back.

[UPDATE: Warriors trading Iguodala to Grizzlies]

With Thompson expected to miss most or all of the 2019/20 season with a torn ACL, Russell figures to share the backcourt with Stephen Curry next season in a revamped Warriors lineup. It will be fascinating to see if the club plans to move forward and build around all three guards long-term once Thompson is healthy.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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99 thoughts on “Warriors Agree To Acquire D’Angelo Russell Via Sign-And-Trade

    • Gary

      Let’s GO !!

      No more lame duck year. It’s going to be wild wild west time. D’antoni available?

      • Gary

        Check this out, the Warriors may not be done dealing and could be involving players they just received.

        Imagine sending Russell to the Raptors in a sign-and-trade for Kawhi Leonard? The Raptors wouldn’t be losing Leonard for nothing that way.

        • Phattey

          Check this out, I want whatever you’re on bro I can only imagine how fuego that kush you got is

          • Gary

            I one of the few bro. Never been high in my life.

            Just thinking outside the box. It’s all about collecting assets and then figuring out best use of those assets.

        • Strike Four

          Twitter is still talking about this. If GSW get Kawhi then its OVER for everyone.

          • Gary

            Might be hard now because with Russell he can’t be traded till December 15th. Kind of squashes the idea. Unless the Warriors can think of some other way to do it.

            • x%sure

              Add the Raps to the list of teams involved! Or whoever. Have a giant trading-card party on the 4th!

        • GiantsFaithful

          3 team sign and trade. KD to Brooklyn, D-Lo to Toronto and Kawhi to Golden State

  1. imindless

    There goes lakers back up plan lmao, better hope kawhi comes now.

    • Gary

      Because the Warriors do things a little differently than the Oklahoma City Thunder do.

    • phenomenalajs

      Does it really matter to Brooklyn? It’s all about cap arrangements. They may be trying to create exceptions if no picks are involved. They need to free room for DeAndre Jordan. I know KI and KD are expected to lower their salaries to accommodate the 4/$40M signing of DA but this may be part of the calculus.

    • Gary

      Your answer just came down the wire. A first-round pick. Sweetener to the deal.

      • phenomenalajs

        Yeah, I just saw that. Good deal. I think they’re sending one to Memphis, too, so it couldn’t be in consecutive years if they don’t have it acquire another first rounder.

        • victorg

          that is what I mean .. they are not going to give up IGGY and Livingston and 2 first round picks unless they really wanted Dlo.

          • Gary

            First round picks are no big deal. They always find a way to get guys. I’m looking forward to summer league and watching the 5 new guys they have there, plus Evans who wasnt a Factor last year.

    • jeremy

      On the bench since he injury and won’t come back till February or March and when he does probably play SF

    • 123Redsox

      Klay signed a,max deal… But he will miss most of the year. And when he comes back he can play the 3 with Russell at the 2 and curry at the 1

      • bowserhound

        He better have a great year on that contract, otherwise this was a horrible move.

    • On top of a mountain of money and in the starting lineup when he returns.

  2. oriolesravenstimberwolves04

    I can’t believe this. Demarcus Cousins all over again. The warriors out of left field yet again

    • Gary

      These aren’t the Oklahoma City Thunder. “Oh, Durant you’re leaving? Okay bye” time to cry.

      Never give up.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        0% chance this happens now they are hard capped with 3 max salaries. They probably wont even be able to re-sign Looney since bird rights mean nothing when talking about a sign and trade hard cap. They will let any of the restricted guys go unless they can be paid the minimum. On the plus side I think being under the apron resets the repeat tax for next season when they would be able to go past.

        • GiantsFaithful

          They have the taxpayer midlevel exception they can use. If boogie can’t find a long term contract he May resign on that. So to say 0% is just igonorant and misleading

  3. whoneedsfacts

    I don’t get why the Nets would make this trade. I get that GS is doing whatever they can to bring in someone so they can still compete, but this a bad fit.

    • jeremy

      Do the nets care? They got what they wanted . They had all the power with dlo unless they renounce his rights

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        They didn’t have to make the trade. What benefit are they getting in return? Why make the GSW better for nothing?

