Wolves Notes: Wiggins, Rosas, Covington, Teauge

Andrew Wiggins was a popular topic of conversation as new Timberwolves president Gersson Rosas made the rounds Thursday at the Minnesota State Fair, relays Chris Hine of the Star Tribune. Most of the questions concerned the uneven production that Wiggins has provided since signing a five-year max extension in 2017. Wiggins posted an 18.1/4.8/2.5 line last season, but shot a career worst 41.2% from the field and 33.9% from 3-point range.

Rosas understands fans’ frustrations, but pointed out that Wiggins has dealt with frequent coaching changes since coming to Minnesota in 2014. Still, Rosas wants to see more production from one of the cornerstones of the franchise.

“Andrew in particular with his talent and physical abilities, the potential he’s shows, we’ve got to get that on a more consistent basis,” Rosas said. “He’s focused on it as well. In order for us to have the success we want to have, he’s got to be a main contributor. He understands that, we understand that.”

There’s more out of Minnesota:

  • The Wolves already have 15 players with guaranteed contracts, but they may be willing to add more before training camp starts, Rosas said in the same story. That means they could be stuck with dead money if they can’t work out a trade before rosters have to be finalized, but Rosas is willing to take that chance. “If we have to eat a contract, we’ll eat a contract,” he said. “But we want to create depth, competitiveness in camp and sometimes you end up eating or trading a contract you need to. At the end of the day you want to emphasize competition and a guy beats another guy out, we have the flexibility to do that.”
  • Robert Covington and Jeff Teague, who both had their seasons cut short by injuries last year, are expected to be ready for training camp with no restrictions, Hine adds. Covington dealt with a bone bruise in his right knee that limited him to 22 games after he arrived in a November trade with the Sixers. He had an arthoscopic procedure performed on the knee in April. Teague was limited to 42 games because of fragments in his left ankle and had a debridement procedure after the season ended.
  • Two offseason projections give the Wolves a good chance to bounce back from a disappointing season. FiveThirtyEight expects a 42-40 record with a 45% chance to make the playoffs, while ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus projects them for 39.5 wins and a 32% shot at the postseason.
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17 thoughts on “Wolves Notes: Wiggins, Rosas, Covington, Teauge

  1. formerlyz

    I’ve always talked about Wiggins effort and his not caring, but this offseason, he apparently was at that invitational with Dwyane Wade. If that’s true, its possible that something finally woke this dude up, and we could finally see steps forward from him. His talent level is too good for what he has shown both on and off the court. I’m interested to see if he has had an offseason of growth, and if he has, that would be very significant for both Minnesota and for himself

  2. Bc1219

    Wiggins really isn’t that bad points wise when you look at his stats, but’s it’s assists and rebounds that everyone is worried about him

  3. Tazza

    I think if Wiggins moved to a team that’s hits him more he would be a lot better. On the Wolves he plays second fiddle to KAT and others, he also doesn’t have good defenders around him other than Covington who plays the same position as him. If he moved to a rebuilding team and got the opportunity to score more and have better defenders around him he would be better.

    The Raptors could be a good team for him. Either a Lowry and Powell for Teague and Wiggins deal or Wiggins for Ibaka. At the Raptors he would get more touches and score more and have better defenders such as Siakim Gasol and Angunoby around him. He would also be playing from his home in Canada probably making him more confident and happier. The Wolves get back strong vets for a playoff push on an expiring deal, saving them lots of money.

    Other team that could go for him could be the Thunder. The Thunder swap Andre Roberson and Denis Schroder for Wiggins. On the Thunder Wiggins would have two really good play makers and with Gallo who’s on an expiring deal he would be the next best scorer. Long term he could develop nicely with countrymen SGA. The Wolves get back a solid back up PG in Schroder and a solid defensive minded wing in Roberson. Both players come on expiring or close to deals meaning the Wolves don’t have to keep paying Wiggins.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      OKC already has one untradeable contract with CP3, they don’t need another one.

    • Tazza

      Why not add another? They just got given boat loads of first round picks and are obviously rebuilding. CP3 is near untradeable but the Heat were keen, if they really wanted him gone he would be gone. Wiggins on the other hand is a former number 1 pick and is young and could be really good long term.

      Thunder is they were really smart would swap CP3 for a really low offer Dragic and James Johnson, then deal Dragic for Hardaway. By adding Hardaway and Johnson SGA gets to play the 1 with two high volume shooters outside him, and by having Johnson, Gallo becomes expandable and you also cash in on him for picks. Then in 2 years time when free agency has lots of stars on it again Hardaway and Johnson’s deals expire (about 30 mil) they could target more young players in Free Agency or flip their expiring deals for more picks.

      • jump shot

        Your comment makes so much basketball sense that you wont get many “up-votes” for it. Commentors on this site dont like when people make good basketball sense or make a point they find (too) intelligent.

        • SuperSinker

          Well he’s literally just saying things lol ya in a vacuum that sounds swell but it says nothing about Miami’s willingness to trade for Chris Paul

          • Tazza

            Cheers Jumpshot. Miami has already came out and said they would like Paul. And trading Dragic and Johnson for him would be good for both teams. Heat get it’s second star to help Butler without losing Winslow or Adebayo, who is an upgrade at the point that can play make and score. The give up Johnson who had a big injury and is overpaid for Paul’s if contact but they’ll win more games with Paul.

        • x%sure

          Longposting + no paragraphs = less readership.
          But some of us can’t seem to stop once we get going!

          Actually I think Wiggins has already gotten the catered-to treatment. Time for a different approach.

          Put x%sure down for a 75% playoff chance due to star maturity and good new young depth.

      • FromTheCheapSeats

        Those are good thoughts.

        There are a couple mechanical problems with your scenario, though. The biggest is that Dragic and Johnson are close – but not close enough salary-wise to take on Chris Paul.

        The easy fix would be to add either Tyler Herro or Bam Adebayo to the deal. If Miami we’re willing to part with either of them, this deal would have already been done.

        Chris Paul is not worth what he’s being paid. That doesn’t mean he worthless, though. He till a top-half-of-the-League starting point guard. And OKC has no pressing need to shed salary. The bottom line is there is value in OKC holding onto him.

        A Wiggins for Chris Paul deal seems to make more sense. KAT gets an upgrade at point guard. The Wolves would be able to unload another garbage contract along with Wiggins. And Wiggins gets a fresh start.

        Do it.

  4. nentwigs

    No matter the expectations, projections, and forecasts, the ACTUAL production and results from the Timberwolves will fall woefully short. This franchise has been snakebit since it’s inception . Well past the Time to kill the name”Timberwolves” and return the name “Lakers” to the state and community from which it originated and where it belongs. The name was stolen away by the greed of the owner.

  5. phillyballers

    Trade him to the Raptors and finally end the speculation. I-blocka and a protected 1st.

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