Andre Drummond “Excited” For Free Agency Next Summer

Andre Drummond has two years left on the five-year contract he signed with the Pistons back in 2016. However, his deal contains a player option on the final season—the 2020/21 campaign. Drummond hinted that he would be turning that option down, referring to this upcoming season as his “contract year” (h/t Aaron Ferguson of Piston Powered).

“I’m a free agent next summer,” the big man said while speaking with reporters, adding that he feels free agency should be “fun.”

“I’m excited. I think I’m the only one that has a big contract coming up for the year,” Drummond said.

The 2020 offseason won’t feature as many high-profile free agents as the past few summers. Anthony Davis could ostensibly opt to hit the market via his player option, but it’s likely he stays with the Lakers. Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, and Otto Porter Jr. are among the most notable players who will be unrestricted free agents.

Query only frontcourt players and the results appear desolate. Hassan Whiteside‘s contract ends after the 2019/20 campaign. The 34-year-old Marc Gasol will be available next summer and Montrezl Harrell and Paul Millsap will be among the other notable bigs on the market. Drummond, who would be turning down roughly $28.8MM to hit the open market, may be the most desirable frontcourt option.

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13 thoughts on “Andre Drummond “Excited” For Free Agency Next Summer

  1. theking24

    Some dumb team will pay drummond a lot and he’s not worth it. Empty stats guy

  2. Tazza

    Interesting, he has 2 years and the option is his deal is for 28 mil. If he turns that down to look for a better deal, hahahah goodluck. The pistons may be happy tho. Either way for them they get Drummond playing his best basketball (cause he thinks it’s a contract year), and if he opts out in search of a big deal they get his huge salary off the books along with Reggie’s 18 mil, freeing up a lot of space. If he decides to opt in he has to play really good basketball for another year to get a good deal and it’s also when lots of stars become available meaning they could turn him and his 28 mil down and go after a star player

    • michael n

      Valanciunas just signed a 3yr 52million deal while Vucevic signed a 4yr 100million deal. You could make a case that Drummond a better defensive player with better athleticism while not as good as offensively could get close to $100million. Either way he’ll get more guaranteed money than $28million. See Harrison Barnes turned down his $25.1 million option to sign a 4yr $85million while less money annually more money guaranteed overall.

  3. afsooner02

    If he continues on current path/stats…say 9 more years….is he a HOFer?

    • kawg

      Interesting question. Everyone else who has lead the league in rebounding 3+ years is a HOFer (or will be). However, those players have all been generally better / had some postseason success.

      I would say if he can lead the league in RPG once more and make one or two more all-star games, yes.

  4. harden-westbrook-mvps

    The likelihood of Anthony Davis staying with the Lakers is far lower than people think. He could easily leave LA.

    • Gary

      What are you basing that opinion on? He won’t enjoy playing with LeBron James? They won’t be successful together?

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