        • ChapmansVacuum

          They did need to free up some more space cap wise to be able to sign DeAndre, KD, and Kyrie. So this solves there own payroll issues by including the other two with Russell. I feel bad that this means the Dubs have to kick the cool old guy to the curb, but maybe Iggy gets his buyout and can retire now while still getting the rest of his cash.

    • sportznut1000

      its not mentioned but i believe they could be doing it to appease durant. i believe he would be making like an extra 50 mil if the warriors sign and trade him to nets than if he just signed with the nets. so this is basically a trade even though the durant move was reported as a free agent signing, nets get durant and warriors get russell and company.

    • phenomenalajs

      It turns out that the Nets are getting a protected first after all.

  4. whoneedsfacts

    Oh and if DLO slides just a little bit being on this new team with greater expectations his $30 million a year deal will look nasty, I figured he would take $25m

  5. Dionis89

    So they are running Curry-Russell-Klay-Green-?

    LeBron can’t catch a break.

    • Gary

      D’Angelo Russell is not Monta Ellis. Monta Ellis was a 6-2 shooting guard and lasted two more years in the league before he fell off a cliff. Russell’s 26 and awesome.

  6. yinzburgh

    So GS will have Curry, DLo, Klay, and Donkey on their team?! So broken!!!

  7. oriolesravenstimberwolves04

    Broken Hearted Minnesota Fan: warriors trade DRuss to Minnesota for Andrew Wiggins after Wiggins break out season and DRuss locker room issues at NBA trade deadline

  8. skrockij89

    Thibs plan to destroy the wolves continues. Wiggins extension was god awful to begin with. Reason why they weren’t able to get DRuss.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      37% 3 pt shooter. 39% catch and shoot 3’s. Steve Kerr as his coach. Curry as his teammate. DLo is about to blow up and actually get even better than he was on the Nets and he was an all-star. I just hope BKN is getting some kind of compensation. It’s probably their 2020 or 2021 1st.

    • victorg

      I think it is a solid investment you are getting 4 of his prime years … and they could not have picked up a player like that on the FA market has they are capped out.

  9. Thronson5

    So Russell plays SG then the following season most likely gets traded once Klay is fully healthy. Pretty wild. I don’t blame them, they needed a good player and couldn’t have a lame duck type of season moving into a new arena but this is still really crazy to me. They are really fighting off the inevitable of having to really reshape that roster. There’s no way they pay him that kind of money to come off the bench when Klay is healthy so they’d have to trade him and what happens with Green once he is a free agent? I’m curious to see what happens. All I know is that they are bold and actually even though I can’t stand them they are ran light years ahead of other organizations. Good for them and good for their fans I guess lol

    • ChapmansVacuum

      The roster is weaker, but they did also just manage to drop something like 180M off of there tax payment as well since they wont be anywhere near the 200M that they would have been with KD/KT, an MLE, a DPE, and resigning whatever of the lower tier guys they wanted. Maybe a better team this year and next I dont really know, but certainly a far more expensive one.

  10. shawn hemp

    Wait til DLo is shot creating off ball screens from dray and Steph and Klay are running circles around the court catching and shooting. Bad fit? I think it’s a great fit

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      Agreed. Warriors still the team to beat in the west. He’s only going to get better in that system and with Kerr as his coach.

      • slund24

        Can’t trade him tomorrow unless they make it part of this same trade. Otherwise, GS can’t trade DLo until December 15.

  11. implant

    Overrated and overpaid. Had one great month (January) and 5 average months.

    • Strike Four

      Worst take ever, he was the literal only reason why the Nets were good last year, but because he goes to GSW, he’s suddenly trash?

      I see what’s going on here…grow all the way up.

      • x%sure

        Not literally the only reason… not even the only reason. And yes, good for a short time on a salary drive then disappeared vs Philly. So get over your resentment of reality and prepare for Russell to get offered again.

  12. left

    Relieved numbskull Russell isn’t returning to Lakers. Dodged that bullet.

  13. x%sure

    I need explanations about motivations. Not necessarily right now. Today is information overload.

    I am thinking that Bob Myers did not acquire Curry & Klay so maybe he doesn’t know how to evaluate at that level. Russell is more of a Laker type.

    Maybe Russell will be flipped but losing Looney, Iguadala & probably more to the hard cap is a tough price to pay.

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