Hoops Rumors Originals: 8/10/19 – 8/17/19

Every week, the Hoops Rumors writing team creates original content to complement our news feed. Here are our original segments and features from the past seven days:

  • Luke Adams analyzed how players who turned down player options fared in free agency this offseason. He found a number of players who made the right move.
  • Adams broke down with players are going to be free agents next offseason by team and made a list of notable big men on the free agent market right now.
  • In honor of Magic Johnson’s 60th birthday (and the NBA legend’s Twitter feed), we made a list of the top 60 players heading into the 2019/20 season.
  • We outlined some of the key dates and deadlines this NBA preseason.
  • Dana Guaruder asked whether the Pistons should offer Andre Drummond an extension in one Community Shootaround discussion and started a conversation about the NBA schedule changes in another.
  • In an additional Community Shootaround, we asked how DeMarcus Cousins‘ injury will impact the Lakers.
  • We asked which team is going to win the Southeast Division next season. As of this writing, over 40% of Hoops Rumors readers believe it will be the Heat.
  • Roughly a third of Hoops Rumors readers who answered our poll on the Northwest Division believe the Nuggets will again take the division crown.
  • Adams detailed the 2019 draft-and-stash signings and chronicled which teams claimed players off of waivers so far during the 2019/20 league year.
  • Which players have trade kickers in 2019/20? Adams listed each player along with the percentage of salary amounts of each trade kicker.
  • The Spurs have appeared in 22 straight postseasons. In a Community Shootaround, Arthur Hill asked whether the team will make it 23 in a row.
  • Which NBA clubs have a G League affiliate? We provided the answer.

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