DeMarcus Cousins Accused Of Threatening Ex-Girlfriend

3:15pm: The NBA is investigating the allegations against Cousins, NBA spokesman Mike Bass confirmed in a statement (Twitter link via Youngmisuk).

1:45pm: DeMarcus Cousins‘ offseason is going from bad to worse, as the injured Lakers center is being accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend after she didn’t allow their seven-year-old son to attend Cousins’ wedding, according to a TMZ report.

TMZ obtained court documents and a police report filed by Cousins’ ex, Christy West, claiming that he threatened to “put a bullet through [her] f—ing head.” TMZ’s report also includes an audio recording of the alleged threat, which reportedly occurred last Friday — West is “adamant” that the voice on the phone call is Cousins’.

According to TMZ, West has filed court documents in Alabama seeking a restraining order against Cousins, claiming that he has choked her before as well. A police spokesperson in Mobile, Alabama tells TMZ that they’ve opened an investigation into her allegations.

The latest news on Cousins comes less than two weeks after word broke that he has suffered a torn ACL that will sideline him for most or all of the 2019/20 season. The four-time All-Star has faced questions about his temperament and demeanor throughout his NBA career, and has increasingly had to battle health issues within the last two years. This offseason’s developments won’t help alleviate those concerns on either front.

If the NBA investigates the allegations against Cousins and determines that they’re credible, the league could take action against the big man, fining and/or suspending him. Should Cousins be suspended, he’d have to serve that ban after being medically cleared to return from his ACL tear.

The Lakers have issued the following statement of their own, per Ohm Youngmisuk of (Twitter link):

We are aware of the allegation involving DeMarcus Cousins and, of course, take this claim seriously. We are in the process of gathering information and will reserve further comment at this time.”

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49 thoughts on “DeMarcus Cousins Accused Of Threatening Ex-Girlfriend

    • SacTown Rob

      SERIOUSLY? Give him a break for threatening to kill his son’s Mother? I’m guessing she may not be a real nice person, but you can’t do what he did.

      • nubbz18

        I’m just wondering why she decided to make this public right after he got married. It seems very petty

      • sedillo0416

        You’re right, there was no humor intended with the original comment. Get a clue.

      • jump shot

        He didn’t threaten to kill her – just put a bullet thru her head. Why exaggerate it?

        • SacTown Rob

          You’re right, my bad. It’s rare that a bullet thru the head would kill a person. SMH

  1. In the context of a child custody / visitation battle, this would be fairly tame.

    • jmocubsfan8

      No. If this is true, it’s never acceptable. He can be given a chance to redeem himself, but threatening to shoot someone is never acceptable behavior, under any circumstance.

      • JonnyLucas

        Nah, this is baby mama drama. The fact that the ex didn’t let the child go to the wedding is telling. That’s really cruddy… to exclude the kid. She was looking for an argument. This happens all the time, dudes and ladies do it.

        • mcdusty49

          Yeah but the justice warriors who’ve never been in this type of situation want his head on a platter because, you know, it’s the internet and we have the power to convict or acquit people behind our keyboards

          • jkoms57

            You mean virgin, wanna-be heroes?

            Or is that the same as a social justice hero ?

        • ChapmansVacuum

          She may have baited him since she was obviously recording the call, and he may have said it more out of anger then an actual threat. Its hard to know without the context. Lots of people who are/were in a relationship say a lot of things when arguing that they dont mean at all.

      • Theone23

        Oh stfu. Never acceptable, under ANY circumstance?? Jesus Christ dude give me a break. Things happen, words get said out of anger. He didn’t actually shoot her, just said he would. I can understand and relate, I’ve been there before too. And while I felt bad afterwards, I also realize that crap happens and there’s nothing you can do except try and be better next time. But to flat out say say theres absolutely never any reason or excuse to say what cousins allegedly said, is a crock of horse manure. There are plenty of reasons. Like not allowing his son to attend his father’s wedding, for one.

    • jump shot

      Judge: You know Mr. Cousins quite well, do you?
      Ex: Yes, I do.
      Judge: Does he have an aggressive temper?
      Ex: Sometimes, when angry or agitated.
      Judge: Do you have any other phone recordings of Mr. Cousins?
      Ex: No, Sir
      Judge: So you knew in advance to record the conversation you would have with him after refusing to let his son attend his wedding?
      Ex: Im not gonna answer that question.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        His Attorney: Your witness.

