Warriors Sign Eric Paschall

The Warriors have officially signed second-round pick Eric Paschall to his first NBA contract, as the rookie forward himself announced today (via Twitter). NBA.com’s transactions log confirms the signing is complete.

Golden State used the 41st overall pick in the draft to select Paschall after acquiring the selection from the Hawks in exchange for cash a future second-round pick. The 22-year-old, who won a title with Villanova in 2018, followed it up with a solid senior year in which he averaged 16.5 PPG, 6.1 RPG, and 2.1 APG in 36 games.

Terms of Paschall’s contract weren’t released, but he’ll almost certainly receive the rookie minimum of $898K, given the Warriors’ cap constraints. As ESPN’s Bobby Marks observes (via Twitter), the Warriors will only be about $219K below their hard cap once they complete a series of moves that includes waiving and stretching Shaun Livingston‘s contract, as well as Paschall’s signing.

If they used their mid-level exception to complete the deal, the Warriors could go up to four years for Paschall.

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18 thoughts on “Warriors Sign Eric Paschall

  1. formerlyz

    If you’re hard capped, and have 2 open 2 way slots, can you sign players to those spots if you’re up against the hard cap?

    • xtraflamy

      From Larry Coon’s NBA Salary Cap FAQ #82:
      “A Two-Way player is not included in his team’s Team Salary (see question number 13), so teams don’t need cap room or an exception to sign, acquire or convert (see question number 83)”
      link to cbafaq.com

      • formerlyz

        Interesting. Cool. That could allow a team like the Heat to have 12 players, but have 2 way guys that supplement the roster, and give them bodies throughout the season without being hurt by the hard cap. But how does the roster count rule come into play in that scenario? Wouldnt they still need to have 14 guys on the roster after a couple of weeks? What would be the penalty, in that situation again?

        Also, to clarify, does that mean they could sign a guy to a 2 way deal, and convert it into a regular contract, without it being against the hard cap?

        • Luke Adams

          Teams can’t have fewer than 14 players on standard contracts (ie. not two-way) for more than two weeks at a time. So they wouldn’t be allowed to carry just 12 + 2 two-ways for long.

          If a two-way contract is converted to a standard contract, it would begin to count for team salary/hard cap purposes. I believe that mention of “convert” in the Larry Coon excerpt is referring to an Exhibit 10 contract being converted to a two-way deal.

          • formerlyz

            What’s the penalty for roster count again? Also, that kind of takes a Westbrook possibility away, without a 3rd team being involved b/c the Heat would have to sign guys to fill out the last couple of spots. Is their reported number under the cap including Udonis Haslem’s cap hold?

            • Luke Adams

              I’m not sure there’s a penalty for not reaching the minimum roster count. It’s just not permitted, so they HAVE to do it. I’m not sure what would happen if a team refused to.

              As for Haslem, Albert Nahmad suggested the other day that there probably won’t be room for him under the hard cap unless maybe Herro takes a discount (which is rare/unlikely): link to twitter.com

              • formerlyz

                Man…that’s crazy. His career could end b/c they arent allowed to sign him. And theres no way to sign anyone past the hard cap, so how would they add the players to fill the roster? In that case, they almost have mo choice but to move Dragic or Winslow unless they magically get rid of both Leonard and Olynyk…thanks for the help

                • Luke Adams

                  The numbers I’ve seen suggested they’re within <$1MM of the hard cap based on the presumed contracts for 14 players. Nunn, Maten, and Robinson are counted among those 14 though and are still on non-guaranteed deals, so Haslem could theoretically be re-signed if one of them were released. But to get a 15th man, they'd have to shed a bigger salary.

                  • formerlyz

                    So a multi player Westbrook trade that sends out 3 contracts and Herro, leaves them with 12 players, which means theyd need to add 2 more (potentially including Haslem) if they create an additional $1.5 million in space in the trade, as well as not signing Herro, would they have enough space to add those 2 spots, hopefully including Haslem?

                    • Luke Adams

                      They’d have to either leave themselves with enough space to fill the roster or clear more space to do it. Any free agent they sign would have a tax hit of at least $1.62MM, so if they make a deal that leaves them with two roster spots to fill, they’d need to either have about $3.24MM in space under the hard cap or be prepared to make another move.

                      • formerlyz

                        Cool. I think that means they could theoretically do it if its specific pieces that go back. Herro would have a cap hit in the $3.3 million range, if I recall correctly, so they could theoretically have about $5.5 million in room under the hard cap to add the pieces they need, if they send out the specific pieces, as well as Herro

    • phenomenalajs

      I’m still not completely grasping what they mean by “hard cap.” I thought there was no limit to the number of minimum salary guys you could sign to fill your roster regardless of cap situation. Evidently, they still need to cut salary just to be able to sign the minimum contract guys since they engaged in a sign and trade deal. It gets to a point where you are not only competing with other NBA teams once you can afford these minimum contract guys, but also foreign clubs that can pay more.

      • x%sure

        Seems grasped to me.
        As for two-way contractees, they fall into the “legal abomination” category and don’t count for anything, not even three-fifths.

      • Gary

        The goal of the whole thing is to only have two Max guys per team.

        You decide to have a couple Max guys and then three other guys making big dollars then you’re done. Can’t do it unless you’re re-signing your own bird guys, but then you can’t add anybody new at that salary.

        Or, if One of the expensive guys leaves, your new guy can’t make that salary.


  2. Dionis89

    Warriors did a great job drafting Eric. 6’7 255 and can already create his own shot and shoot from the perimeter. Not to mention he does not fear contact and will provide a spark off the bench a lot like Iguodala did.

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