Hasheem Thabeet Working Out For Knicks

The Knicks are the latest team to get an up-close look at former NBA center Hasheem Thabeet, tweets Ben Stinar of Amico Hoops. The organization verified its interest in Thabeet by tweeting out a photo this evening.

Thabeet had “impressive” workouts with the Nuggets in July and the Bucks earlier this month, Stinar adds. The big man will finish up with the Knicks this week and plans to visit Milwaukee again in September before training camps open.

The 32-year-old is best known for an unimpressive career after being taken with the second pick in the 2009 draft. He played for four teams in five seasons, but never topped his rookie averages of 3.1 points or 3.6 rebounds per game.

Thabeet played in Japan for part of last season and worked out for several NBA teams during All-Star Weekend. He is reportedly in much better shape and has been working to expand what he can do on offense.

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9 thoughts on “Hasheem Thabeet Working Out For Knicks

  1. jeb39999

    Even if he is in the best shape of his life at age 32 and 7’3” tall I don’t see him staying healthy for very long. There has to other options with more upside to take a closer look at.

  2. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Why are people getting so excited about the Sixers and Knicks kicking the tires on Iso Joe and Thabeet? Move along……

      • Buckman

        He is a career 2/3/0 guy who had “impressive” workouts. How does one interpret that?

        • jump shot

          He survived the workout, was still breathing, shook every “important” person’s hand and looked them in the eye while doing it. lol

  3. greg1

    Dragging the bottom of the barrel I see.

    I understand why the Knicks would be interested, landing Thabeet could give them an all big man starting lineup of:

    PG – Morris
    SG – Gibson
    SF – Randle
    PF – Portis
    C – Robinson
    6th – Thabeet

    How many bigs do you need NY? Maybe invest in a little wing play and shooting.

    • stevep-4

      They are using the old GarPax method of “stocking up” on players who all have the same skills and weaknesses. Then, you can find another team that does the same thing, and swap – er, hmmm, maybe that is NOT such a good strategy.

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