        Her Attorney: Mr. Cousins, is that your voice on the recording?
        Cousins: Yes.
        Her Attorney: No further questions…

        • jump shot

          Lol What if he says “No, that’s not my voice.” Lol.
          But, jokes aside, mark it…. he will not be sanctioned by the law for this incident. No jail, no probation…
          My prediction.

  2. brooklyn1922

    Some one help with the math. Here please
    17 year old son? How old is Demarcus?

    • Luke Adams

      “New girlfriend” was TMZ’s phrase, which I thought was better than any alternative, but all of them are sort of clunky. I’ve removed that part altogether.

    • JonnyLucas

      They’re not releasing an injured player… who got injured training for the season.

      • He’s on a minimum salary contract and taking up a roster spot they could use on an additional front court player….You really think they keep him all year?! If this gets enough bad press, it will be an easy decision for them to cut him loose.

  3. I mean if the Lakers rolled the dice with Dwight, they might roll the dice (again) with Cousins lol

  4. hiflew

    Think about all the things you have ever said to an ex during the heat of an argument. Now imagine TMZ publicly posts those words whether you truly meant them or not.

    I’m not saying he is a saint by any means, but this is personal stuff that is really no one’s business. It’s bad enough when sports leagues try to take over for the legal system and punish people for physical crimes. Now leagues are going to punish people for verbal crimes as well? This is just too much.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      Threatening to commit murder is considered a pretty serious crime in most places, whether you meant it or not. However, it’s a murky situation, and a lot of “legal judgement” winds up getting involved. This is a pretty good article on the subject:
      link to

      • hiflew

        Oh come on now. Everyone has said they would kill someone in the heat of an argument and 99.9% of them didn’t really mean it. Yeah it is not a great thing to do obviously, but I really do think we are treating him more harshly for this particular incident than we should based on other incidents where someone went over the edge AND Cousins reputation as a bad guy.

        • Codeeg

          Yea I have never said this once outside of a video game. Don’t loop all of us we in or normalize this type of behavior.

          • hiflew

            But you have done it. So stop pretending to polish your halo and passing judgment from your soapbox and join the rest of us down here. You need to realize that you don’t know exactly what happened. I don’t know either, but I am of the belief that the man deserves the benefit of the doubt that he was exaggerating rather than just assuming he is truly guilty of a legitimate threat against someone’s life. For now at least.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        You also have to prove that they meant it as an actual threat legally speaking. Its harder then you might think to prove he wasnt just running his mouth while arguing. She has to prove that she had reason to fear he was serious. It may be an ugly thing to say and in bad taste but proving it was an actual threat of bodily harm is harder.

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          Exactly, and that’s where a myriad of legal judgement comes in. From what I saw after doing admittedly minimal research, enforcement is inconsistent at best. He’s black, so that’s not going to work in his favor. Not fair but regrettably a general reality.

    • TJECK109

      I don’t think you are much of a man if even when no one watches you threaten to physically harm a woman. Being mentally abusive is just as bad.

      • jkoms57

        In fairness it’s prob a fair punishment for not letting his son attend his wedding.

        I say let em do it.

  5. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Disclaimer: I know nothing of this situation except what I’ve read here, so this opinion is based strictly on that.

    If the woman prohibited their kid from attending Cousins’ wedding, that’s pretty cruddy on her part. However, if Cousins did threaten her and especially threatened to shoot her, and if they actually have that on tape, he’s in a world of trouble. Again, this is all based on “if this article is true.” If it is, Cousins is gonna have to find a way to curb his… um… “enthusiasm” if he hopes to continue his career in the NBA.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        I’m gonna guess that the league imposes some sort of penalty. Again, just a guess.

  6. phillyballers

    Getting to the point where athletes should just have a full-time 24/7 lawyer with them to speak on their behalf for every single situation. Intercourse? “Please sign here, initial here, and initial here.” Talking with your ex? “My client wishes to have is child attend his wedding and is willing to concede the next two weekend visitations of your choice”. Beef at the club? “My client would appreciate you remaining outside of his personal space and offers this vodka cranberry for your troubles.”

  7. Theone23

    I don’t understand or see what the big deal is. Words get said sometimes out of anger and frustration. Totally normal and human to do so. He didn’t actually shoot her. Big difference. I’ve threatened and said many words in the past out of anger and other emotions. It’s not right, and doesn’t make me feel good afterwards, but it doesn’t make me a bad person or worse than anyone else. It just is what it is. This shouldn’t even be a story. People actually upset over this like Cousins did anything wrong at all need to get a life.

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