De’Aaron Fox To Withdraw From Team USA

Kings guard De’Aaron Fox will become the latest player to withdraw from Team USA, according to Yahoo Sports’ Chris B. Haynes (Twitter link). Fox will focus on Sacramento’s 2019/20 season with the goal of making the postseason, Haynes adds.

In addition to Fox, Rockets’ center P.J. Tucker withdrew on Friday due to injury, with Kyle Lowry and Marvin Bagley having previously pulled out. Team USA is down to 13 players, so just one more cut is necessary to set its 12-man roster for the 2019 World Cup.

Fox, 21, is entering this season coming off an outstanding sophomore campaign for the Kings. In 81 games, the University of Kentucky Product averaged 17.3 PPG and 7.3 APG for Sacramento.

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18 thoughts on “De’Aaron Fox To Withdraw From Team USA

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    The 13 players remaining must all feel good about their chances of making the team.

    • mcmillankmm

      Doesn’t look like Pop will even need to make cuts at this rate…Fox could have gotten some good experience…understood he probably didn’t want to risk an injury

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      They need all 3 big guys: Lopez, Turner, and Plumlee; so I think Joe Harris gets cut.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Starting back court: Walker and Mitchell with Brown, Smart, and White as backups.

        Starting front court: Lopez, Barnes, and Middleton with Kuzma, Plumlee, Tatum, and Turner as backups.

      • mcmillankmm

        I think you are right, Harris will be the odd man out, they’ll need Plumlee

  2. x%sure

    Pretty weak by D.Fox & Bagley. No complaining about lack of recognition in Sacto and not really room at the top in the WC.

  3. omar jimenez

    This was Fox’s chance. I bet it’s due to the lack of minutes he received last night. I thought he would’ve benefited a ton from Team USA. Watch out for White. He’ll get the chance and seize the opportunity.

    • hiflew

      Pop probably told Fox that he wouldn’t make the team and gave him this chance to bow out gracefully.

  4. jump shot

    Seems now like bowing out is the “cool” thing to do. But, actually, going thru the whole process of the pre-camp and training camp was a great learning experience for Fox and other young players, without even having to compete in the actual tournament. Playing in the tourney wouldn’t necessarily enhance his development as the Euro game is (still) much different than the nba game, even tho many feel the two styles are becoming more similar. But, “small ball” still isn’t Euro ball, and there’s still a gap in styles. Hopefully Team USA doesn’t lose any more players or they might have to put a call in to get Sebastian Telfair on loan. ;)

    • Simple Fan

      What could Fox do to recognize that he’s more good than the other players to bow out instead of staying? Sure, he has taken experience from their practices, being part of their team. You’re right, there’s gotta be some kind of downside

  5. Buckman

    Next time they should ask for volunteers rather than invite. The current crop of players do not think this is special. The Olympics is the international tourney that US players think is important.

    • hiflew

      That’s because the Olympics has a long history of significance and this tournament just doesn’t. Kids are not growing up listening to their dads talk about the original Dream Team from the World Cup. Or their grandfathers still complaining about the US having the gold medal stolen from them in 1972 in the World Cup.

      Sure the World Cup has been around since 1950, but I am 43 and I do not remember EVER hearing about it before 1994. To be honest, until I just looked it up I thought it was a fairly new tournament and I have been a rabid sports fan for well over 30 years. It just has never had the significance in the US as it has abroad.

    • jump shot

      You will see many of our best pass on the Olympics this time, too. It has something to do with the … nevermind. ;)

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