Arrest Warrant Issued For DeMarcus Cousins

A warrant has been issued by the Mobile, Alabama police department for DeMarcus Cousins‘ arrest on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, a spokesperson confirmed to A.J. Perez of USA Today. According to Perez, the Mobile municipal court website lists a third-degree harassing communications charge against the Lakers center.

As we detailed on Tuesday, the charge is related to an alleged threat that Cousins made against his ex-girlfriend, who didn’t allow their seven-year-old son to attend Cousins’ wedding. TMZ obtained court documents and a police report filed by Cousins’ ex, claiming that he threatened to “put a bullet through [her] f—ing head.” TMZ’s report also included an audio recording of the alleged threat.

In addition to being the subject of a police investigation, Cousins is also facing scrutiny from his team and the NBA. The Lakers and the league both announced on Tuesday that they’re investigating the allegations against Cousins, who is expected to miss most or all of the 2019/20 season due to a torn ACL.

Defense attorney Mary Kristen Galanos, who is not involved in the case, tells Perez that the warrant is standard procedure in a misdemeanor case. Cousins’ attorney will likely set up time for Cousins to turn himself into police, and he’d subsequently be processed and released.

Per USA Today’s report, the charge is a Class A misdemeanor, which carries a maximum sentence of up to one year in jail.

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23 thoughts on “Arrest Warrant Issued For DeMarcus Cousins

    • IslandFlava

      That’s for sure, he has way more class than you will ever have, get real man!

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Yet another Lakers’ snafu, par for the course these days.

    • Bc1219

      Bruh y u always hating on the lakers man? Trust me if your a rockets fan u guys don’t got it going to well for u guys either

    • phillyballers

      So if he had resigned with the GSW? Or if he had signed with Houston? Not sure how this is a “Lakers” snafu. Dude was already done for the season.

  2. stevep-4

    Honestly while he should not have said what he did, especially if he has a history of aggression with the ex, she baited him. Who the hell records conversations with their exes, and then releases them to TMZ? That is trash.

    I assume he has good lawyers and will likely get some community service out of this, which might be good for him personally as I assume his life is very frustrating right now. It might be good for him to get some perspective on how lucky he has been, even if his storybook life is likely over.

    I have not been a fan of Cousins, but I think everyone has their limits and this seems a clear provocation by his ex in order to embarrass him. He should be embarrassed by his behavior, but he should not go to jail.

  3. mcdusty49

    Definitely not one of his finer moments but coming from someone who’s had to deal with a vindictive ex, it’s not easy at all especially when children are involved…he was obviously baited and recorded out of spite and lost his composure…it’s hard to hold back when your children get dangled over your head and used as leverage…I hope that he gets off with a slap on the wrist

  4. goldenmisfit

    The ex-girlfriend would not allow their son to attend his wedding. Obviously this woman is looking for revenge but the funny part is everyone just assumes everything she is saying as gospel.

  5. southbeachbully

    I’ll never defend a man who beats a woman but Cousin’s should get the benefit of a doubt until proven otherwise. That being said what kind of piece of dog poo of a woman is one who won’t allow her son to attend his father’s wedding? I could careless what the relationship is between the mother and father but you do NOT interfere with the relationship with the child, especially for a father that I’m sure is paying his fair share of child support. Unless there’s been reports of child abuse there’s no reason to deny him attending his father’s wedding day. No reason other than trying to stick it to Cousins because she can. And the fact she had a recording device ready to tape him shows she was waiting to nab him. Now again, I would never condone hitting a woman or even making verbal threats but it doesn’t mean he had intentions of actually doing it. I’ve never threatned to shoot a woman I was involved with but I probably have said somethings I had no intentions of actually doing. Saying you might “slap the poo poo out of one” isn’t a “real” threat the cops can do anything about.

    I did shake the “sugar” out of one because she hit me in the head with one of those old fashioned phones with the cords. Those hurt like hell.

    • LordBanana

      He said he would kill her or hire someone to do it but of course you find a way to defend him.

      You also have to prove what a big strong man you are by shaking and threatening women. Class act here

      • southbeachbully


        I guess you compltely glossed over the words “Now again, I would never condone hitting a woman or even making verbal threats ..”.

        And yes, when my ex-gf smashed the receiver of one of those old phones in my ear when I wasn’t looking because she heard one of my female clients call me “baby” over the phone with the volume turned up she’s lucky all I did was restrain her and shake the “sugar” out of her. I don’t ever believe in hitting a woman but I will make exceptions if she becomes dangerously violent. In my scenario it was just a swollen ear thus she didn’t catch these hands. I know friends who’ve had exes attack them with those big kitchen knives. In those cases she can get what’s coming to her.

        But again, just if you missed me say twice, I don’t condone a man putting his hands on a woman nor threaten to kill her.

        And again, his ex is a psycho chick for not letting her son attend his fathers wedding.

    • losdoyersdelosangeles

      The name bully has never applied more. Talk about your personal stuff in the appropriate venue. We are here for baseball, not family drama

  6. JonnyLucas

    Yeah, I’m on Team Boogie with this one… and I don’t even like him. He said something really dumb, but she knew he was gonna flip on her. That’s why she recorded it. It’s really terrible to not let his boy go to the wedding. It’s just mean.

  7. kawg

    I get what people are saying about the woman recording the phone call and not letting the child go to his wedding, but we probably don’t know the whole story here. There very well could have been previous threats, or maybe he abused her and it was never reported. In either case, I think that would justify both recording the calls and preventing the child from attending the wedding.

    • x%sure

      Agree… two things:
      One, predict more of the story will come out, making her decision to set him up to get proof a sound one.

      Two, this is probably not good for the kid at age 7, the typical age when a kid can start relating to his dad. Maybe she knows that and does not want that to happen because she thinks him a bad influence. Maybe she knows that and knows Cousins wants to offer that and is using the kid for selfish reasons against him.
      I hope the court looks closely given the kid’s age and the positivity of the marriage example.
      But there are probably more negativities to come out.

  8. Baileyg3rd

    Sherra Wright, took out Lorenzen Wright may he rest in peace it was premeditated $$$ these scandals woman are on a whole new level technology wise.

  9. nature boy

    So glad the Pelicans didn’t give him a max deal. Or glad he turned it down. Whatever happened with that, thank goodness he’s not our problem today.

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