Howard, Noah Impressive In Lakers Workouts

Dwight Howard and Joakim Noah both worked out for the Lakers Thursday and “left impressions that they could be helpful to the team,” tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Marreese Speights, who is also being considered for a roster spot, will hold his workout today.

L.A. is scrambling to find a replacement for free agent addition DeMarcus Cousins, who suffered a torn ACL last week. No timetable has been established for Cousins’ recovery, but it’s possible he will miss the entire season.

Howard is still under contract with the Grizzlies, but they have no plans to keep him on the roster after acquiring him from the Wizards this summer in a trade to cut salary. Memphis granted permission for Howard to audition for a role with the Lakers.

Noah remains unsigned after averaging 7.1 PPG and 5.7 RPG in 42 games for the Grizzlies last season. Speights spent the past season playing in China.

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26 thoughts on “Howard, Noah Impressive In Lakers Workouts

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Next season is shaping up to be just as entertaining as LeBron’s debut with the Lakers, the fans are truly getting their money’s worth. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for an encore next summer when Anthony Davis will have to choose whether or not he wants to test the waters in free agency.

      • Let’s let this season play out before we start worrying about next summer.

        Equally interesting will be watching Harden and Westbrook try to put a championship run together.

        I think they’ll play nice until the All-Star break when eventually one will get frustrated. Or Mike D’Antoni quits LOL.

      • hiflew

        That could be Thabeet’s problem. Maybe he does need to change his game. At his size, he make a good hockey goalie. Or a field goal blocker. Or the foul pole in baseball.

  1. jiegar

    If noah fits with the team and management he would be my first choice. He can move his feet, can defend and pass. And that last one would be nice playing along side AD. Is he healthy?

    • As I’ve been saying for a week, There’s no clear-cut choice here. Could be Howard or Noah, or some young guy from out of the blue. I know it’s not Mo Speights.

  2. I’m making the call here. Lakers sign Joakim Noah.

    Reason is he’ll be cheaper, they won’t have to give Memphis anything as they remain stubborn on compensation. They refuse to just cut him and eat his salary for now.

    Noah is the man. The biggest clue was they put out the word he and Howard had a great workout. That’s Paving the way for an announcement.

    • x%sure

      Changed your mind pretty fast from no clear-cut choice! Anyway it will be a center. A hustle guy like Noah makes sense since the Lakers may not get that from SF James. PG James, IDK.

      • Well they announced here on this post that Howard and Noah had an amazing work out, so with the new information I’m making the call.

        • I know I just said there’s no clear-cut choice. But digesting the info I’m saying the Lakers have made a choice.

          • x%sure

            Lol and you’re probably right and I’m changing my mind too.

            I’m thinking James and Howard, just their look when playing defense, is not a good look on-court. Not worried about the drama or stats or wins or effectiveness, just seeing them together standing still too much, and the effect that could have on teammates.

            Noah is like the opposite of Howard.

      • Yes but Memphis is not willing to cash out Howard yet. They want someone to take his salary in trade.

  3. hinglemccringleberry

    This is an easy one. Howard’s Total rebounds per game surpasses both players I believe.

    Howard is 12.6
    Noah is 9.1
    Speights is 4.1

    Does not take a rocket scientist to see that Howard is the most active and skilled under the basket.

    Points per game career average

    Howard 17.4
    Noah. 8.8
    Speights 7.9

    How can you pic anyone one else besides Howard? Smh

    • Reflect

      There’s more to being a center than rebounds. Also rebounds are contextual. Noah played on a Memphis team that has a bunch of tough dudes who can get rebounds.

      I didn’t pay attention to the Wizards this year but last I looked, they have no real inside presence at all. A lot more rebounds available there.

    • The delay with Howard is about cost. He’s under contract for 5 million bucks with the Grizzlies for this coming year. They haven’t cashed him out and waived him yet. The Lakers would have to make a trade with Memphis to acquire Dwight Howard and is 5 million-dollar contract.

      Noah can be signed for the Veteran’s minimum today.

    • x%sure

      Well I can pic more stats than that to base a decision on… Then there are the narratives.

  4. goldenmisfit

    Adrian Wojnarowski has already reported on Twitter that once a buyout is agreed-upon with Memphis to white Howard is signing with the Lakers.

    • Okay great. The decisions already made. Okay.

      I wonder why they worked out Noah and mo Speights? And when will Memphis buy out Howard, soon or the trading deadline or?

      I heard Memphis is stubborn in that regard and won’t just gift the money to Howard so he can sign wherever he wants. That’s throwing 5 million minus the minimum so maybe 3 million dollars out the window. I think they want to see if someone will trade for Dwight Howard first.

      But woj is the best so if he says what you’re saying, then it’s done. Okay thanks for passing it along.

  5. All righty, I just did an internet search and it looks like it’s a done deal per woj.

    Memphis is buying out Dwight Howard and he signing with the Lakers shortly. The deal is non-guaranteed so if Howard acts up or is not as healthy and behaved as he says, they can cut him. Nice. Good luck to Howard and the team hope it works out for them.

  6. jump shot

    Boy, was everybody dead wrong on this thread…. all the internet GMs. Lol! Noah is the best choice… Memphis wont throw money away… Memphis holding out for a trade… sheesh

    • Not everybody. I think it was just me !!

      I can’t believe Memphis caved so quickly. They were talking so heavy about wanting something in return for Howard. Not just giving him free money to walk away. Oh well…

  7. Spike4christ

    This is Howard’s chance to get a ring. He has everything else. Play D, Rebound and win games.

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